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Hey .pete totally had a blast playing with ya in Vic .Are ya goin toChicago?

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

YES SIR! I'm playing on Chris W's team, the Cascade of Power.

Hey Pete, are you looking for a team for calgary? If so let me know asap!

portland huh? I should really check in this site more often

about 2 months ago! we like it here.

pete, I understand you're making the trip to nanaimo, do you have a nanaimo team mate yet? Are you coming solo, who else is coming? I'm looking for a team mate. I've chatted with Martin Hauck as well but he's unconfirmed. I can put up my team mates, married with a couple of boys, accomodations would be better than student type housing. hit me back. here or email is bikepolo@shaw.ca

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I was thinking about it but probably won't end up going, sorry!

See you in Tempe, Pete!

hope there's a rule against boring. ;)


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Hey pete, you should email the Seattle Bike Polo group (seattle-bike-polo@googlegroups.com) and create a dialogue between our clubs about the new format. If you guys have a ruleset all figured out, send it to us! if you just have ideas, let's get it hashed out.

Pretty simple:

6-8 man teams, city based
25 min half (or maybe three 15min periods)

what kind of rules are you curious about exactly?

the time mostly, but some other things, should have emailed the group, didn't see this message til now, LOBP FAIL!

Very excited there will be a tourney to coincide with my trip to PDX in March. VT goal-hammer looking for a team out your way, I know but one or two people out in Cascadia that play. Help would be sweet. Fun would be sweet too, I'll be there two weeks...

Thanks in advance -C

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hey i was wondering if it would be possible to have seattle take that other team slot. so seattle would have 2 teams? i think it would be a good idea because i feel that alot of 'A' players will be left out (more than any other west coast city in my opinion) if only aloud just one team. ???

Not going to happen. The point is to let each club represent itself a maximum of one time.

hey pete. it's daniel from victoria. i'm looking for a team for east van qualifiers.. and saw you are looking for a number 3. not likely i'll be able to goto NA's but i'd like to rep in vancouver, and kick the asses of some (maybe all) of the best teams. I'm fast, skilled, pretty new to the circuit (only tourney I've done was victoria last summer).. maybe you remember me from there. but you likely know henry - he can attest to my skills if you want to check a reference ; ) .. I've been playing twice a week all winter.. and am being really picky choosing who to play with.. let me know daniel.stapper[at]gmail.com

Hi pete, for some reason you don't pick up Daniel for your third, which you should, I'm a free agent. Long story short I didn't think I could commit to playing Sunday but now I can but I left it so long I don't have a team. Started playing polo in Ottawa and now play in East Van. Solid defense, passing, shot, fast, good communication and like to have fun. I also know all the East Van team secrets ;) ha Either way see ya'll this weekend.

Pete gimme the word on cheater mallets for Portland . I'm telling SF that they are not allowed but I am the only one who doesn't play with one. Is the Bench Minor gonna be regular NAH rules and equipment? I assume so

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Now, if only you could delete your real-world personality.

Now, if only you could delete your real-world personality.

Now, if only you could delete your real-world personality.

cuz I mean it 3 times