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Minneapolis Bicycle Film Festival Co-ed Tournament

Wednesday, July 8, 2009 - Sunday, July 12, 2009
Host club: 
Twin Cities Bike Polo
Contact info: 

I'm helping organize the Minneapolis Bicycle Film Festival this
year. I thought it high time that Minneapolis get its feet wet and host
a tourney ourselves.

What: Co-ed hardcourt bike polo tournament. One day event, format to be determined and announced.

Where: Minneapolis

When: Polo date is July 12th, 2009; the event runs 9th-12th

INFO!: MPLS BFF runs July 9th-12th with great films Thurs,
Fri, Sat. There will be a major alleycat on Saturday and a ridiculously
fun and out of control afterparty in the alleys of downtown. The
tournament will be 3v3 with at least one member of the opposite gender
per team. Consider coming to Minneapolis for a few days to check out
our amazing cycling community, great bike films, ample supply of booze,
alleycat, and of course Bike Polo.

Full schedule of events and list of films is up at the main BFF site.

Please Tag photos with "MPLSBFFPolo2009" on flickr, etc.


Minneapolis, MN 55414
United States

Signed up

Hello everyone. Things are shaping up for our little tournament. Working on securing a smooth as silk hockey rink for the tourney.

The Bicycle Film Festival is going to be really killer this year. In addition to amazing movies like Where are You Go (Cairo to Cape Town by bike) and Down by the Weep Hole (Stuporbowl Documentary), there will be an Alleycat put on by Jeff from Bike Jerks, roller racing by Coldsprints, and an insane drunken bike party right in the heart of downtown Minneapolis.

We would love to host all you wonderful polo people in our fair town. If any women can't muster up a team drop me a line and we'll set you up.

Drop me a line if you have any questions. More info including what kind of prizes to expect from our sponsors:

42Bellow Vodka
San Marco
One on One
All City
Peace Coffee
Northern Brewer
Twin Six
Space to Burn

Minneapolis Bike Polo.com

If you live in MN, IA, MO, WI, IL, MI, IN, KY, and OH why not join the Midwest Club page?

Out of curiosity, is Surly the brewery related to Surly the bike stuff manufacturer? Are they both from the twin cities?


Surly Bikes is from Bloomington, MN and Surly Brewing is from Brooklyn Center, MN both suburbs of Minneapolis.

Surly Brewing is the pride and joy of the craft beer scene up here. They kick total ass. They specifically package in 16oz cans so cyclists and frisbee golfers can enjoy their beer on the go.

Also Minneapolis would love to have COMO come up and hang for this tourney. Would be great to see y'all again.

Minneapolis Bike Polo.com

If you live in MN, IA, MO, WI, IL, MI, IN, KY, and OH why not join the Midwest Club page?


Need team for touuuurnament. Might be able to muster up a couple friends that have never played before... but would prefer people who can ride bikez


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formerly of http://legitbikepolo.com

Getting excited. We still need more women to play, though. People from Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, consider coming up for the whole weekend. The Bicycle Film Festival will be well worth it, not to mention polo.
Bikes, Boys, Beer, Bud
Four things I really love


Hockey rink secured! A big thanks to our Park and Rec board for cutting us a deal on the hourly rental.

Because of that I am prepared to offer a cash prize to the furthest traveled team. In case of distance tie the team that places highest in the bracket will be be awarded the "Gas Money Prize".

As of right now I'm throwing in $75. Its not much but it might be enough to cover gas from Wisconsin(hint, hint). As the date grows nearer my budget may change.

I am currently taking with two local bike brands to get even more prizes. Don't want to jinx it by mentioning who or what.

If any women, by some bizarre coincidence, can't muster a team from their own cities let us know and you will be hooked up with a team. Or you could just claim Gus and storm the podium with him.

Minneapolis Bike Polo.com

If you live in MN, IA, MO, WI, IL, MI, IN, KY, and OH why not join the Midwest Club page?

M4F(F) I'm looking for one (or two) ladies to join me at the tourney. We won't win the tourney, but winning isn't much fun anyways. I can most likely provide housing if you need a place to stay. My place is only 13 blocks from the court and centrally located for ease of getting to the rest of the BFF activities. I've got a mattress for house guests. No sleeping on hard floors or uncomfortable couches. If you're a guy and a girl and need a teammate I'm also cool with that.

i want susan on my team. look at her 'bout to knock your 100 pounds to the ground!

I fully intend to storm this podium. And take tons of wheelie shots on the way. Which will probably result in no podium. I needz womens to ride to victory with.


currently running Photo Blog www.gustavHoiland.com
formerly of http://legitbikepolo.com

hey Sveden, when is the all city race? I havn't found any details about it, is it over?

The actual All-City race has not been announced. Not sure if Jeff is doing it later this summer or what. But Jeff is throwing an alleycat for the BFF this year. It should be very well attended and all that jazz.

Minneapolis Bike Polo.com

If you live in MN, IA, MO, WI, IL, MI, IN, KY, and OH why not join the Midwest Club page?

Banjo Brothers, a local Minneapolis bag company, has just signed on as a sponsor. Looking forward to getting some of their sweet bags to give away as prizes.

Minneapolis Bike Polo.com

If you live in MN, IA, MO, WI, IL, MI, IN, KY, and OH why not join the Midwest Club page?

Actually starting to seriously look into this. Gotta support ye old hometown for their first tournament (and stock up on Surly Bender to smuggle back to D.C.)! If I can find cheap plane tix so I can afford to get myself and bike out there, count me in.

DC West!!

That would be so awesome if you came up! If you need a place to stay, let me know. Hope to see you again soon!
Bikes, Boys, Beer, Bud
Four things I really love

I am tempted about flying out with my ladie so we can get down and play some polo

I will be doing it for LA and she will be doing it Cleveland style

Jeff's race should be rad, thats only another good reason to show up.

my ex gf could list all the thigns i love using only b's as well...bikes, boobs, beer, baseball, bud, bitches. i guess bithces and boobs is similar but...

bubblegum, bubblehash, bubblejack, breasts, bigger breasts, brazilians.

You guys can't let alliteration rule your lives like this.

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I call dibs on you if you don't have a team, Jess.

Court update. We have reserved the rink for 10 hours on Sunday. I have no doubt in my mind that we will be done much earlier than that. That means that we have a completely smooth, completely boarded, kick ass hockey rink to play lots of pick up games. Does this tempt you?

Minneapolis Bike Polo.com

Got media, tournament, or bike polo news? DM me at twitter.com

Where you at, Madison, MKE, and Chicago?

I would still love to go to this. just got back from pdx tonight though and feeling quite broke. i'm gonna take a look at some finances and see what i can conjure up. anyone driving from mke? anyone still need a lady teammate?

btw i had a whole week last summer of just brie beer bagels and bond.

Booking tickets tonight! Count Arlyn and I in. Working on getting a third for our east coast invasion.
Is there gonna be pick up on Saturday or are y'all doing the alley cat?

DC West!!

I think a few of us would rather play pick-up than lose another alleycat, so yes! for sure, pick-up on saturday. Look forward to seeing you!

Jess and Arlyn, fuck yes!

Cait, if you come we can hook you up with teammates no problem. Hope to see you!

Minneapolis Bike Polo.com

Got media, tournament, or bike polo news? DM me at twitter.com/bikepolo

Tickets purchased. Bike boxes located. Couch to sleep on near rink confirmed.
See you suckas in 2 weeks!

321..DC...er...Mpls Polo!!

DC West!!


Just learned that we will be getting some really nice prizes from All-City. Another great local cycling company from Minneapolis. Thanks to All-City for being so generous.


Minneapolis Bike Polo.com

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well i'm excited.
everyone who asked me to be on their team, too bad. i made my own. you know we're gonna be awesome.

coattail rider

i don't want anything to do with your coat tails.

IF (if) you find lady willing to play with you two, then i'll see you at the finals.

Banjo Brothers has gone and done a solid by donating several backpacks and mess bags to the cause. Thanks Banjo Brothers!

Minneapolis Bike Polo.com

Got media, tournament, or bike polo news? DM me at twitter.com/bikepolo

oh you jerks, making it all so tempting with your pretty pictures.

Cait, don't fight it. Just come up here. We need more female players. Especially dominating ones, like you. Plus, you'll probably leave with something nice. & all weekend will be a blast. Think about it

Yes! More dominating womens!!
Please come.

DC West!!

Soo... a little birdie, not the one that hates Dustin, told me you may be coming to MPLS. Is it true?!

Minneapolis Bike Polo.com

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Glad to know there's only one hateful birdie.
Cait will be joining my team so don't try enticing her away with your bag o treats & fancy words. I already did that.

Shipped the bikes this morning.
Pretty excited to get my butt kicked at polo in the land of 10,000 lakes!!

DC West!!

What time we playin' pick-up on Saturday?

DC West!!

probably after the alleycat, which is at noon & should be a quick race. & the award ceremony isn't til that night, after the urban bike shorts.
we don't have the rink reserved on saturday, but we can play nearby if it is being used.

On Saturday, The rink is used until noon. Then its free from 12-3. Then it should be free in the evening. Thats all subject to change of course.

On Sunday, we have the rink from 11am to 9pm. AKA all day. If anyone can drag themselves out of bed before the noonish start time they can play to their hearts content.

I applied the first three coats of paint to the first place team's wheel covers last night. Excited to see what the finished product looks like when Bjorn gets done with them.

Minneapolis Bike Polo.com

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He'll yea I am sitting on the floor at LAX airport just waiting to get to the cities! I fly in at 6 am ! I am going to ride around the city all tomorrow, anyone hit me up I have nothing going tomorrow but I was to race coldsprints later. Text or call me 818 437 7240 plus I brought my micro mallet, it was the only one I had at my shop so I guess it will look good in my bag all weekend cause it's so hard to use.

Ok I am chillin at the denny's not to far from qbp

PMing you my cell.

Definitely hit up Coldsprints. Its the best roller racing I've seen. The software is homegrown and really awesome. Also buy a ticket if in advance for "Down by the Weep Hole". Its going to sell out and you don't want to miss it. You can qualify for Coldsprints before or after the film.

Big ass race with 5+ wheelsets for prizes, Noon on Saturday.

POLOPOLOPOLO on Sunday. All day.

Polo women are popping out of the woodwork around here. We'll be able to get you on a team no problem. I'll introduce you to some people Friday night.

Minneapolis Bike Polo.com

Got media, tournament, or bike polo news? DM me at twitter.com/bikepolo

My agenda for the weekend:
1. Saturday 10am - arrive in Mpls
2. reassemble bike / drink Surly
4. eat jucy lucys / drink Summit
5. POLO POLO POLO / drink Surly
6. sleeps

Definitely open for revisions, but I'm pretty happy with where it's at right now...

DC West!!

I am chillin at one on one I am getting pumped about the weekend. My buddy lee's film is showing tonight as well " wolfpack hustle "

Ovum if You Got 'Em is going to crush all competition. All you haters suck my balls.

3..2.. 1... !! Ellen and I are leaving right about now! See you guys soon!

Best MPLS Bike Polo Day EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats Gus MVP with the crankset
Congrats Cien Elana Gus- Team "Rawesome" polo champs
Congrats "Wake Me Up Before You Polo" 2nd place Cait Ebbin myself
Congrats "TCDC" Arlin Jess Bjorn 3rd place & Arlin most goals scored!
Thank You Sven!
Thanks you to all the helpers, statisticians, grillers, players, spectators, hecklers, The Dude, photographers, sponsors, mpls park board & recreational drugs.
& an extra special thank you to the outta-towners for traveling to MPLS for polo, especially my teammate Cait!! (sorry bout your fork)
Thanks Sven!!!

oh.. & there will be video...and like I said before the tourney, there will be blood!
Sweet polo dreams I am drunk nighty night

Wow. Yup that shit happened. No major injuries! No complete and total cock-ups.

I am probably forgetting someone if I am I apologize.

Thanks to the sponsors who provided prizes and support to Minneapolis Bike Polo: Banjo Brothers, All-City, Twin Six, Surly, Peace Coffee, Minneapolis Park and Rec and the Bicycle Film Festival.

Thanks to the Bike scene in Minneapolis and all my volunteers, Steef the grill master, Neal the mechanic, Bjorn, Chris, Connor and everyone else that timed and reffed games. A big thanks to Brian for doing stats on EVERY SINGLE GAME. Seriously man, your concentration was amazing. I can't wait to see that spreadsheet.

Thanks to the spectators for cheering, screaming, ringing cowbells, playing the drums, and heckling us.

Thanks to my teammates Kat and Joe. I had a great time playing with you.

Thanks to the out of town players who came. It really meant a lot to have you travel to Minneapolis and give us a chance on our very first tournament. Jess and Arlyn from DC (the best husband/wife combo in the world), Jones from KC (hope you enjoy that Twin Six METAL mess bag. Let them know where ya got it), Cait and Ellen from MKE (you two rock! it was great partying with you on Sat and Sun), and Yetiman (nice to see you again. Sorry we couldn't get you on a team but glad you had fun rocking the race on Sat)

Congrats to the podium

1st Place, Rawesome
Gus - Boston/MPLS
Elana - MPLS

2nd Place, Wake Me Up Before You Polo
Dustin aka Dabney Coleman - MPLS
Ebbin - MPLS
Cait - MKE

3rd place - TCDC
Jess - DC
Arlyn - DC
Bjorn - MPLS

MVP - Gus
19 goals and a shitload of blocks
Gus' impressive goals scored combined with his mountain of blocks propelled him to first place over Arlyn in the MVP category. Gus walked away with the All-City 165mm crankset. That thing is beefy and beautiful.

Minneapolis Bike Polo.com

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I love Cian, much homo.

Bracket from the single elim. Click through for big.

2009 BFF Tournament Bracket

Minneapolis Bike Polo.com

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thank you Sven for running such a smooth, fun tournement! the co-ed twist is definitely what got me up there. I'm glad I got to play with you guys and on your court.

thanks to Jake and Ebbin and whoever else helped with bending back my fork.
thanks to Dustin for always being so so pumped.
thank you so much Kat for the wonderful floor and beautiful breakfast. You're a great hostess.

Is anyone going to post any other stats?

ps, you're all welcome to come down to mke for the riverwest 24!

Hey everybody, thanks for the great day on Sunday. It was great to have so many players and spectators, especially those of you who traveled from out of town. Congrats to all the winners, but I must say I was especially impressed with my teammates Jess and Arlyn from DC. They would have been in the finals if it weren't for me, but we played well together and at least I had a great time. We lost in semis, game point, to a team we'd beaten 1-0 in the round robin. Thanks sveden for doing all the hard work to get this thing set up.

Here's my action photos and team portraits.


Sveden said he'll have complete stats in a Google spreadsheet to share shortly. We had a guy Brian who kept complete stats for every single game, it was awesome. He counted Goals, Foot-Downs, and Blocks for each player. Thanks Brian!

blargh | flickr: stream \ polo | twitter

Round Robin results


Minneapolis Bike Polo.com

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damn cien...you did it?????

thats tight....nola??? wtf???

Wow. So, finally back home, marginally sober, and back to the interwebs. Thanks for a ridiculously awesome, fun, polo packed weekend!! It was definitely worth the trip and Arlyn and I have it penciled in for next summer (hint, hint, wink, wink). Some folks who need specific shoutouts:
1. BJORN!!! SHOT BLOCKING MACHINE!! YOU ARE THE SHIT AND QUIT WITH THE SELF-DEPRICATING MIDWESTERN STUFF!! So glad we got to have you on our team. We would not have done half as well without you and I have officially called dibs on you whenever you come out to DC for a tourney.
2. Cait, Dustin, Ebbin. Thank you for the most ridiculously epic, f'in fun polo game Arlyn and I have ever played. So much fun. We will meet again someday... (waitin on those stats to see who lady MVP is...CAIT!!)
3. Sven. Rockstar. That is all. (I dreamt about that Metal bag last night.)
4. Kat, Joe, Ellen, everybody else who played, cheered, and generally made us miss Mpls way too much!
Please come to DC and play with us sometime. (Flickr stuff to come...)

DC West!!

jess it was awesome playing with you! defintely my favorite team to watch and play. if you're ever not in DC, ..like say in East Van on Sept 18th ;) .. or even just some friendlies anywhere, i'd love to play with you guys again.

(and bjorn, I agree, I think you were one of the best out there.)

Bike Polo - Mpls BFF Tournament from Mr.Do on Vimeo.

Lots more great video from this tourney & I am still working on some awesome COG video. I know I know, sorry, but I enjoy actually playing polo more than watching it (causes a twitch). That & I have a 5 year old daughter who is growing increasingly more pissed off that I am bumping her movies down the queue for more & more bike polo.

Bicycle Friends Falling from Mr.Do on Vimeo.

Another video from Mr. Do. Short little crash and smash piece. The first crash with Arlen from DC completely taco'd his wheel. Just goes to show it doesn't take much.

That first crash is on a banner photo up top, that pops up every now & then. Arlen played out the tourney on that taco as I took a handlebar to the groin on the fall & played on, with my own taco.

yay i made the falling video! reminds me i need a back brake. it's too bad the bent fork wasn't caught, i'm sure it looked pretty brutal.