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Joker in LA

Los Angeles

awesome meeting you at the desert invite.... im pretty sure a group of us here in sd are going to plan a trip up the coast to see you guys in la pretty soon... so ill be in touch


i finally posted the photographs from the tournament january 30/31. they can be found here: http://dadanation.smugmug.com/Various-and-sundry/soCal-winter-polo-picni...

1992 photos strong!

Hey - a friend of mine is producing a music video in LA and wants players to feature in it. Could be a good project - can you email me so I can give you more details? yorgo@yorgo.co.uk


hey bro, sorry i didnt get to chat with you, i was sitting in a dentist's chair getting a cleaning, holla !

Northern Standard

Hey man. What's your e-mail?

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"


shoot me an email. i've got a question for you.

Haha yup thats right joker but how are yu doing? Now that yu just won dpi3...


I feel great lil homie... Thank You


Northern Standard

Dude great seeing you Pistolero , Too $hort , the lovely Ester and the wreckin crew. Congratz man

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Ha cool..well thats good..so wens la's next tournament? Or do you not kno yet?...


I dunno yet. But it will happen.

Oh well thats nice.. i cant wait till it happens...


Way to make this region proud Joker.

Vegas no polo.

Interbike Anaheim polo 2011?

Credo quia absurdum

Thanks Devin. We can look into it, I know of at least 1 good rink down there, and I dont mean where the Ducks play...

Great win In Tempe Joker! Congrats!


Thanks for the love! and the tshirts brah!

Northern Standard

Blood, heart broken, lost my 818 belt buckle last night... going to search for it today..

Northern Standard

If it didnt turn up, I'll try to bring one to Portland in a coupla months..

yo, only a few sleeps!!!! hope all is well, the playoff beard is going strong!

Northern Standard

Hey Joker! I can't seem to send you an e-mail through here, so I'll write on your wall. Your team will be staying with Boludo (2125 W. Division) and at Joe Harris' (2524 W. Augusta) and his digits are 312-788-0284. Hopefully you get this before this week. See you soon, dude!!!

Midwest is best!!

Hey Joker,

I would like to exchange with you about the rules for the 2011-2012 season as a representant of the french commitee.

I let you my email greg(dot)barbier(at)gmail(dot)com

I hope everything is doing good in LA.


Call Me Daddy / Paris Bike Polo.


Hey, good gaming sunday!
Sorry I was late and for getting you in the leg.. Sweet bruise?
I am thinking of rolling up this weekend, I will email you my number once I get my new phone!

858-337-8407 here are the new digits

i thought you were coming into town soon!

Northern Standard

The dream is still alive!

i thought you were coming into town soon!

Northern Standard

Hey Alex: when I talked to you in SF you were talking about practicing by yourself. Do you have some suggestion for some useful exercises/drills for the game? (other than practice shooting) Thank you and see you soon! Stefano

I like 1 on 1 breakaway drills on a goalie, and practicing shooting hard shots from half court then alternating with a steep angle like 15-20 feet to the side of the net, but only like 3-5 feet in front of the goal line. You can never practice hitting off the business end too much in my opinion. I have however been using an 'Indo Board' and free weights off the court...

You me and pistollero for Fresnos Southwest Qualifier?

I forwarded this to my agent, Scott Boras. He sez yer basically the Bryce Harper of Bike Polo. I hope we can work something out.

joker you are making me laugh with 1st rounder and bryce harper. love for days.