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Hey mike-mike , welcome to addiction and multiple in region slayings

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE


Capitol Bike Polo

fixegrlinafixewrld (not verified)

yeeha! i didn't mean to fluff your feathers tonight but it was fun. whats say we do it again tomorrow?

pssss: sorry for playing polo. NO DOUBLE TEAM ha ha ha ha

fixegrlinafixewrld (not verified)

oh an my name is natalya. yup that's it

What up Natty Ice!!!

Capitol Bike Polo

fixegrlinafixewrld (not verified)

oh stop. i aint spillin that dirty pool water.. that is the worst beer. so what are you trying to say bub?

i hear mike loves the cock *rv*


Time to pay scott back with a beasting!!!!

Capitol Bike Polo

We play polo Downtown Sacramento @ 6th & W street, Southside park...Everyday 8pm

Capitol Bike Polo

Hey Mike. Just wanting to touch base with SAC and see if you would not mind getting some numbers on peeps coming to Survivor in 2 weeks. I just posted some updates on LOBP. We are trying to get an idea on numbers and who needs housing. It's going to be a fun weekend. Hope all is well and that we see you soon.



We'll be there.

Capitol Bike Polo