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Here is the updated tournament poster:

And here is a pretty cool party / benefit that we have to look forward to on the Saturday night of the tournament:

Annnnnnd, lastly here is a little promo the Tempe/Phoenix guys put together from last year’s tournament:

Just thought I would help to spread the word about a bike jam happening this Friday. I did not attend the first CC but I have heard from many different people that it was a lot of fun. Squatch and myself are planning on attending, as are a bunch of other polo-ers so we hope to see you all out there!
Cult Classic 2
Courtesy: DNA Fixed Gear

Late notice but there will be polo today. Might be a small group but show up and check it out if you haven’t yet…smaller group will give you a chance to get in on some games and meet some people!

i just got back from ocean bikes down in chula vista and i have to give a well deserved shout out to eddie. eddie has been making it out to polo and he is in full support of san diego bike polo. not only does eddie fully support our bike polo shenanigans but he also owns ocean bikes. the address is: 895 Palomar Street Chula Vista, CA 91911. eddie will be joining us for the phoenix tournament and can be seen bring a cooler of liquid goodies to our polo battles.

So, it looks like it is going to happen. San Diego is going to make it’s first tournament appearance thanks to an invite from the Phoenix teams and some encouragement from LA…thanks guys!
Here is the current rundown…if anyone mentioned wants to update their status or if anyone else is interested in joining in, let us know. It would be awesome to take 2 teams (6 players) plus an extra or two…so maybe 7 or 8 total. Even more if anyone wants to go…only 6 can play but it will be a lot of fun just to get out, take a road trip, and hang out with other bike people for the weekend.

We had a few spills tonight so I hope everyone ended up ok…especially Gregory and GMB – hope you guys are alright!
Still a great night for polo despite the spills.

Adams Ave Park, 7pm – see you all out there.

Since we are starting to have a few broken spokes here and there and are possibly sending a team or two to our first tournament ever…we might have to get on this:

From http://legitbikepolo.wordpress.com/

call me beard, curtis, curtisquatch, hammerhead, whatever. i’m the “the grungy hipster-lumberjack with a scraggly beard, long hair and some form of bandana.” i figure i would just make your life easier by posting a sexy picture of myself up, regarding the last post. please be my friend.

I just wanted post up some things that have crossed my mind during my commute to/from work this week…mainly dealing with polo newbies and how to be more welcoming.
Sometimes it sucks trying to get to know people – randomly showing up somewhere to try something new can be pretty daunting. Especially in the cycling community where elitism and exclusivity tend to run rampant. This is the exact reason that we try to encourage anyone with a bike to come check out polo. We strive to be all-inclusive.

we have just connected with phoenix bike polo and have been invited to this tournament. we are planning on going and taking two teams at most. so the first 4 people to contact us through the contact link on the right of this blog and fully commit to going will be signed up. but, if even if you aren’t on a team, it could be a fun event to come hang out at. we are limited due to the limit the tourney has set. one of the local az players is offering their backyard for camping so make sure to bring a tent and/or sleeping bag.

After hearing about the SDCBC’s intent to focus on the ‘Urban Core’ in 2010:
SD Bike Coalition Focus of 2010
SDCBC Focuses on Urban Core in 2010

I found BikeSD not long after moving out here to San Diego and was instantly impressed and excited about what they were doing…mainly trying to help bridge gaps in the cycling community and spread news about bike events. Those ideas along with their concentration on utility cycling really appealed to me.

i think i see chris (hillbilly) actually ramming cameron in this so called “accident.” i smell conspiracy theory, and then to end close it off greg sweeps a goal in undetected. i love it.