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Did you get my mesage about a team for the qualies? I don't know how to use this goddam forum!
I'm looking for a team too, so if you fancy forming a team here in Van, I'd be up for it, and will definatly be up for ramping up the practices as the tourney gets close

Yo Max, I'm looking to join a team for the London Open also.. just booked my tix in to Lundun and will be @ the worlds.. hit me up rob@mossko.com
I can shoot, defend and mid field/pass. I was at the WHBPC2010 too.. maybe I met you - are you the London Max living in EV?

Hiya, did you end up on a Co-ed team? I looked away for two seconds, and it seems like somebody else snatched you up! :(


Nope. I'm still good. Lets do it!
Do you want to handle reg or should I?
who's our 3rd?