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oh hey

jesus dude, heal quick.

Hey Zach...do you think your friend who took the group photo in MPLS would mind if Velocity used it for ad material? It works fine for what we're after.

Im down, so I guess we need one more. Any Ideas?Im gonna follow up on Dayton Ohio...

come to mke next sunday for a small fry tourney 08/14/10. lets play some pickup and take the tourney

get to mke

We just lost our third for Lex. If you're still looking for a team and want to kick some ass at midwests let me know.

sorry dude, i'd love to but me and all the bloomington peeps are on a team or not attending.

Hey there man. I just got the PE in the mail, and I cannot begin to thank you enough! thank you!!
I need you address so i can send you a shirt and stickers!
Much love, JOUCHE!

Zach. Midwesterns was awesome. Hopefully the clean up has not been too strenuos. Sometimes polo crews leave a wake of disaster behind them. We had a great time and I was happy to help with the first aid kit. I just wish it had been needed less often. See you in the fall at the midwest open.

Man down!!!
Good hanging with you boys!!!
Till next time...

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

Come play in Hooooouston. We'll get Lembo to come to town.

I want in on the Indiana bench team

Are you going to the lock in?