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St. Louis

Had a Great time in Madison. Not home yet, pasing through Albuquerque right now. We Will let you know soon. Lots of pics & vid

i come to san Diego this week

can u plesase email or call me 8019713680

can I borrow mallet?

hope to polo


Stefano - hope you got things cleared up on our blog. Make it out there tomorrow...lots of mallets to borrow no problem. I'm out of town till Thursday but hope you have fun tomorrow night!

Hay guys and gals which one of you is josh????

Im Josh from The LBC and herd you guys may need a third for SF.
I have no team.

call me 562 234 6061
I think Sarah from the 818 is trying to contact you about me:)

Hey Hillbilly. We need to know who is coming up ASAP. It looks like we may have to cap the number of teams. We will save you slots, but we need to know how many you intend on bringing.


you got any more of those "play bike polo" stickers from urban velo? If so I would like one or two. Thanks