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Nomad World Pub Presents The Midwest Open 2

Saturday, October 15, 2011 - Sunday, October 16, 2011
Host club: 
Contact info: 
Court size: 
140'x60' ish


You will need to provide

Team name

names and cities of 3 players

your team captain’s phone number and email.


your registration is finished once you’ve completed and sent the email and I respond with a confirmation email.


a few other notes:

reg is capped at 48 teams

I hold all power in final say of correct answers


^^^this is the link for the spreadsheet of regged players^^^^^

Friday: Pick Up at the courts All day!
8pm registration/check in party opens at Nomad World Pub 1401 E Brady St

Saturday: 10amSHARP-8pmish Swiss rounds start (there will be AM and PM brackets announced when we get closer)
AFTERPARTY 8pm- ? at Best Place tavern 901 w Juneau St.

Sunday 11AM sharp!-8ish Double Elimination rounds
Awards immediately following final game
Afterparty at Nomad World Pub 8pm- 2am


Washington Park
1859 N. 40th Street Milwaukee, WI 53208
United States

Signed up

Fuck yeah!

Thanks for giving us a heads up on the date.

Really looking forward to this.

i give you my word this will not be cancelled.

I've never been to Milwaukee. This is gonna be awesome.

sooo tempting.

-TINA - Mobile Bike Polo -

looking for a team!

Anyone want to shake it up and put a team together with me?

Looking for a playmaker/goal scorer. I can run the defense or mid fairly well and have been know to score a few goals myself from time to time.

Lets talk, drop me an email.

Email dropped. Variety is the spice of life.

I am hoping for snow so we can play in the garage of death again.

looking to form a team....hit me up son!

and you know this man.


form your teams, start practicing and tell your friends!

Why you makin' me jump through these hoops. I just want to play bike polo!!!

yeah, jake. i havent looked at the site but i was told about this. fuck that. seriously. it makes the arbitrary business of internet connectivity problem exponentially multiply. if i had your phone number still i would have called you to tell you this personally, but since i dont i have to type this in front of everybody. stop rolling fucking spliffs, they are a waste of tobacco.

we considered doing this through snail mail. but then you'd have to pay postage and get to a PO box and then its left up to me to decide whose letters i got first. do you want me deciding that?

Do you think there will be a rush to register like there was for Midwesterns9?

I only ask cause thursday at 7 is smack in the middle of our pickup night and i don't wanna miss out... on registering or pickup.

hard to tell from our end. its not a qualfier so idk. if the "who's going" section is any measuring stick then it doesnt seem like it will fill up tomorrow in 30 seconds

kind of, i sort of trust your judgement to make it a 'slayerfest' like the other tournament was supposed to be. or get your 12 sided die and go to town rolling out a tournament to see who gets in.

also, i work, and will not be able to participate in an e-alley cat. if it were a fantasy polo tournament, say using the unreleased stats from bench minor....

i hope you 12 sided die

what about the other two teammates you are playing with can they be near a computer to reg your team up?

Anyone need a third?? I'm alright...easily top 10 in Ann Arbor. EASILY.

My stats:

Defense: +5
Offense: +3 (poison damage)
Goalie: -1 against frost creatures and magic

...and Trample.

I'm not a slayer, I just crash a lot.


robb....me, you, matt ruiter?

I like it all day.


I'm not a slayer, I just crash a lot.


Definitely looking to put a team together for this.


you want to play with a decent player from milwaukee. Yes it would be me.

REG IS TONIGHT! Sorry if its during your pick up night. shoulda moved your pick up night! ;)

That was silly and for some reason I feel like I'm the only one that actually did it!!!

PS - But now I know I want a prix fix when I get there.

Damnit, I can't even compete with you for fastest registration.

Agreed. That prixfix is right up my alley!

yeah no chatroom or anything huh. well you were first if that makes you feel good.

83 or die

ben schicago wrote:

I would like to take the opportunity to say that Chris Williams and Jerod Walz are two of the best polo players I've ever had the privilege to set foot on the court with.

Also, super handsome.

When are you going to post the teams? I'm hoping Rook, Rook Grey Dook made the cut.

Still about ten spots open! I want everybody to come to Milwaukee for this tournament!

I like your polo.

Any body looking for a teammate? Free agent looking for two others.

Still space folks! Mke will treat you right no doubt!

Is there still room for Minneapolis to bring a 6th team? Hahah. Just kidding, 5 1/3 is enough for us.

make it a full 6! do it i dare you!

Abraham (Chicago) and I (you probably don't know me, I've only been playing a year and one tournament) are looking for a third. Any takers?
Any chance I can sign up with two to get a space?

If I were you I would just lie and SAY I already have three.

If you're not cheating, you're not winning.

You'll miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.

-'Lil Martin Luther King Jr.

correction: lil' wayne gretsky

my other ride is a loveboard

Charlie's inaccuracy screwed me up.

I'll be your third.

okay, great! Ill register now!

Hey, hit me up sometime so we can discuss logistics.

hey i want to play where is some talent that is wanting to come to milwaukee.

Thanh has a lazer shot and has been playing for a few years on and off as he travels between vietnam and the USA. he is a good third to add to any team and can play defense and rip shots. someone pick him up!

Xlots. If I could make it down I would play with this guy in a second.

I need a third! You still up for grabs??

Release teams!


Edit: err... i posted the link but its got phone numbers and email on it so I dont know if i should do that.

why do you all care who is going to be there so badly? its the same old midwest people you always see anyway.

so we can get the betting started. duh.

I think Machine Politics and the Wardens should do a few prisoner exchanges and mix it up a bit.


link to teams for all you. notice there are some teams still needing 2nd or 3rd players to complete their trio.

Speaking of teams in need of 3rd and 2nds, anyone looking to fill out their roster with an Ann Arbor rookie destined for greatness? When they make a movie about my career, you can be the wise team captain who gave a young up and comer his first big break.

Nice lookin' legs. (+2 CHR)
Weak vs. whiskey. (-1 CON)
Caffeine addict. (+2 SPD)

i would play with you based solely off your brad neely avatar, however i'm already booked.


I love Brad Neely. I can't tell you how many times I've watched Wizard People, Dear Reader. And his single frame comics are so bizarre and hilarious.

Ann Silver and I need a third if you're still looking for a team!

Midwest is best!!

Whoops, forgot to check the forum for like 3 weeks. I'm still in if you are I guess?

Too late. Sorry dude!

Midwest is best!!

meg lee & I need a third

...for polo, dirtbags.

Wade is available. er...wait...

wade got sent to triple a, thats all. he'll be back in the bigs in no time

Hey you can't come until you release bench minor footage!

Thahn and Jordan from MKE need teams as far as i still know.

hey jake i think me and jordon are going to be on a time together with a guy from winnipeg. so sign me up officially.

One of the many reasons I'm super excited about this tournament is for all the "new to polo tournament players" aka rookies that are coming.

Give a holler if this will be your first tournament. I think Minneapolis is bringing 5 new players. Wheels, AC, Matt, Arthur, and Mike.

Mankato, MN is coming and I also see Green Bay? Any other newer clubs coming?

This'll be my first bigger tournament I'll be playing in as opposed to lurking at. I'm pumped!

We've got 2 teams coming. Though the lineups seem to change weekly due to injury.... Our pickup games can get unruly

bsbprstom wrote:

Our pickup games can get unruly

Stop playing on a 180 foot long court! Speed kills.

Sveden wrote:
bsbprstom wrote:

Our pickup games can get unruly

Stop playing on a 180 foot long court! Speed kills.

It gets tiring, but its seriously a haven. Free lights, no competition for the space, boards and goals. And trust me, I rode myself right into the ground face first, speed does kill. Our polo conditioning is nuts though! Beau got tired.

Do you know what the courts in MKE are like?

Young Kody and I from Chicago will be there as tourney rookies. Or maybe he's been to one before, but I don't think so.

We also still need a third, and probably a ride.

Dave- You and Kody should split up because Thanh needs a third and so do Ann and I. Makes sense, eh?

Midwest is best!!

Ms. Ann Silver and myself still need a third because Britt is unable to play that weekend. Holler at your girls!!

Midwest is best!!

Edit: Do it! Join Meg's team!

Jack Crowe
"If you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough."

Still need a third. So far it's me thanh, mark Harper from winnipeg and you the lucky person. So hit me up.

Does anyone have a place for some stinky assholes to sleep? We'll respect your space.

You should have gotten an email telling you to contact birdie for this. I dont want to put her email address on here but check with your teammates.

Aye, I've emailed her twice with no success. I'm in touch with Jake about it as well. Thanks!

deadline crunchtime. need a third.

get those thirds and what not finalized!


@ Genghis, I've emailed you twice now.

Looking for a team. I will be in MW for pick up regardless, but would like to compete.

I'm good enough for the girls your trying to impress.

~Jim from Ann Arbor.

I got a team already if you want to jump on a team we have a team that needs a third. One of them is a rook and the other has been playin for a while. If you are interested get back to me soon. I talk to them and see if the got a third yet. As for the emails I did not receive any from people who wanted to play. So just reply on the boards

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AkK9B7Ad56qLdFNxOEVtWVdjeE9... public spreadsheet of regged teams PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR TEAM info!

sorry bernadette watts of england.... for the confusion anyone who needs housing should be contacting birdie watts

I need to start splitting AM PM teams so confirm your team on the reg sheet please

Meg Regrub and I need a third! JOIN USS

I'm coming from LEX Friday night and am looking for a team, maybe I can be your huckleberry?

Anybody happen to be available to pick me up from the airport and take me to the Days Inn downtown at 11:30 Friday night?

I'm guessing most people will be on bike and at the party Friday night, but if i hear anything i'll let you know. A cab will run you $20-30.

http://www.ridemcts.com/Routes-Schedules/Routes/80/#Weekday this bus will take you from the airport to about 7 blocks from the party..... bus is $2.50 probly a 30minto 40 min bus ride

it will also go right by the days inn

word.... thanks guys see you in a few days!

notice the time table though. hopefully you can catch one of the last two buses

Best team name on the spreadsheet, "Oakeshott Nights".

Hands down.

x2 but maybe you had to be there

I think you had to be there to really get it. Was pretty excited that they changed their name to that last night. That basement dance party is infamous in Winnipeg.

Power tools? We in CoMo remember it fondly as well

Most definitely. There have never been enough power tools at a dance party since.

Hey I'm looking for a third one of our guys dropped out, any ringers out there want to play

On the off chance you'd settle for a non- ringer, I am available. :)

I would but I guess while I was posting this my teammate found someone, sorry :/

you need to tell me who your 3rd is

derek, i'm pretty sure stas found a third. not someone to replace you. you're coming whether you like it or not!

SWISS ROUND BRACKETS-- (subject to change until friday night)

Check the registration page for your team names if you are unsure

MORNING -- Report at 9 AM

Machine Politics
Mitten Polo
Bourbonic Plague
3rd Times a Charm
The Matt Lodge Experience
Seal team 666
New borne gyllenhaal
Panther Baby Strike
Emphysema Makeout Party
Lefty Bullshit
Como erectus
S st stuntin is a habit
Noah's Shark
Rocket Appliances
Shark Farts
Gay Boy farts
Minnesota mud flaps
Rookie OG's
steve jobs

AFTERNOON -- Report @ 2pm

Hipster Jocks
The Spurs
The Stealth Snowman
Team Icarus
The Inmates
Kung Foo Dads
Everything Butt Sex
Oakeshott Nights
Blue Skunk
Post Sex Pudding
i'm signed up?
White Arms of GB
El Polo Loco
Urine Trouble

All teams will play 6 games on Saturday - We have lights till 10 pm.

Lets play pickup all day Friday than head over to the Nomad (1401 E Brady St) around 8 or 9 to have our registration fee waived and get our buzzz on.

Please contact us with last minute questions (housing, locations, schedules) now instead of Friday night. As the weekend goes on we will care less and less about your personal needs.

Nice split. Can't wait!

team name change request: hipster jocks to Lil' Wayne Gretsky

Dude, it's Gretzky.


and mark your tweets #MWO


Keep your standards low, and morale high.

Heading out in a little bit. Getting there early for some pickup. See y'all at the courts.

Wish I could be there with all of you. I am sure it is going to be a ton of fun.

Does anyone have a floor Young Kody and I from Chicago can crash on. Or just for Kody, I'll go sleep on a park bench if there's no room.

If you know of anything you can hit me on Facebook: David.Goldmiller
Or text me 540-809-8659
If you can put us up, we can guarantee you a stay in Chicago's exclusive Polo Villa, with access to hot tub, basement shop, Tucker Schwinn's cats, and dank Puerto Rican food.

oh, Tucker's cats. that's worth it right there.

Petting Rufus is scientifically proven to improve your passing ability.

hellochris wrote:

oh, Tucker's cats. that's worth it right there.

nevermind we got this stuff square

Shark Farts get left feelin chummy as 2 teams with lesser records make it to sunday. Great playing guys you deserve to still be playing!

6:00pm finals my ass. What's the update? The Guardians just blanked two teams and forced a second final. And? And?

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...


And!!? geez, hanging here....

1. Baby Face (Beaver Boys - JoeMKE + JT RVA)
2. Guardians SEA
3. Machine Politics CHI
4. Lil Wayne Gretzky (Nick kruse,Tim D, Charlie H COMO)
5. The Spurs (Pierre,Jonny, Sam C MAD)
5. Wardens MKE
7. Mitten ANN ARBOR
7. Bourbonic Plague LEX

congrats to the top 3. 63 games eh, sounds like everyone ran out of light yesterday.

we rented light towers light was not an issue....

tight. well done mke!

I stopped by the court this morning and combed the wreckage for things people may want back.

Hit me up if you lost helmets, u-locks, water bottles, or your favorite mallet.

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

oh.. i found a sweater too.

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

i can't even think clearly right now. I'm just going to say thank you to everyone who was there for now and maybe this week after I get some rest and spend some time with my gf i'll post longer.

post your picture links etc on this thread as well so I can share with our sponsors , thanks!

It may not have been official, but Meg Lee was MVP, bar-none, without a doubt. Blocked nearly every shot on goal, scored a couple of amazing shots & was the glue that held her team together en route to a T9th place finish. Great tournament babe, you played your ass off!

And my other teammate Brian, you also slayed this weekend. So glad we were able to form a team with you, we meshed well right off the bat & had a number of unforgettable games. Love the way you play!

Great tourney overall. I never before saw more fast, physical play than this past weekend. Except when The Guardians were on the court; then it was purely command & finesse.

I am extremely proud of MPLS, who showed up with 6+ teams and rocked it all weekend, with only 1 team missing Sunday due to a technically b.s. technicality. And Nick T went to MKE as a spectator & ended up playing stellar goal for Bourbonic Plague, then reminded us all why we call him Faceplant. Time for some kareem abdul jabbar glasses, bud!

Great job MKE, thank you. and congrats Brian, Kremin and JT!

Meg Lee MVP absolutely. In that last match against you guys i swear to god we took like 30 shots and could only get one of them in the net. and yeah Minneapolis really made a helluva showing! every team was deep with talent.

Thanks to the MKE crew and the sponsors, especially Nomad. Fun, polo-filled weekend.

Thanks so much Milwaukee, that was such a good tournament and I can't wait to see you all again.

Podium Software results.

There are a few player corrections to be made anyone see any?

1st - Baby Face (Brian, Kremin, JT MKE/RVA)
2nd - Guardians (Cody, Dusty, Julian SEA)
3rd - Machine Politics (Ben, Joe, Matt L CHI)
4th - Lil' Wayne Gretzky (Nick kruse,Tim D, Charlie H COMO)
5th - The Spurs (Pierre,Jonny, Sam C MAD )
5th - Wardens (Jake, Matt, Zack MKE)
7th - Bourbonic Plague (Nick, Cardinal, NickT LEX/MPLS)
7th - Mitten Polo (Jon, Adam, Piet AA)
9th - WNBA Jamz (Joe, Shay, Guthrie MKE)
9th - 3rd Times a Charm (Meg, Dustin, Brian MPLS/CHI)
9th - El Polo Loco (Derek, Stanislav, Rob FTW)
9th - Panther Baby Strike (Nick, Aren, Jeff MPLS)
13th - What about Bob (Karate jon, Chris W, Lou CLE )
13th - Team Icarus (Zach ,Travis , Rob IN/CHI)
13th - Cockstorm (Ramon, Jerry, Art MPLS)
13th - The Matt Lodge Experience (Ebbin, Wade, Matt MPLS)
17th - Seal Team 666 (Matt, Alex, Robb GRPS)
17th - Gnomads (Ben H, Matt R, MP MAD)
17th - Oakeshott Nights (Mark L, Dan, Mark H WNPG)
17th - Team Adorable (Greg V, Tucker, Suzy CHI)
17th - MDK (Kody, Meg M, Dave CHI)
17th - Everything Butt Sex (Eric, Erica, Tiffany ATL/LEX)
17th - Steve Jobs (Birdie, Lodi, Jordan MKE)
17th - The Stealth Snowman (Sven, Thahn, Wheels MPLS/MKE)
25th - Lefty Bullshit (Bruce, Jess, Quinn MIX)
25th - Gay Boy farts (Kevin, Thomas, Caleb LAF)
25th - Como Erectus (Christian, Andrew, Nic)
25th - Emphysema Makeout Party (Abe, Matt, Joe MIX)
25th - Noah's Shark (Tyler Brown,Jeremy, Jordan BLM)
25th - Bearded Men (Charlie S, Omar, Willie )
25th - St st stuntin is a habit (Kelly s, Mick, Josh CHI)
25th - White Arms (Steener, Carl winslow, Witt GB)

Many thanks to Jake, Dan, Zach, Birdie, Kremin, Brian, Joe, and everyone in the Milwaukee club who helped make this tourney happen! Amazingly fun tourney, amazingly fun city. Please host more next year!!

I took a few crappy photos and posted them here, if that interests you.

in early spring come up for the 2v2! details announced in february most likely!

anyone who was taking pics at awards I'd love to get some to share with our sponsors. just post a link here or email them to me thanks!

MWO2 was a blast. Thanks to MKE and the sponsors for doing it up in such style. Congrats to Baby Face for the win, and thanks to Guardians, Lil Wayne Gretzky, and Machine Politics for putting on such a great show. Hope to see some pics/vids popping up eventually.

I'm not a slayer, I just crash a lot.



On behalf of Mankato I'd like to thank the mke folks and everyone who came for helping us have an amazing first tournament. We'll never forget it, and we hope to see you all again very soon. We have about 3 memory cards of pictures to sort through, and I will get a link posted here asap.

This tournament was awesome, nice job Milwaukee. Still recovering from the party Monday!

Hope this means yall kept it rolling after I left for my flight. Had a blast with you Seattle boys. Hope we get to pimp out another weekend soon. COME TO TURDUCKEN EVERYONE.


That was great, thanks to the whole MKE crew especially joe for putting us up. Hope to see you slayers soon.