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Hey Justin. This may work perfect for me. I had a scheduling conflict at work and cant leave Ottawa till Thursday. I haven't booked my flight yet. What time does yours arrive in Orlando? Let me know.

we arrive in Orlando at 7:45pm on Feb 25th. Let me know as soon as you can, I'm looking into car rentals, so we might need something a bit bigger if there is 3 of us.

Justin, Do you have a NA 2010 team???...It was great to play with the last time we did. Messmann

Matt Messenger
since 1998

not sure yet actually....let's talk. You gonna be in Pullman?

Wasn't in Pullman obviously. I am still trying to confirm a seattle team with Julian and Evan, but other than that, we would rock some heads. I will keep ya posted on the happenings. I already have a flight there which arrives early am Friday morn. fyi.

Matt Messenger
since 1998

I hear you have HDPE pipe. Here in Winnipeg we could definitely use some. How could I go about getting some from you?

Well...you could come to the Area 51 Bowl in July, and I'll hook you up with some....if that's not possible I suppose I could maybe ship some, or if you're going to be at any other tourneys this summer, maybe I'll run into you somewhere?

The Area 51 bowl tourney is up in the air for us right now. We are going to Midwesterns in Minneapolis next month. I would gladly buy some off you if you are heading there.

Hey Justin, tell Heather that Roxanne is coming to town!!!

I like your polo.

you mean to Calgary?

HEy Justin,,, Sorry to keep you hanging on this team stuff, but I have got a full seattle team for NA"s but next fun tourney we should play together...keep up the good polo....Messmann

Matt Messenger
since 1998

nice talking Justin, let me know if anything changes.

Hey Justin, have you seen this yet? http://leagueofbikepolo.com/forum/organizing-polo/2010/11/01/polo-for-polio

Ya I saw that....I'm going to pass that info off the the grass polo guys here.

please bring 10 balls for me to the desert?

will do

Hey Justin,

Can you bring a bunch of balls to the prairie invite in Saskatoon? We would like to buy a supply for Winnipeg tourneys. As well I imagine there will be plenty of individuals who would like them a well.


ya no problem

Yeah Justin , bring a couple of ballz for yourself too coz yer goin down so far that yer gonna need and extension ladder to get back up (AGAIN)

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Yo Justin, we need to get a ball order for Portland Bike polo. What's the price break. Do you do paypal? Let me know thx.


ya you can go here http://mercurymessenger.org/poloballs.html choose how many you want 6, 12, or 24 and click buy now to pay via paypal.

Yo dude. We got into Calgary a half hour ago but nobody was at the courts still. Still wondering if you could pit us up for the evening. We don't have phones right now, but you could email chris@dangerpress.com if you still can. We can check email. Or if you could send your number we can try to call you. Thanks dude.

hey Sorry, I just saw this now. Hope you figured something out. Give me a call if you need anything. 403-371-1406 - Justin

Hey Justin,

Ordered 6 balls on 1/4/12, hoping they arrived while I was out of town, no such luck. any ideas? paypal went through. Thanks.

Hi Justin,

Been emailing you about the 24 balls I ordered on 01/01/12and haven't received but you ain't replying, what's up dude?