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as I remember you suggested that maybe you can come to the EURO qualifier (Szeged, Hungary).
How does it seem now? It would be so good to have an independent referee.

peter.szakal @ gmail.com

Hi, sorry, got some things planned for this weekend now.

hey john, shoot me an email, i want to ask you a few things for the upcoming issue of DAB.

are you going to puerto rico???
email me


I don't know how to PM anyone thru LoBP, but I guess you'll see this. I'm trying to get the details of a guy coming from Saskatoon who is apparently pretty good, his team came in 3rd at Fall Ballin last year, other than that I don't know much about him. If you want to know more about me before you commit I'm happy to answer questions. Given the bike you ride, the club you belong to, and your general demeanour I think you might make me look good. snippy.paul@gmail.com

Ha, don't judge me on the bike.

I've agreed to play with emoxfag now, sorry about that.

See you in Toronto.

It's all about the kit, don't deny it. No worries, If I can make a team I'll see you in TO.

hi John,
you played/organized a single player shuffle tournament(Shuffle! (aka the 2012 BFF London Bike Polo Tournament)
do you have a software or excel sheet for that or how did you set that up at "podium" ?

thanks in advance
Ufo ( Nuremberg)

Yes. I have a spreadsheet I've used in the past, but there is a Podium single player mode.

When is your tournament?

Hello John!
Glen from Toronto, and me, we are looking for a 3th player for The Valley.
Do you already have a team?
See you

hey John when did you move to toronto? is that a case of following the polo.......

18 months ago. No, I didn't move for polo, but having a good club here helped my decision.