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hey man! already getting plans together for a trip to Lexington in April. Looking forward to it!!!!

Andy Tuba
Baton Rouge, LA

Yo! Remember way back in February at Spring Break we talked about a North Americans team? What's going on with that? You have a team yet?

No i dont have a team yet. You?


nope. just talked to birdie from MKE, she would be available. I just bought my plane ticket, I'd like to figure out a team so I can stop worrying that I won't have one and sleep at night.

That's a fantastic picture

I'm a big wad of bloody hot damnation

I've located the Hooters in Berlin. Let me know if you want directions.

the dark end (aka Bobb Todd, Marzipan, B.R. Fuck Face)

Hey Cardinal, since you started the original thread about the hockey balls, do you want to maybe edit the original post to include my link http://www.mercurymessenger.org/poloballs.html
so it's easier for people to find.



if you would like to submit your interest for the charter bus please feel free to do so. nothing is confirmed yet but if i know that that bus will be full i could secure it the sooner the better. you'd have to get to chicago and yes its round trip(leaving chicago wed Am arriving calgary thurs early PM leaving monday after tourney AM arriving chi early PM tues). email me at jake@mkebikepolo.com with how many people might be interested at this point

About what happened to you pre-new years.
(my opinion) Don't try and get back at this guy that did this to you, you need to make a report ASAP, the sooner the better, and if you are still looking beat up that makes it better. I had the same thing happen to me with a so-called "friend" and made the horrible choice of bringing some people to "teach him a lesson" and it was a horrible legal move on my part. I hope you at least get a restraining order on this dude then you would be in turn keeping him away from polo.


hey buddy sorry to hear about all your problems I hate it when polo scenes get all that drama. I hope you feel better soon and I think you know what to do in this circumstance more then anyone else trying to give you advice. Just do what you feel like the right thing is, or better yet do the thing that feels the least shitty.

On other matters I love your profile pic. I feel honored to be by your side.

Hope yer healing well for the Show down in Little Rock . I bust a rib in Tempe so I feel we'll be a bit more evenly matched Hope your mate th Great Chombo polo'ed the fuck up , and made good with ya . Respect

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

i hope your ready for me to bombard your nest with goals tomorrow.

Art from The Arc a place where mentally and physically challenged people get to express them selves through art and make a couple of bux. What ya reckon as a likeness

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"So this is how it ends"MACHINE


"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Thanx to you and yer mad skill teamies Tiff and nick for whackin us sober on the first day so we polo'd the fuck up and made day2 Respect

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

anytime my friend it was nice to put a face to your posts haha. see you on the west coast soon!


I can't wait to play back in Lex.... almost makes me want to move back, almost

Dude, you got an email address or something? I quit Facebook. I got some ideas. I want to run 'em by you...

I'll be making a visit this summer...

You can write me at brickchesterfield (at) gmail.com

Cool. I hope things are swell and that Lex will hold it down for the Ladies Army... I know it will.

Yep, I figured out the contact tab... Not a big computer guy... Peace

Are you heading to MPLS for the Open? I heard a rumor. Hopefully see you soon.