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Midwest Open 3

Midwest Open 3,  Mpls, MN
Saturday, October 13, 2012 - Sunday, October 14, 2012
Host club: 
Twin Cities Bike Polo
Contact info: 

Minneapolis Bike Polo Presents

The 3rd Annual
Midwest Open Bike Polo Tournament

Oct 13th & 14th
@The Roseville Skating Center
2661 Civic Center Road
Saint Paul, MN 55113

Live Stream: http://www.skatetheoval.com/
Google Map: http://goo.gl/maps/7Wq7s
SCHEDULE: http://bit.ly/mo3-events

Registration on Friday Starts @9pm
Matt’s Bar 3500 Cedar Ave. S.
$10 gets you a Jucy Lucy and Lots of Beer. What’s a Jucy you ask? It’s a Burger with a molten cheese core, plus onions and pickles.
The way this will work is that you will not order at the bar.
Instead you will come to the mpls polo player in the front taking orders.
We will be dealing with all the cash, cash only. They have an atm.

Sat Night Party:
The party for Saturday night is happening at One on One Bike shop in downtown Minneapolis. We are combining parties with the Minneapolis Bicycle Messenger Association's Homecoming. Bring some fancy clothes as we are all asked to "Dress to Impress" We've lined up a bunch of free beer at a great location with some great company. We hope to see everyone there!

Saturday - Swiss Rounds begin at 10am
Sunday - Double Elimination Bracket

In winter the Roseville Skating Center is home to the largest outdoor artificial ice skating surface in the US with a world class speed skating track around it's perimeter. In warmer months it's home to roller hockey courts and a skate park. We'll be constructing courts on one of the smoothest, most level concrete surfaces you've ever played on. The onsite stadium lighting and huge sound system will be at our disposal as well.

We will have 140’x65 A court with hockey dasher boards. Regular wooden boards for the other court(s). On-site bathrooms and other facilities are meant to handle hundreds of people.

for registration go to: http://www.hardcourtbikepolo.org/polo/main/tournament/87.html
for housing contact: mo3_housing@gimpland.org
for other questions: ndellwo@gmail.com
cost: $25 per player/ $75 per team

**Registration begins Thursday 9/13 at Noon CST**



Roseville Skating Center
2661 Civic Center Drive
St. Paul, MN
United States

Signed up

Will the other boards be full size or just foot-tall?

Thanks for getting this together, minneap.

4' boards all around is the plan.

that satellite view is sexy....

bsbprstom wrote:

that satellite view is sexy....

Yea, see those hills over there, and that valley...?

MinneaPOLOgasm -----------[] ((((O

uuuh, no?

how grippy/slick is the surface?

Mr. Do and I took a stroll out there tonight after it had been pouring all day.
When we arrived there was still water on the courts.

When we rode on the surface it felt like it was dry. Even cornering at high speed.
This surface is smooth yet grippy.

Also important, this is the Midwest Open! Emphasis on Open. We want anyone and everyone to come to this tournament. We are working really hard to make this a great time for all who attend.

Registration opens in 15 minutes.

Confused on how to register? This how-to register Document from NAs should still be relevant.

I am--how do you say--fuck stoked?

lookin for a team. solid b to b+ player if i get my beauty sleep, looking to break a sweat and win some games. lemme know!

edit: nevermind i found a god damn team.


Sent you an email. Let us know if you still are having problems.

I want to play! Polo is fun! Yes! Yes!

free agent......hit me up if ya want to play polo with a real life mpls resident .

and you know this man.

Ill Play

wanna team up again ramon? i had a blast last time we did!

hey ramon you still looking for a teammate? im in minneapolis


Wish i could be there :( ... best of luck Blue Skunks
Mankato rules

Tyre calligraphy of Zagreb

Yus! Miss ya Matej

So what the fuck, are people coming to this? Where are the registered teams? We're pulling out 15 for a tournament that used to fill in a day? What is this, 2007?

If we don't get more teams signed up I might have to form a team! Was planning on helping run the tournament and not playing this one.

Its como, mpls, kato, chicago, mke. Where's the rest of the midwest?

don't forget winnipeg

not sure if my registration worked right. some one draft thanh!


yeah it did, hardcourt.org doesn't seem to be sending paypal invoices to teams.... expect an email soon.

tell him to play on my team...if he wants to

and you know this man.

If you have registered please click the "Pay!" button on hardcourtbikepolo.org

When paying you are paying for the entire team. If you have any issues or concerns please contact me at sveden@mplsbikepolo.com

Getting money in advance of the tournament helps it from coming directly out of our pockets, please try and pay as soon as you are able.

Thanks to Blue Oxen, Mid MO-fuckers, YOLO POLO, Off in the Showers, Green Bay and Syzgy for for being the first to pay their registration fees in advance. Much appreciated.

I'm looking for a team. Have mallet, will crush.

So...the tourney is a few weeks away.

Can we get some more teams? Ann Arbor? Kentucky? Ohio? More CHI? Indiana? Quad Cities (are you even on LoBP?)?

I get it's a good distance for most, but if we all go it'd be more fun, more worthwhile.

Green Bay will be registering another team shortly(registering and paying today or tomorrow). BTW, we're are short a third player for this team if anyone is interested. Just hit me up. We try hard not to discriminate but we do have very strict standards of mediocrity you must meet.
Either way, GB will be bringing another team.


Excellent! We'll see you guys there. I'll mention to the local club there is a spot open on a team.

Have you found a third yet for that team yet? Email me if you are still looking.

I'm too poor. Gotta save beer money for the lock-in....

boo, bus tickets are under $40 bucks from chicago.

Throw a party or sell some cookies, tell them it's for a good cause.

Fuck off!

As an added attraction or possibly deterrent to you coming to MPLS the 8th Anual Zombie Pub Crawl is happening Saturday night. This isn't a pub crawl its a fucking invasion. 10,000 plus people dressed up as zombie, getting drunk and acting like assholes. Three stages of music(Rap, Rock, Metal) in two different cities. DMX(yes really), The Gin Blossoms and everybody's favorite horror-metal band, Impaler.

So if you want to combine coming to Minneapolis for polo with an alcohol fueled zombie nightmare, we got that going on too.

you had me at gin blossoms.

ya'll gon make me looze my min up in hur up in hur


All teams that register and PAY before 11:59pm Central Time on 09/28/2012 will receive three free raffle* tickets.

*Raffle prize announcements are still forthcoming, working with sponsors

nice use of incentives to herd the cats!

Teams, if you pay before midnight tonight, great job. You get some raffle tickets.

Register here:

We have local players looking to jump on 2 person teams. We'll hook you up.

Sveden wrote:

We have local players looking to jump on 2 person teams. We'll hook you up.

If that's the case, we want the hottest player you got to jump on us… preferably female but we'll take what we can get.

hello. i'm a rookie from winnipeg. i don't have a team. i am looking for team mates. anyone? i also wonder if i should register solo now, or build a team, and then register as a team. .. i have more questions, but i thought i would start with those two.

We have not met, but you are from Winnipeg so you must be good people. I'll ask around down here cause we got a bunch of players looking.

What kind of team are you looking for?

we might have a few stragglers down this way as well.

i only started playing in august, and can only ride a commuter bike for now. playing is what i like to do, and, although it's nice to win, i can't really be too competitive. gonna double-check with the winnipeg crew and see if anyone is interested. will follow-up here soon. thank you.

one of the best court surfaces ever...

midwest hospitatlity...

Jucy -fucking- Lucys...

and me!! :)

you know you want some


Are You Gonna

Zachary-Blmgtn wrote:



Anyone still looking for a third, or to open up a new team?
Strengths: passing/court vision, defense, speed, beard, can pay registration fee.
Weaknesses: Plays bad when mad. Still waiting to find out if I can get off of work.
Email me.

Does any Club have a set of metal goals(6'x3') they could bring? Are you already driving a pick 'em up truck to the Open?

Please get in touch so we can talk travel expenses.

Madison? :[

Lexington? :[

Indiana you only have one player to send? :[

St. Louis, got any more for us? :[

Ohio?! :[

Iowa? Weren't you talking shit about not being invited to a Bench recently? Get up here!

We got places for you to sleep for free! Amazing food. Get to Minneapolis, we will take care of you.

I messaged/e-mailed that dude from the Quad Cities (username: The Silverback). I told him to bring everybody from QC.

Thanks for the footwork, much appreciated.

so say I make the trek to Minnie with a player, what are our options for accomodation, any couch surfing? hostel? B&B? not too far, not too pricy, preferably. I have some money on the side for whoever, but i will not sell my mother. Thank you.

All requests for housing are being handled by Mike(see tourney announcement).

He can be emailed directly at mo3_housing@gimpland.org

And yes, we have free couch/floor space, just get in touch with Mike!

MinneaPOLOgasm -----------[] ((((O

ramon hit me up if you need a third. or anyone who needs a third. 4145070555

the shitty beatles, are they any good?

So it's not just a clever name?

....they suck !

and you know this man.

Okay guys what's thje deal with courts? We could do this on one court and get 4 rounds of 12 minute games in plus easily accomplish a Doug le Elim. Or build a court and get an insane amount of play for each team. Just wondering what your plan is...

Also, for what its worth -- I think winners bracket and losers bracket final, and final games should be untimed to 5 points. That would be cool!

The plan is to have two courts. We are shooting for "an insane amount of games per team" on Saturday.

Righteous. Early wrap up helps my real life, as well. Also, everyone plays Sunday! Can't hate that.

But we need everyone to register and pay! We need to pay for our A court rental soon.

alright, looks like i need a team. Last minute is always my style.

Play with the guys from green bay they, I think, are looking for a third

@strossmke - I tried sending you an email through the lobp system earlier but I'm not sure if it actually went through or not. We are looking for a third if you're interested.

Adrian from Madison is looking for a team. He is relatively new to the polo scene but played in the Midwest Championships and is a beast when it comes to handling his bike. Hit him up if you need another player Adrian@peredesign.net.

Friday Night Registration Party!!!

9 pm Matt's Bar http://tinyurl.com/9x45kpm

Sign in and get your Registration Packet

$10 gets you a Jucy Lucy and some good beer. What a deal!!

Captains and players, Aren sent an itinerary to all the teams last night. If your Captain didn't receive it let us know.

We will be posting a general timeline of events for the public soon. It includes lots of good things like a pre-reg party, breakfasts, polo games, lunches, a Saturday night "dress to impress" party, etc.

All the dummies who aren't coming to this will regret it.

Did not receive said itinerary, may be going to Omar? Not sure how "Captain" was designated...

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

Captain was whoever is player #1 when you registered. I just emailed said email to you and Jerod.


oh, and what's the plan for saturday swiss, group wise?

With only 20 teams or so, we're thinking 1 group. thoughts?

1 group is okay with two courts, for sure.

I think 1 group makes more sense. more teams to play against, more swiss rounds, more time between games means people can go to the vfw.

The plan is for all teams to be present and ready to play at 10am sharp. Forfeits begin at 10am.


Link to the schedule of Events. Any changes to the schedule will be made on this document. Also contains the addresses of all pertinent locations.

Wish I was headin to this. Reg party at Matts is brilliant btw.

Looks like we need a third again. If anyone is interested or knows someone who is, hit me up.

Been emailing with Josh this morning. Almost have him hooked up with a third.

If there are any other stragglers who are making the trip speak up and we'll figure it out.

Is our second closest polo city really not sending any players? Not a one Madison? Are you going to surprise us with a day of entry team? I hope that's the case.

SO PUMPED!!! can't wait to see y'all!

looks like i'm bringing my long underwear and rain gear...

i'm trying to register and PAY right now. just created an account with hardcourt.org but i'm stuck at the "Create new team" cause i don't know what's "Triple" or "Bench". i'm still solo, wanting to play polo. like a hobo. yo.

Select Triple. It means a 3 person team, as opposed to the other style we play which is a bigger team with a "bench" of players.

After you create the team with the names of your teammates and yourself, go to the midwest open 3 link and then click the "add your team to this tournament" or whatever button is similar to that.

Ellie, I'll spread the word you are looking for a team. Even number of teams is a good thing.

Pickup is happening right now at the Oval. Until 8pm, come play!

For those of you who couldn't make it, the live stream will go live tomorrow morning.



Final results Thanks the great games, everyone!

1st - Otter Spice (Ben CHI, Chris LEX, eric MKE)
2nd - YOLO POLO (Charlie, Nick COMO, Nick MPLS)
3rd - Ditka's-Brain-In-Robot-Body (Chris, Ryan, Tucker CHI)
4th - Dark Horse (Jeff , Wade , Matt MPLS)
5th - Blue Oxen (Sam , Aren , Dustin MPLS)
5th - Three Trees of Bacon (Zachary BLM, jake MKE, meg MPLS)
7th - Pineapple ShitMaus (mark WPG, Mark WPG, JB WPG)
7th - Mission from God (Rob, Jerod, Omar CHI)
9th - Dragonsnakes (Drew COMO, Tim COMO, Brian KC)
9th - Tad Pi? (Jeremy BLM, Ebbin, Shawn MPLS)
9th - The shitty Beatles (Arthur MPLS, thanh MKE, Ramon MPLS)
9th - Syzygy (Mike, Jerry, James MPLS)
13th - 9hr drive & NO Fucking Craft Services? (David CHI, Nic, Christian COMO)
13th - No Motive (alex ?, Aaron, Pat KATO)
13th - Inconceivable (Andy,, ryan, ?, aaron GBAY)
13th - Nort' Stars (Rstom, Bruce KATO, Kit MPLS)
17th - maybe (Vanessa KC, Beau MPLS, maybe WPG)
17th - Team #2('cause we're the shit) (David BKL, Josh GBAY, Dan MKE)
17th - Sideboob (tom, Sean, Ben MKE)
17th - Polo Fundito (Devin, Rick, Wil MPLS)
17th - Green Bastards (Pat, David, Erik KATO)
17th - Just the tip (Amanda, Bil, Full KATO)

Great job, Minneapolis. Loved the surface. Don't blame you for the weather on Saturday. Great food, location and party spot Saturday night. Great hosts/houses, too.

North Americans 2013?

Golden Goal: https://vimeo.com/51496316

This isn't Europe. Don't call it golden goal.

europe has the best team in the world. maybe we should start emulating them...

So strongly strongly agree with this statement Nick

Looked like all shaft to me.

two polo milestones: first zamboni and first "instant" replay. you folks nailed it, thanks MPLS!

I just wanted to say a big thanks to the stream team on this, we had a small group watching the entire Sunday from my sofa.

The picture was great (apart from a few periods where it would freeze for a few seconds), and some nice camera work, following the play, and zooming to the scoreboard between goals.

My only criticisms (and this is only to be constructive for the future, I appreciate it's free, and done by volunteers, largely from their own pocket), was there was some sort of feedback on the audio, if people close to the camera shouted, you'd hear it 3-4 times, getting quieter each time.

In addition, some sort of commentary, or at least a graphic with teams and scores, would have been great, over 9 hours it was hard to keep the interest up when you didn't know most of the players, or exactly what was going on. As that's all been done before, I'm sure it will be in the future, and the main thing was being able to watch, and get some of the atmosphere, so it's no big deal.

Some great games to watch, especially the 3 Yolo - Otters games, I can't wait for the next NA tournament to be streamed, with the time difference it's great for us, a fun way to spend a Sunday evening.

If there is somewhere I can donate to, to keep this happening, please let me know.


Thanks for the feedback, John. Glad you enjoyed it from across the pond.

I agree with everything you're saying. This livestream was basically a one man show, and that man was also playing in the tourney as well as helping organize it. Thanks to anyone who stepped behind the camera when I wasn't there! Not sure why the sound was jacked, but it will be fixed by the next broadcast.

I have been giving serious consideration to retiring from major tournaments, in order to focus on livestreaming them. The production value would increase dramatically; commentary, scores, all that. Instant replay is still a pipe dream, though.

the sound feedback/loop problem was due to the volume being up on the computer speakers. i could hear this loop in person while operating the camera sometimes.

I quite enjoyed the feedback loop!

Right? It was funny whenever anyone swore loudly because it would echo over and over, added to entertainment value

Get rad

I muted the computer on Sunday but it kept happening

Also, all recorded audio appears to be fine. Can't hear any repeating sound and it was the same audio source as what was broadcast.

Do and I ran threw a ton of ideas and couldn't figure out the audio issue. That being said we are now working on the best stream solutions possible. Stand by for the next stream. If you have an idea or peice of software you think we should use shoot Do or I a message. All critasim is much appreciated.


Finally rested up after the long weekend.

Thanks to all the competitors that drove from near and far to the Midwest Open. It was great seeing you all again.

And a big shout out to the team of rookies who were so excited after their upset win. Watching you guys high-five, hug and talk about all the cool shit you just did brought a tear to this old dog's eyes.

Love you, polo!

awesome weekend and tournament!!! thanks MLPS. i want to go back to roseville again someday when its not raining and there's more teams!
did anyone find my teal and brown hack bags toolbag?? i cant find it....