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danya who all is coming with you to tempe? I'm trying to figure out if we can get one of your LA players (i.e. mark or david pistolero)

for sure!!! I'm excited to see tim, mark, david again. and actually if tim/mark and david/alex want a 3rd to each of their teams we could easily split up and join their teams.

nice pic btw. blood, jewish star, and such. did you get your forehead split by a mallet?

Hay Sarah

Mike told me you may be looking for a third. I was not going to come but changed my mind so if you need another player I would happily be in. My name is Trevor from Calgary. Let me know if you need a third and I will book right now!!


I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!

Hi Sarah,
You still looking for a team for NA's? We are looking for a third. (And by 'we' i mean Neil_240 from Edmonton and I) Hit me back if you're into it.

Hey, I just teamed up with Benji from E. Van and Will from N.O. Good luck finding a third- I think you already tried to get in touch with Kelly from Seattle?


Happy New Year , Sarah

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE