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yo, wat up bro its you or the cat from denver whoever replies first is on the team!lets do this.

Whats up stephenso! you goin to NAHPC?

Hey, I'm from La Crosse, WI area. I didn't even know about the tournament until a few days ago, and I was planning on visiting home around then anyway. I'll be heading back on that the 14-15 but won't be heading home until sometime in August. I just thought I'd throw it out there to see. I don't know that I'll be playing in the tournament, but I'll stop by and check it out for sure.


Its been getting mixed reviews, some of the old crew i've randomly run into seem to want to play but haven't for 5 months. I have tried to recruit new but still not much. The older crew seemed that bike polo needed to be more of an underground type of thing and didn't work with the city. So we are trying to contact parks and rec. to find a place to play.

I think i may create a facebook page to help with stuff. Any suggestions, bc i never thought it would be this hard to get people for polo.


when do you all play, we maybe heading that way in a few weeks, saturday play would be best for us, or sunday afternoon

two of us are coming up from okc tomorrow, later afternoon probably to play with yall

we sure don't. and i can't seem to get anyone to play.


i just read that you built chukker 48h wheels with surly fre/free hubs like about a year ago. I will have to do the same next week and need some important advices. First of all the CHOICE OF SPOKES...At surly site they have no enough information for the DT swiss spoke calculator, so I can t decide for the length, by the other side, 3 or 4 laces? what kind of spokes did you use? thanks for your attention.

I wish that was true. I couple days after I posted that I bought a single speed wheelset super cheap from another polo player. I should have corrected that. Alas, my front wheel got destroyed in a car accident a few weeks ago so I'm back researching a new wheelset too. Another guy in our club bought this wheelset except with gordo rims. He went five cross and 2.0 spokes and hasn't had any troubles at all with them. They seem kind of heavy though. Maybe it's no big deal but I'm considering getting 36h now. Another guy on our club has the chuckers and I noticed after two years they've got a lot of dents in them. I still haven't seen any better 135 rear hub then the Surly. Good luck.

just barely made that registration, I'll see you in a month and a half.