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NAH 2011 elections

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Election-time has arrived. There are a few things to understand about the purpose of this next phase.

This election will ultimately replace our interim NAH board with a properly elected board. With the understanding that the 2011 is underway and set, the sole focus of the newly elected board will be to create a new NAH structure for 2012. This includes but is not limited to many of the great ideas that have been put forth recently, both within NAH and in the threads - establishing an improved decision-making structure, an improved qualifying system, a more balanced regional layout, a more regimented fundraising approach etc. That said, for the purpose of this election only we will be using the current regional structure.

Okay, here's the election schedule:
  • March 28th - April 4th
    • Clubs select reps - DEADLINE IS APRIL 4th AT 10:00 PM EDT - Clubs must enter the username of their elected club rep into the field found within each club's homepage by the above deadline. Any club that does not choose a rep and enter that person’s username into their club page will not be able to vote.
    • People may announce their candidacy for regional rep - DEADLINE IS APRIL 4th AT 10:00 PM EDT - A thread has been created in each region page specifically for people to announce their candidacy. You can find (and JOIN) your region on the left hand sidebar of the NAH page.
    • After the deadline listed above, these threads will be closed and no more candidate announcements will be accepted. You do not have to be a club rep in order to run for regional rep.
  • April 5-7th: Club reps will select three regional reps out of the field of candidates.  This will be a ranked poll in which each club rep will select three regional reps, ranking them 1 through 3 (1 being highest).  Polls close April 7th at 10:00pm EDT.
  • April 8th - 10th: Regional reps will select one of their number to be their region's representation to the board. Board members will be announced.

One final important note to aspiring board members: This must be a high priority for anyone hoping to serve. There will be monthly board meetings. Each board member will be expected to serve on at least one committee.  Committees will also have monthly meetings but, depending on the project, may have to meet more frequently. There will be tasks to accomplish between meetings. There will be committee project deadlines. Anyone elected to the board who cannot be present for regular meetings, who cannot maintain regular communication with the rest of their region and board members, or otherwise keep up with the responsibilities that a board position entails may be subject to removal and replaced with another regional rep.

Please understand - the more NAH develops, the more responsibility we accept. We are acutely aware that we are being heavily scrutinized based not only on the plans that are created but how well these plans are implemented and executed. This is only fair. But as a result, we must ask that anyone who serves take this responsibility seriously.

Thanks everyone. Looking forward to this.



Not to knit pick. But defining "club" might be useful. I mean I don't even like voting as a system, but it seems like a good idea to actually define 'the people (club) who pick the people who get to vote'. Is Hub City Hardcourt (see:grrrett, formerly of centralia), Bellingham (where grrrett acutally lives and plays now), and Bellingturkey Bike polo (another bellingham 'club'....) all viable 'clubs' with reps, and as such can grrrett have three votes if he is picked by each of these 'clubs'? And would Seattle (see: morepeoplemorepolomoreoften) still only have a meager one?

circle that eh

Hub City has fallen apart and Bellingham was started by another player who didn't see Bellingturkey. We'll get that straight before elections. If someone can tell me how to delete clubs that are no longer functioning, it would be much appreciated as I have no intention of voting in excess of the club that I am currently an active part of.

haha. I didn't think you'd do that garret, I just thought it was a good example of the ambiguity of the process. And shit, I'm sure it will all go fine anyways, this all falling under rule #1: DBAD.

Thanks Grrrettt for your email and this comment. I just consolidated Bellingham and Bellingturkey into the older Bellingturkey, although you might want to use a less ridiculous name if you want people to be able to find you. I also unpublished Hub City. It can be republished later if people revive it.

Ha! We're probably going to change it, just trying to keep it kosher you know.

Uh..... it's "nitpick" not "knit pick."

Yeah, it's problems like these that have our current system on schedule for an overhaul. We want to acknowledge player concentration and a proportionate voice, for sure. And you're right, what constitutes a club should be better defined. Anyway, good opportunity to clarify that a person may only represent ONE club. We got this question last time as well, and we should probably add this to the details at the top.

All that said, remember we're using this system one last time to get an elected board, the sole task of which will be creating a new structure. We're doing our best to get everything tightened up for the election; an email was sent yesterday to all the people on LOBP who are currently listed as club reps, making sure that they are correcting this information if need be. Our current regional reps and interim board will also be checking in on the status of clubs as well. All this combined will give us enough to get this done, elect new regional reps and a board and then get this transition underway.

Uh..... it's "nitpick" not "knit pick."

bwwaaa ha haa!! the layers of hilarity!

Are the details of these regional representative positions documented anywhere? It'd be good to know things like responsibilities, time commitments and time zones, meeting formats, term lengths, etc.


big +1 on this. and i want to second what was said earlier about what defines a club. our local example would be Parksville and Nanaimo. Parksville bike polo is really just Fred. and even though we're now neighbours, in practice we belong to Nanaimo Hardcourt. I see no reason why parksville should get a vote for regional rep, and i'm guessing this situation is playing out in other small towns in N.A.

2007 - King of The Juice

Your Regional Rep and Interim Board Rep for Cascadia is consulting on this as she types!

The most important detail to keep in mind about this next move is that, when the interim board hands off to the newly elected board, they will essentially be handing off a blank slate. The new board will literally be working on the structure that will define and, ultimately, hold the answers your questions.

Anyway, hopefully this'll help a bit:

lamoix wrote:

Are the details of these regional representative positions documented anywhere?

There was/is a draft of bylaws, which includes details on responsibilities for all positions. Now, of course, we are going back to the drawing board so at this point there is limited relevance for this draft. The primary responsibility for a newly regional rep, at this stage, is to elect a board member from their region. The newly elected board members will be hefting much of the responsibility from there. That said, there are some fundamental expectations for anyone hoping to be an effective regional rep:

  • oversee and participate actively in the work of various NAH committees that are created
  • coordinate regional processes (communicating with clubs and players about developments around the new structure, etc.)
  • help determine the new structure and vision of NAH as in continues to evolve
lamoix wrote:

It'd be good to know things like.......time commitments and time zones

Time commitments will vary. If the task of your committee is simple it may not require more than emails back and forth, a minimum number of conference calls and a quick resolve. It may not. Either way, people should be prepared to see it through. As for times zones, meetings are scheduled at the latest reasonable time for our Eastside reps, which thus far has been 9 EST.

lamoix wrote:

meeting formats

Meeting format is fairly straight-forward. It's a conference call. The agenda and meeting time is agreed upon via email in advance.

lamoix wrote:

term lengths

This will be determined by the new board. We've talked about staggered terms for board members and reps so as to ensure a legitimate amount of experience at all times.

Thanks Sasha. This is good to clarify.

Thanks for this Ben. Any info you could provide as to the duties of CLUB reps would also be helpful.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

The actual duties of the club rep will change as the new board defines NAH structure, so its hard to say what this upcoming year will hold.

From what I've noticed, and where I think we are heading, communication is going to be the key factor in a good club rep. This is going to be more important if the club is bigger since getting the message out will be harder. The club reps need to be the ones making sure their cities are informed of events, rules, changes, votes... all that stuff. Its going to mean a lot of time on LoBP and probably some time in communication with the regional reps. In addition to keeping people abreast of new developments, the club rep needs to have a finger on the pulse of their city. They need to know how a majority feels about controversial things, and why they feel that way. I would be disappointed to have a rep that voted or commented based only on personal views or views of close friends. The entire city needs to feel like they are being represented properly.


Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

Thanks for this information Ben - I'll be able to cast my votes in good conscience now.

time zones will remain the same


best comment I've seen on here in ages!

i wish good luck to all candidates and a awesome 2012

two asshole's don't make it right"
BUTT three asshole's make a good team"

when the time comes when/how will votes be cast?

There will be a poll on each region page, Tuesday morning at the latest. Everyone will be able to see the poll, but only club reps will be able to submit votes. Ben will be sending an email with instructions to all the club reps, we'll probably repost that here too so everyone else knows about it.

Okay all, the deadline for establishing club reps and candidacy for regional rep has come and gone.

Beginning tomorrow, April 5th, club reps will have three days to consult with their club to make three choices - in order of priority - for regional rep. People should continue to ask questions of the regional rep candidates right up until the deadline, which is:

Deadline to vote is this Thursday April 7th @ 10pm EDT.

To view the ballot for your region, go to http://leagueofbikepolo.com/nah, and click the appropriate region. You may need to "join" your region page first, if you're not already a member.

Thanks everyone and good luck.

SKEET AND WOADIE for traveling rep's!!!

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

You have my vote!

I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!