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baca raton


send me your number yo! 512-567-2292

Fuck off

561-714-8155...NAs coming up quick...see you soon...

Hey, dude, this is Megan from Lexington. Are you still looking to throw a team together?

hey coach mentioned you may still need a team... let me know if thats still the case!

You're going to the tourney in Atlanta yes? How will you be getting there? I'm trying to get some FM kids to go!

what a nerd

two asshole's don't make it right"
BUTT three asshole's make a good team"

If bike polo becomes organized, I'm electing you as prime minister.
and why didn't you hit me up for a team for tempe? I just got one but I was kinda hoping to get a shout out

i'm not gonna make it to that tourney but you know i've gotta rep my locals from austin once i'm officially living there...we'll see what you got in pickup with and against you! i expect to see some hopping and some wheelie turns by then...

wheelie turns, tough, hopping, no prob. see you in little rock.
by the way, we go that dude jared and kelli here in Denver. With Joe to follow soon.

first you don't come to southwest when I wanted a team, then you need a team for south central when I already got a team, then what?!

you got a solid team...maybe we'll face each other on the court...or killing it in some pickup.

Yo. Thanks for the ball man. I been practicing. See ya'll sunday at eastwoods.

show me something sunday...bottom bracket shots!

Good meeting you too . Last thread turned a bit nasty . Glad i read it or my name would be Mud by now. Keepin it real

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

you got thrown under the bus, hahaha. south florida thanks you for stepping up and stepping in for sam. that stuff shouldn't have happened but its been in the works for awhile from those kids...sorry you had to be a part of it.

on a different note...i know you play/watch a lot of polo...and it seems your sport savvy as well...what's my game lacking?

Yer lackin the mind power to laff off the hecklers and not care whats happening beyond the boards. I love hearin the shit talkin and actually seem to play harder the more abuse that gets thrown my way ................................apart from that one time on a Sunday afternoon at the Little Rock Qualifier when someone said " i'm drinkin your beer, Machine " then someone else said "i am too, followed by a couple more peeps.I looked round and they were!!!!! That was hella distracting. By the time the game was over there was none left and you weren't able to buy any on a Sunday. (and we lost). Now i hide one beer b4 each game instead of leavin the whole 24 pack out. Also if a ref didn't see a foul play No amount of talkin about it when ya should be playin will make him see it . It's like being flashed at a bus stop .... ya can't unsee it either.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Buses use me to get air..........

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE


Hey Jason I hear your looking for a teamate for the return to oz. Me too. Hit me up.

Biscuits of fervor!

will di