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Midwest Trillfest

Saturday, August 10, 2013 - Sunday, August 11, 2013

24 teams. One day of swiss, one day of double elimination.

Friday: Pickup at the courts from 5-9. At 9ish the Bicycle Exchange (1053 East 54th street) is having a registration event. More than likely a keg.

Saturday: register between 9 and 945, 1030 start. Six rounds of Swiss, then pickup. BYOB party at my place (Nick) Saturday night for those who want to hang out. Ideally kind of chill, tons of bars that are ten minute ride away. Bring your locks.

Sunday: TBD start time, double elimination and pickup for those interested.

Limited housing, please check out Indy Hostel

Grand National Bikes
Circle City Acers
Shake Dog Salon
Bicycle Exchange Indy

...::: TEAM LIST :::...
1. Statutory Apes aka [REDACTED]: Michael LOU, James LEX, Nick INDY
2. FISTULATORS: Ben Mattox, Ryan Lakes, Charlie CHI
3. Poppin' Poose I'm Sweatin': Poose INDY, Ryan INDY, TBD
4. All The Way Turnt Up: Evan, Kyle, Bryan INDY
5. Boss Cat: Tyler LOU, Tom LAF, Quinn LEX
6. Candy Van: Jeff INDY, Keith Indy, AJ LOU
7. Funky Fedoras: Nick, Max, Davis BLOOMINGTON
8. Randy perch's space dock: Andy COL, Thomas CIN, Nico PITT
9. MasterBathers: Tiffany LEX, Porch LEX, Brian
10. Crunk's Dead, You're Next: Charlie, Danel, Eric RVA
11. Diamonds in the Muff: Jenny GR, Tara GR, Tim Como
12. Agent Orange: Matt LEX, Travis BLOOMINGTON, David Goldmiller CHI
13. Boobs: Ali Cheff LOU, Joe Zoo CIN, Lee COL
14. Casual Encounters: David, Peter COL, Greg Russo PITT
15. YinzYonies: Troy, Matt, Greg Brunner LANCASTER / PITT
16. Hammer Head: Thanh, Tom, Ben MKE
17. Curse: Ryan, David, Matt CLE
18. Gigglybits: ?, Hammersly LEX, Kevin LEX
19. Tree City: Zachary, Evan, Tucker Schwinn BLOOMINGTON / Indy
20. We Like It Rough: Stu AVL, Corey JAX, Colleen COMO


Arsenal Park
46th and Haverford Avenue
Indianapolis, IN
United States

Signed up

i read that as "krill fest" and thought this was a fishing event..

then i had to go to urban dictionary to figure out what "trill" meant...


Polo in the pre hood.

Anybody want to team up for this? I have been at this polo shit for about two years. I am decent in goal I have good ball handling a hell of a slapshot...some pretty sneaky backdoor slips and I just like to have fun on the court. If it helps im 6-5 220 and ill put more weight on if need be. Im from indy originally but I am playing out of Jax FL right now.

Play to the whistle

In search of a team. Let me know!

still lookin for a team for this.

Play to the whistle


Me and you!!!!
Lets do this!!!

Now in freewheel flavor!!

I'm from Grand Rapids heading down to trillfest this weekend. I'm looking for a team, do you have one or looking to jump on one?

Looks like I'll be heading to Indy before NA's.
Solid goal scorer but not a ball hog by any means. This'll be my 5th tournament this year. Looking to win as much as possible. Plus you get to play with a sexy Cascadian. Whaddya say?

Lets make a team stranger!

Possibly, there's a chance I might not be able to make it.

oooh jon, I might be in!

Opening up registration soon. Be on the lookout.

This is my birthday weekend, looking forward to trillin out into 26 years of age!

Who wants to do this?

It seems I have already agreed to this, or so I'm told.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

Stfu, we are friends now ok thanks dummy.

if you guys need a mediocre third, I promise to be the trillest.

We already have Nico!

well that's a waaaaaaaaaaay better choice than me.

You playing with me and Ben?

Worth it.

Sorry, wrong tourney. You're going down.

Worth it.

Mick is hilarious guys, look how funny he is.

with who, Rob? I know Ryan and I were gonna try and play with a third. Maybe you?

Registration starts tomorrow evening at 6pm, Indy Bike Polo. We will email you back with a link for payment.

Very possible cash payouts for podium at this one.

how do we register, jeez


Click the link that says Indy bike polo that is hotlinked above.

it looks like i might not have given you an email address
midwestchampionship2013@outlook.com will do.

Why is it so gd expensive

It costs money to feed people, finish our courts properly, take care of some refs (hopefully) and pay out podium (again, hopefully). $20 a person for a two day tourney is pretty cheap when its all said an done. Especially with housing and a thousand more things to pay for.

I don't feel like we are wrong for asking 20 a head.

DOGvsRAPTOR wrote:

It costs money to feed people, finish our courts properly, take care of some refs (hopefully) and pay out podium (again, hopefully). $20 a person for a two day tourney is pretty cheap when its all said an done. Especially with housing and a thousand more things to pay for.

I don't feel like we are wrong for asking 20 a head.

Wait, It's my understanding that these are the permanent courts that will be used in the masters?

Yessir. Masters fund / our own money fianaced the actual construction. A group that was with the Super Bowl committee is donating old banners for the court exterior. We have to buy uv resistant zip ties, grommets, and other materials. Plus we will be painting or sealing the courts between Masters and Trillfest.

Lesson: have money and people ready if you want to build a court or two. More costs than you think, especially when you have to please the parks department.

I hope that answers you question.

Joe Zoo and I need a third. Give me a shout if you're down.

still looking. If you like to party, you're gonna love us.

Lots of spots open, come win some money and get ready for NAs.

Lancaster will have a team here.

agile for my size.

Right on guys.

Hey everyone, we are doing housing / camping and if you check the description above I will be posting housing options for this tournament. I have the Indy Hostel listed now: three blocks from the court and bar, myself and a few others live in the neighborhood, totally bike friendly.

DOGvsRAPTOR wrote:

Hey everyone, we are doing housing / camping and if you check the description above I will be posting housing options for this tournament. I have the Indy Hostel listed now: three blocks from the court and bar, myself and a few others live in the neighborhood, totally bike friendly.

Any good camping close by?

Park wise, not really. But we have some players close to the courts that have ample yard space, shouldn't be an issue.

In July, closer to the event I will figure out everyone's housing. I know I plan on housing my team and one other inside, while I have room for a few tents in my backyard.

I would check the Hostel anyways, as its literally around the corner.

Also, our courts run very close to the Monon Trail. It's closed at night (use at your own risk after dark) but it goes north to Broadripple (two miles away, tons of bars, PARTY!) and south to downtown (same thing).

The more teams that register, the bigger the cash payouts.

You got a team already irish man? Been out of commission for a bit, should be healed up in time to make this

We have full Lanco team headed to this. If things change I'll let you know.

Heal up brother!

B-Ruiner wrote:

You got a team already irish man? Been out of commission for a bit, should be healed up in time to make this

Horse dropped out, you still want to play with two old guys?

If he is out I would be interested!

OOOH OOOH OOOOOH, PICK ME! (its not to late is it?)

To register? No. Plenty of spots open.

Count me in, I need a team!

who wants a player to party hard, block mad goals, rough up the competition, most likely run full speed into the wall once, bring sweet treats and maybe a pinata, and yeah, party harder than everyone while still playing legit polo....CAUSE I'M YOUR GIRL!

Kelly! You, me and Joe from cincy? what do ya say?

Tiff and I are looking for a third for this.

Yinz get anybody?

yeah spot was filled...

Still looking Greg?

Nope, I wound up getting together with some Lancaster folks...

Anyone still looking to team up? Or in need of a third?

Who's down to play/team up? Lesdoit!

Who's down to play/team up? Lesdoit!

Jas? Kelly? Yeah?

I cannot wait for my return trip to Indianapolis.

Would like to play in this got second at the masters trying to get podium again. Hit me up if you guys want to collaborate. Im your strong last/goal position. I can take it to the hole too.

Facts. He holds it down AND brings the noise.

Gah! I want to go to this but I want to go to NA's too, but can't do both. Someone sell me on this tourney.

You don't have to qualify to play this one.

I wanna go too! so if you do I'll absolutely make it happen... need a team too...

Got dropped from my team for this anyone wanna team up and make something happen.

Who wants to play with me and Kaycie Tator?!!!!!


Indy was fun @the masters, ready to come back and play again. So looking for a team for this one.

Team list?

Still a work in progress. I will post one in the coming weeks and let you know.

Team list team list.

Soon. We still have one spot available, plus I'm waiting to find out a lot of team names and third persons from teams. Pressure your peers.

when someone picks me up, then a team list will appear...;)

Tom and I both from mil looking for a third. Someone that would consider themselves a forward/second pos. We both can pass, goal tend and take shots well. Hit me up morrowtvn@sbcglobal.net or text 4145070555.

I'd be interested if I don't get picked up for NA's.

Man it's too bad I hate both of you or else I'd play with you guys.

We were looking for someone who can actually shoot and handle our passes anyways

I want to play with you's just from the shot talk.



Chris and I are interested in playing in this if there are still spots available. If so, we need a third. Who still needs a team?

Midwest is best!!


Who needs a third? I can be that!

Looking for a team...let me know...

im looking for a team to be on.

@Ryan Lakes, did he register our team?

Due to NAs being the following weekend, this is now a 24 team tournament. As of now we have four team spots still available. Please go to www.indybikepolo.org to register.

I will release the team list later this week as well.

I have some cash from Andy Lane from Columbus, OH that was given to me at Midwests. Is he and or his team registered? I don't have a contact for him. Either way they have paid.


Yes, he has registered.

Two spots left.

We need your team names too.

One spot left.

Is my team registered still I payed yesterday, but I registered two weeks ago. Thanh Nguyen from mil

Not to be a dick, but why would we ask you for money if you weren't registered? You are on the list.

Sometimes registering is when you have paid, I don't know. You guys ask for money more then two weeks ago. So I just went with my assumption.

Just giving you shit brah.

All 24 spots have been filled. I will update the list soon, once I unclusterfuck a few things in my real life. Be patient and if your team has changed please message me on Facebook.

DIY team list:
Tucker Schwinn, Megan Stanton, Jonathan Lomax

Your turn. Go!

If someone drops off your team, i'm avail. Or if another team spot opens i can fill it.

The team list has been updated above. If there is an error, please message me on this site if you are not on my facebook.



Worth the wait. This thing looks pretty brutal! A great way to get ready for NAs

Heyy, lot's TBDs up thurr. Hit me up! I got a straight shot, I'm a decent goalie, and I'll kick some ass. I'd love to be your third.

Teminer@indiana.edu if you wanna talk!

My team backed out so I'm looking for 2 slayers or ill be someone's 3rd. Me, hard solid shot, great ball handling, super fast. Looking to podium.

Myself and Jasmine Stevens from Bloomington are looking for a team!

i'm also looking for a team

What team are you on and what is your real name?

Old, old, and fat are out. Replaced by yinzyonies. Sorry for the double reg.

Jonathan MacPherson, Bananarchy. Sorry, things came up last minute with work, no can do no more.

No big deal Jon. I'm opening one spot up for this. Possibly another once I confirm the second Lancaster team is out.

Horse is a punk. Don't let him fool ya.

Team list updated and one spot has opened up. 23 teams registered, please contact me with team names and changed rosters.

Thanks again to everyone who has registered.

All spots are currently filled, although I expect this to change at least thirty seven times between now and the start of the tournament.

One team spot open.

Please get with me about team names and filling in your third person.

US US US!! I just figured out I can make this so hell yeah I'm down! Corey JAX, Jackson and I from AVL. "Bitches Bleed"

We're traveling far from the SE to slay some polo with y'all so hook it up!! Please and thankyou

Let's Murderlize Them

Right on, we are at capacity, one over actually.

Soooo, put your teams together. Everything is updated to what I know.

So just to clarify: are we in? Or the one over capacity mean we're on the waiting list? Much appreciated

Let's Murderlize Them

Yessir, get your asses to Indy.

Never mind. I see you updated the team list. 24th team slot but hopefully not DFL!!

Let's Murderlize Them

Never mind. I see you updated the team list. 24th team slot but hopefully not DFL!!

Let's Murderlize Them

Whos still looking to play we might need a third

Tara and I are coming any teams need thirds? Tara is awesome I'm a weirdo

Yeahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! We will be in our new house by then too!!! Partyyyyyyyyy!!!!!


Midwest is best!!

I am still looking for a team.

Email me at Tvhoehn@gmail.com

James from Chicago is Chris and I's third. Our team name will now be Sharknado. Can't freaking wait for this!!!

Midwest is best!!

Got it and thank you.

Got it and thank you.

Got it and thank you.

Ladies and Gentlemen, ^^^This guy has got it^^^.

Damn you.

Dreaded iPhone triple post.

Soooo....James can't make it anymore so we are still looking for a third. Sorry, Nick!

Midwest is best!!

Are you still looking?

Travis and I need a 3rd hit us up if your interested.

What ^he^ said.

edit: Taken care of. No longer looking.

Built up a new frame and would love to try it out at this...if someone needs a third. hit me up

need a team!

The team list up to date as of today. I still need updated team rosters and names from a bunch of you.

Don't bitch when podium isn't ready and you don't know who is who.


Hammerhead (mke)
Thanh Nguyen, tom Owens, Ben dousman

Thank you sir.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Chris and I will no longer be going to Trillfest. I'm sorry to be a pain in the ass! I'm super bummed too since I was looking forward to it. : (

Midwest is best!!

I thought that was coming. No big deal.

Hmmm...I don't come on LOBP enough

Bike Polo Ronin

one full team spot left and plenty of teams looking for a third. Bring some COMO love to Indy.

The team list is updated.

I was trying to convince Mags to make the trek, but he didn't want to go solo. I'm sure he'll go if you go.

Midwest is best!!

Ok, I have lost two people who can house people, so right now I'm in a bit of scramble to house everyone. If you can afford the hostel around the corner from the courts, please check the link at the top of the page and let me know if you are staying there. I'm working on trying to hook everyone up and will have a housing list / email out early next week, but I would bring a tent if you can.

Please keep in touch and the easiest way to do this is to message me on Facebook: Nick Nacrelli.


Put me in coach! Looking to get on a team!

Bike polo is the rollerblading of 2012

Team list is updated. Two team spots available.

Megan Stanton and I are in the market for a new third. We are currently waiting for a few responses, but I want to stay ahead of this so that we don't miss out. Hit me up however/where ever, and I will let you know as soon as I can. I don't know how to phrase this without sounding like an ass, but we're not shooting for anything lower than the podium. No scrubs, no quitters.

Is the whole, "not sounding like an ass" thing possible? I kid, I kid, but do I?

I can be a jerk, and everyone knows it. I still need a teammate that can win, but more importantly, refuses to lose.

i'll be waiting your call

Roster list is updated again. Lots of openings. This is as recent of a list as I have.

Cleared to come to this thing. I need a team. I have talents in goal and in being entertaining, and whether we actually win or not, we'll be reported as the champions on lancasterpolo.

Crusher in Chief

Someone pick this hombre up....he drinks whiskey like its....well whiskey.

Ah, actually I stopped being excited and realized I have lots of medical bills. Hey there reality.

Crusher in Chief

Rosters are up to date as far as I know. I still need team names from Andy Lane, Nico, and Rob, as well as the Bloomington guys. One week bitches.


Any idea's on what time this will kick off Saturday? Sunday? Is there space to warm up, how many courts?

If these ?'s have already been answered deep in the thread, I apologize.

I will have some additional info this week regarding Friday night plans. As for the tournament itself: register between 9 am and 945 on Saturday, we hope to start Swiss rounds by 1030 or so. Sunday start is TBD, but I would expect an earlier start to get people home quicker.

We have two of the finest courts in the Midwest, four foot boards, legit goals, PA set up, podium, ect.

I hope that helps.

I'm heading down from Grand Rapids this weekend, looking to jump on a team. Late notice, but I'll be there.

thanks for the info dude, now im super excited. Best birthday ever coming up right hurrr!!

Just a few days from the tournament. I've contacted most of you regarding housing and I will be in touch with the remaining teams soon.

Instagram: #MidwestTrillfest
If you need anything, contact me on Facebook (Nick Nacrelli) and I will do what I can to help. Looking forward to meeting a bunch new people and partying with all the rest of you.

Updated info above: pickup Friday evening from 5-9 and registration event at the Bicycle Exchange around 9 or so.

A few more things regarding Indianapolis parks and our courts: helmets are mandatory and drinking isn't allowed*.

*dont get caught boozing and if you are drinking don't throw bottles away at the court. Take all of your trash. Taking all of your trash doesn't mean jamming in into the pallets that the courts are made of.

Day one photo's up.

High Res here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kyleroland/sets/72157635013240207/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151808958991013.1073741835.5...

From what I know this is the lost / missing list from the weekend:
Porch can't find his sleeping bag.
Chris Simpson is looking for two small The Makers tanks tops and a small black pouch.

I've searched my house and can't find them.

I left my blue mountainsmith soft cooler at your house too.

I have it. Message me on FB with an address if you need it soon.