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Jeff Left


got your messages about the van, whats your take on open registration for SC's

That will never work.

personally I think it should stay SC. I dont want our trophy goin home to some other region! fuck that....cuz it could happen. imagine all the shit talk then!

How's your knee feeling Jeffro

mean shots coming of this guys mallet! fer serious.

JEFFFFFF you're going to Little Rock?! me too, and I ain't going back to florida. Instead I'm going straight through and setting myself in Denver's little florida house with some old jax mates.

I might also be looking for a team or least one other player (amanda's still up in the air if she's going) for this tournament, before I go all free agent, is there anyone from Denver either looking for a third or wanting to join up?

whatup yo!
i dont think im gonna make it to lil rock, we're gonna do the new mexico friendlies instead. its the weekend before and its only like 5hrs away.
its so awesome that youre moving out here so soon! i didnt think it was til june. im really lookin forward to comin out here! denver's blowin up yo! you'll definetly be an assett to the club fo sho! cant wait to see u lady

that was the original plan, but pensacola became a big influence for getting out of florida as soon as possible.

but i am SO stoked for Denver, my heart and head are already there.. I've been noticing how much you guys have been traveling and I fucking love it. And seen your legit courts. And heard about Colorado Springs. I want to see springtime mountainside playing polo.

Haha Florida's wearin ya down, huh? well like i said, we're lookin forward to havin you out here.
Yea, for me, the Springs is like goin up to Tampa. Good polo and great people! Its good for your game too. And im so stoked for spring too, Im ready for some warm weather polo fo sho!!

I rolled by our court so far no snow on it yet, should be good for sunday.

Jeff you going to the ESPI's this year?

Fuck Florida. Heard the cup is in 719. just wait till this coming summer when I move west to the 303...count it. miss you all

...those days are over.