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Couldn’t do it with out you

Cheap housing set up for you all at the local University. Click the link below for a pdf breaking things down for you Flyer for Housing

  I’ve been lucky enough to be riding these shoes for a few weeks now, and  in that period of time I have come to love them. The idea is simple: look like a street shoe but perform like a cycling shoe; they nailed it. The culmination of function and sleek design creates the perfect [...]

For V brakes, about $30 anyone ever use one? click photo for ebay link

    OK the time is nearing… more info will shortley be becoming available.   What you will want to do now if you have qualified is book your flights. Fly into MKE or else fly into Chicago and take a bus/train up to Milwaukee. The Amtrak is cheap or the megabus or greyhound but [...]

  The Bench style format is picking up steam across the country and the world. The Midwest region held its version this past weekend in Bloomington, Indiana.  Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Kentucky, Missouri, Michigan, and Ohio competed for the glory. No prizes except for a trophy(more on that later in the post). It was set [...]

If you weren’t at Washington Park Polo Courts today here’s what you missed….. Sunshine savings occurred last night so that meant another hour of polo playing time. That in itself may have been enough to call it a great early March day in MKE.  But in typical MBPC fashion we made so much more out [...]

This is real polo. World Class Polo from Mr.Do on Vimeo.    

Nice little video out of Strasbourg France. Cool court I might have to make this a destination spot this summer.   Bike Polo of autumn, 2011 from Strasbourg Bike Polo on Vimeo.


LADIES ARMY II – ESPI V / SUMMER 2010 NYC from Marine Lafite on Vimeo. Blast from the past. Few things I won’t forget number one how hot it was, RVA slaying NYC, Brians trick shot on matt lane, Alexis dekeing the shit out of Burge, Burge putting Leon over the boards then beating Smile [...]

Winter Party/fundraiser from MKE Bike Polo on Vimeo. Thanks so much to all those who donated prizes: PBR, Great Lakes Distillery, The Noble, Sabbatic, Transfer Pizza, Times Square pizza, Bomb Shelter, Mary’s Hamburgers, Harbor Room, Bayview Brew Haus, Salon Thor, Stag Barber Shop, Fuel, Hotel Foster, Hinterland, Ray’s Mtn bike park,   Thanks to those [...]

Need a fresh T for you or your baby get it here.

Joe and I went for round two at Rays tonight, We are  hooked! I now have blisters on top of blisters but its totally worth it.  If you haven’t been to Rays GO!

Joe and I went for round two at Rays tonight, We are  hooked! I now have blisters on top of blisters but its totally worth it.  If you haven’t been to Rays GO!

Joe and I went for round two at Rays tonight, We are  hooked! I now have blisters on top of blisters but its totally worth it.  If you haven’t been to Rays GO!

Tonight a few of us went out to Rays Indoor to try our hand in mounting biking. This place is PRO! but luckily you don’t have to be pro to ride there. This place is jam packed with balance courses, pump track, foam pit and a ton of jumps. They have every experience level form [...]

Thank everyone for the support and congrats to the winner!

The Bruiser raffle will go down the evening of Sunday 12-10. We will be filming the drawing and posting the results to youtube. The frame will go out asap the following week. Arriving just in time for Santa. 10 more days to buy your tickets. Get them while you still can tell your friends, tell [...]

I just received a package today from France In it was this Victoire Cycles new S-42 stem. This thing is pretty tight. You could guess by its name its 42mm long. Made out of my favorite 7075 alloy this sucker is light, a mere 4.8oz. One of the first things I noticed was the unique [...]

Hello friends, family, fans   We are proud to announce that we are currently raffling off a brand new MKE Bruiser Frame and Fork. The model is  1 off model (meaning it was never put into production) with extra long 14 mm rear dropouts. The size is a medium so with the right set up [...]

Thank you for coming to MKE for the Midwest Open! Hope you all had fun. We are taking a break the next few days so look for a tourney recap later this week. I hope you all come back to MKE soon. Remember, our new MBPC slogan is “where you never have to wait to [...]

WOW how did i forget to update our blog with the poster! EVENT LOCATION MAP the courts are located in the “multi-use” area just off of Washington Blvd. FREE admission for spectators! The public is welcome to join us at the parties as well after each day of competition as well! CHANGE: Saturday’s party will [...]

The Beaver Boys will try to defend their title of 2010 world champs of hardcourt bike polo with The Wardens taking their shot at the 2011 title as well. In a tough field of over 60 polo teams from around the world (Europe, North America, Mexico, Japan, Austraila) it won’t be easy folks.  The tournament [...]