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Midwest Bike Polo Championships 8, May 22-23 2010, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Saturday, May 22, 2010 - Sunday, May 23, 2010
Host club: 
Twin Cities Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
3 identical courts at one location. 120'x62'

Registration is OPEN. Visit the MWBPC8 Registration page for more info and to register

Old post announcing the date can be found here.

This tournament is open to All.


Banjo Brothers

Deschutes Brewing

Freewheel Bikes

Minneapolis Bike Love

MKE Bicycle Co.

Pizza Luce

St. Cago Polo Works

Surly Bikes

Tillie's Bean

Trash Bags

Twin Six

All-City Cycles

Triple Rock Social Club


Dunwoody College Of Technology
818 Dunwoody Boulevard
Minneapolis, MN
United States

Signed up


I like your polo.

THe Beaver Boys are bringing the Jenny Cup back home to MKE. Fuck Y'all!

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

how do i sign up for this one?... or does the new LOBP not have that feature on the touney pages?

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

Sven turned off registration for now for this tournament, not sure why.

Is he going to back out?


Fuck off

yea, thats rad, how many teams?

not to sure of how many teams yet, but maybe just like three or so. we will definitely be on our "A" game for this indeed!

Fuck off

hometown tournament, I need this one! Many friend and many family will be on hand.

I haven't turned on registration yet because I want to use the registration to harvest info from you guys.

Not sure what we want in there but I can imagine things like dietary concerns, allergies, and if you'll be needing housing.

So as soon as we know what's up we'll open the registration to everyone.

COMO will bring 25-29 teams (approx.)


I like your polo.

Seriously hoping to make it down with a Winnipeg crew. Shit, If I can't bring a whole team I might just travel by myself.

I want to come to this. Who will be my teammates?

I'm lucky enough to be playing with this very talented man in Pensacola. Obviously for this next Midwest tourney I'll be with Mr. Lane and Lefty Joe defending our title of reigning Midwest Champs but I have to ask, and I'm just curious here- WHY HASN'T ANYONE PICKED ALEXIS UP YET? Are you people fucking crazy?

Working the phone lines yesterday. Hawk and I are recruiting a third.

Oh jebus, you outsiders better not steal our cheese.

ill be your third as a token mid westerner.

MKE 05-06
CHI 07-Pres.

i'll fly in for this one alexis, if i can b on ur team

david joseph"polony"wells

yeah this should be bigger then the espi's more out of towners


tryin to budget this into the 2010 polo tour schedule...

"Thou Shalt put Thy Weed in it"
CH0MB0 3:16

I'm rich bitch!

I like your polo.

I'm rich bitch!

I like your polo.

well shit kick a couple duckets dis way son I'm livin on baltic avenue over here

rent: $60

"Thou Shalt put Thy Weed in it"
CH0MB0 3:16

I'll shit and kick $90 so you can buy yourself something nice :-)

I like your polo.

Oh wait. How did I miss this? Matchmaker hat is on. Alexis, Chombo, and....c'mon someone grab these fellas....

seattle makes three, alexis ,chombo, and polony. takes the cake from the outside

david joseph"polony"wells

I don't care if I have to go digging in the back of closet or bottom of my parts bin, any 100% non Midwest team that takes first place will get something from me.

Maybe sharpie to face when you pass out from your over the top braggart cake eating contests.

i'm north dakota homegrown doncha know. many a kin in minn. cake me when i least expect it

david joseph"polony"wells

new orleans will bring one team comprised of crust punks with facial tattoos and one team comprised of homeless drug addicts (it'll be hard to tell the two apart). or maybe we'll fly minneapolis native cien from africa if he can take a weekend off of peace corps. either way, we're gonna try to make this.

carve. smash. eat shit.

is this tournament going to played under water?

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

If it rains all weekend we all know who to blame.

Thanks Joe! That is a load off my shoulders.

a2 will try with all our might to make it to the land of 10,000,000 lakes, but unfortunately madison is the priority.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

There's plenty of time between those events. You're from the Midwest....come to the Midwests!

Bike Polo Ronin

Well, actually according to the regions on here we are Northside. The overall problem for the Midwests or going to Madison in July is two out of three of a planned team work at the same bike shop. So two of us (shop of 4-5 workers total in the summer) would be trying to leave at the same time during the busiest time of the year.

bigmatt wrote:

Well, actually according to the regions on here we are Northside..

Oops! Sorry, guess I never saw the final map for that (I'm known for missing such details). That's a bummer about the work situation. Well, either way, I'll see you at one or the other hopefully!

Bike Polo Ronin

Unfortunately? Those tourneys are three months apart!!! Surely you can make it to both.

And please visit your friends to the south!!! Even with the snow polo is blowing up here in b-town and we would love to have you visit!

Ann Arbor is sending one team for sure.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

I'd really like to come to this

We'd love to have RVA represent. Plus if you come you could end up in Mr. Do's next video.

The chance to be in a Mr. Do production is worth the trip. Come on, Sean!

I'd love to make this! I'm attempting to take a train tour home to NW MN that will end up in Minneapolis at some point. Haven't planned the dates, so I'll make it happen for this (I hope). Also, haven't talked to the rest of AZHC or PBP about this tourney yet. Maybe Justinrunns and I will make the trek? We'll see.

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

Any idea when registration is going to open up? I am pretty positive we got one team from Winnipeg coming down. Maybe another as well.

We will let you know when registration will be open soon, hopefully. I will say this though, if Winnipeg wants to come I personally will make sure you have a spot.

Right on! I am pretty sure that my team is confirmed and ready to go. Now we just need practice and matching wheel covers right? We are getting pretty pumped for this up here. We may send two teams or more down. Lots of talk but not a ton of confirmed planning so who knows about the numbers. I intend to be there even if I am the sole Winnipeg representative.

i would love to return to the homeland for this. . not sure if i can fit it in the budgy or not as i am also planning on moving this summer. but im gonna try

Since I loved the como midwests I think I can convince at least 2 other people from Denver to join me as a team to this event. greyhound bus tickets are only 80 bucks (just checked) so it would be be easy budgeting for us to get there. we've definitely stepped our skill levels up so hopefully Denver can get into the mix with at least 1 team. I know we will have a few players migrating to denver from various parts of the country by may so it may grow to 2 or 3 teams.

yes. yes. yes.

my move-date got pushed up and I'll be a Denver-ite come mid-April.

you can for sure count me in, and a possible car, for this trip. No lies, I've been crossing my fingers that Denver would want to go.

Grand rapids will be there with 1 team for sure, maybe more.

any news about registration?

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

what ever happened to "Champeenships"
Why is it every time a new city hosts an old tourny they can never even get the name right?

Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

I wouldn't say every time.

mad_sam (not verified)

Overeager copy editors?



Looks like only 5/8 have used "Champeenships", and 3 of those 5 posters were designed by the same person. So: Precedent, yes. Sacred tradition, no.

Sorry to the artists for cutting off your images. This was way easier/cleaner than posting the 8 originals.


Whats up Minneapolis? Courts? Registration? I will be in the Twin not this weekend but next, makes some saturday polo happen!

couch surfing it is!

for all the nerds trying to watch the series finale of lost on sunday night, where might this be possible?

x2 on this. Our club has a hand full of these nerds.

Bike Polo Ronin

I'm sure some bar that likes nerds will show it. I'll keep my ear to the ground.

I am down to get in on this, I would be bummed to miss it!

Hmmmm, am I missing something? I guess I can't edit the original post.

Well, here's the deal.

The official pages are up at Minneapolis Bike Polo in the MWBPC8 section.

Registration will open at 12 Noon Central time on Friday, April 9.

The registration process is two part: You must sign your team up on the Registration page. After we receive your info, we will send a paypal request to the Captain's email address for the amount due. You will not be registered until both steps have been completed. We will accept checks via mail and cash in person. You can see all the details about registration on the web site. If you have any problems or questions...just give us a holler!

I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone in May, we're all looking forward to an awesome tournament!

blargh | flickr: stream \ polo | twitter

Wow this shit looks organized, player pictures and everything!

St Louis will be there, but 7 weeks out is way too soon to be able to know exacly who can get off work and afford to go. Can we register 2 or 3 teams without specific rosters? And/or can we change who's on a team between now and the tournament?


Teams do not have to be 100% lined up before registering. We would ask that each city make every attempt to only reserve team slots when they can reasonably commit to utilizing.

We will be hassling people in a major way around 3-4 week mark if the tournament slots are full up. The last thing I want is for a team to not plan on coming because Huey, Dewey and Louie are used up three team slots because they didn't communicate.

I'd just like to point out that Minneapolis Hardcourt will be using the new proposed ruleset for this tournament. We have no problem being the guinea pig.

Minneapolis Hardcourt Inc.***

fucking legit site. props

Registration will have to be postponed until Monday. So sorry. Bjorn is printing 18 million posters for an art show this weekend. He fuddled around with something this morning and borked the reg system and does not have time to fix it before noon.

Sorry for the ramp up and let down!

you got me all hot and bothered for nothing?! cocktease

This time, no teasing! Sorry about last week everybody. I was trying to fix little shit at 4am and broke everything. Now it is fixed! Register at 12 Noon CDT today at The MWBPC8 Registration Page!

blargh | flickr: stream \ polo | twitter

Lets see if we can crash the site with traffic!

Besides Minneapolis, Columbia is the only other city with more than one team registered. Where you at, rest of the Midwest?

Let us know if the registration page is confusing you or if you have other questions.


The ladies South Florida team really wants to come to this...is this ok?

You betcha! We'd love to a have y'all. You gotta bring Cherri though.

too bad I'm about to register a team with cherri on it . BOO YAH SUCKAAAS

to clarify: she moved to denver and we stole her for a team. BOO YA SUCKAS

she's been here what, a week... and already there's a turf war.

well done cherri!

And she's now the best player in Denver. How's that feel? Your minding your own business and then all of a sudden a new comer moves to town and BOOM!

aw shucks all ya'all are making me blush

but Sven don't get it wrong, I am far and away from the best here, which is incidently the best.

cherri kicks ass!

Fuck off

Ps; I heart the way you play

cherri wrote:

Ps; I heart the way you play

Thanks :) I think you are an effin soldier when it comes to your game, please keep that shit up!

Fuck off

release photos of the court!!


Thanks for asking this! I will ask the group if I can tell you what the courts are going to be yet. We are hesitant to say anything until we can guarantee it.

But it is looking like a parking lot with 3 identical built from the ground up courts.

3 Courts!!! You guys must have collected tons of board material...

Some info about the courts.

is there going to be a rule against putting your feet on those?


I vote yes.

I like your polo.

i vote no, but i have a feeling they're not going to be tallying votes...

If they are truly using the new set of rules... <
10 - Players must not touch the ground, or "Dab"
10.1 - A "dab" is if the player puts his foot on any horizontal surface. (the ground, his mallethead, a bike, the ball, another player.)

so yeah... dabbing on the walls I assume is clean...
I would assume the wall counts as a horizontal surface.

i like the the 2x4 running on the bottom to make them rebound; good idea.


Fuck off

We here in Denver can't wait either. and If we ever, ever, EVER get Austin in a match up, prepare for WAR!!!

I wish I could link this better: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3GlIpe2Acg

You won't have to wait until Austin, these guys will be in Minneapolis to kick your ass in person.

/edit whoops just re-read Max's post above. I thought he said next time we are in Austin we will play a game of bicycle polo against each other but that was not the case.

Sveden wrote:

You won't have to wait until Austin, these guys will be in Minneapolis to kick your ass in person.

HAHAHA. We love you Minneapolis!

Fuck off

I'll let the mallet and bike do the talking from here on out. However, I will put five dollars down against you that we end up beating Austin. Anyone else wanna get in on this?

On a positive note, if I win the bet, I will actually concede all winnings towards the support of this web page. :)

i'll take that. and if i win, i will concede all winnings towards boozing.

MaxDenver wrote:

I'll let the mallet and bike do the talking from here on out. However, I will put five dollars down against you that we end up beating Austin. Anyone else wanna get in on this?

On a positive note, if I win the bet, I will actually concede all winnings towards the support of this web page. :)

How about a bet to see who will place in the top ten, eh?

Fuck off

How about the eager and ambitious polo players in Austin and Denver collaborate to create a South Central Regional Tournament and put a few less thousands of miles on your cars?



$5 says they don't do it though.

There is such a warmth that oozes out of your posts. It must be that mid-western welcoming spirit that people talk about.

I don't know about where you're from, but here in the Midwestern cities we've got this thing we call sarcasm.


lucky wrote:

How about the eager and ambitious polo players in Austin and Denver collaborate to create a South Central Regional Tournament and put a few less thousands of miles on your cars?

Well we are going to be throwing a tourney in October for sure now! I really hope that all of you guys can make it down. We will have two courts this time instead of one so we can get done early and have some fun in the Austin streets!

Fuck off

Will it be Halloween weekend? If so, I am sooooo down!!

Midwest is best!!

COMOMegs wrote:

Will it be Halloween weekend? If so, I am sooooo down!!

We are still working on the exact date meg, but we will post it as soon as we get it figured out so people can plan on coming if they can fit it in their schedules. I really hope that lots of polo-peeps can make our tourney and have lots of fun here in Austin! Believe me, there is always something going on here!

Fuck off

man I just wanna beat you. nothing is for granted and I'll leave the top 10 bets to whoever actually expects to be in top 10. all we expect to do is, obviously, beat co springs and then beat austin.

@lucky's post: south central is a region that is still quite new. in fact, the only time I've managed to play around any other teams from our region has been at midwests. collaboration is at an all time low right now in south central.

MaxDenver wrote:

man I just wanna beat you. nothing is for granted and I'll leave the top 10 bets to whoever actually expects to be in top 10. all we expect to do is, obviously, beat co springs and then beat austin.

@lucky's post: south central is a region that is still quite new. in fact, the only time I've managed to play around any other teams from our region has been at midwests. collaboration is at an all time low right now in south central.

Well let's just hope for the best! I think from now on we should just focus on having more of our regions teams at these events and representing as a region you know! Hmmmm..... should all of our cities make south central shirts or jerseys to represent? Doesn't sound like a bad idea to me.

Fuck off

let's just focus on making midwests actually pay attention to us because there's money on the line. five dollars is all you need to get in. you in?

also, where's the springs at? I heard we were going to have some kind of match for the colorado cup in midwests, is that true?

Will the majority of the tourney be played on Saturday or Sunday? I'm a teacher and need to be back in ohio by 7am Monday morning so just curious.

The majority of games will be played on Saturday. We are thinking 5 on Saturday and 2 more Sunday morning.

Teams are registered from these clubs,

Colorado Springs
Columbia, MO 
Grand Rapids, MI
Menomonie, WI 
Mpls/St. Paul

Big ups to Winnepeg, Menominee and Grand Rapids!

How many spots are still open? I'll definitely remind the defending champs to register ASAP!

Midwest is best!!

Still plenty of spots left... but for how long?

wow a michigan team is actually coming and not just talk shit about wanting to come... that hasn't happened since detroit came to the first midwests. way to go MI

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

I have not received an email regarding payment I understood that I would receive one explaining how to go about paypalling this. Should I be concerned or is it just going to come later?


As far as I understand, we are still have one more hoop to jump through for payment services.

I'll ask those who know to make sure I have it right.

I was also assuming we could defer paypal and mail you a check and/or pay in cash. make this info available for those who are cheap enough to not want to pay the few dollars to paypal.

Yes, checks are fine and dandy. Just say so when we send you the paypal request.

Is there are location for the courts yet? My friend owns a big, mostly empty church near the university where a lot of people could sleep but that wouldn't make sense if it were too far away from the courts.

Wow thats cool. Drop me the address.

We have a player who is looking for a team that will be coming from columbus. She is a good player.

yeah, I would really like to play.

I lost the rest of my team to Dayton Ohio.

also is there any way to register single players?

Hang your shingle over here to find a team.

Midwest Matchmaking thread.

DM, incoming.

On a side note, if there are any teams or players or friends that are drug free and would like to stay in a drug free house please let me know.

One of our friends has offered this unique opportunity to traveling poloists.

/edit forgot a word

Hahahaha! Good one!



Ft. Lauderdale Straight Edge Bike Polo club needs housing, por favor.

are you guys making the trip up to this?

just another reason why east van cannot possibly attend this tournament...

What do you got against Florida, jackal?

Jackal and East Van apparently are allergic to straight edge folk.
Buk buk buk buk brrr-awk! East Van could just stay in a coop?

There is a big flop house/church to stay in near the courts if people are still looking for a place to stay. Just need to donate $10 to an awesome nonprofit (oakeshott.org) and have a sleeping bag. Your bikes can even stay inside

Word. This former church John is talking about will be either ridiculously close(3/4 mile) to the courts or about 2.5 miles across the beautiful stone arch bridge into downtown Minneapolis. A good option for people.

Check the oakeshott mission statement, it rules.

The Oakeshott Institute's mission is to promote the interest in ancient arms and armor through a hands-on educational approach.

yes lad, I must take it off to pee

That's a cause I can get behind. Maybe they'll even have sets to try on. Indestructible polo armor for the win.

Anybody from seattle area heading got room for a body and a bike?
If I can find a ride there I'm in the market for a team.

Dear MPLS,
I'm curious about the rule regarding sharp edges on a mallet and your interpretation of it. In my opinion, this rule is vague and could include such things as screw ends protruding from a mallet, to a sharp angle allowing for "hail mary" scooping. I am all for standarization of mallet heads, having the angles of a beer can. It concerns me that folks are sending balls high in the air, increasing the danger factor when trying to knock the ball back to the surface, or attempting a shot.
Tim A.

People can scoop and throw the ball up in the air easily even with 90 degree angles on their heads. Such a rule would not stop (or significantly reduce) scooping.

Maybe, but not as high, and I absolutely despise the move where players pick up the ball and carry it around like an ice cream cone. By the way, if it's soo easy to perform scoops with a traditional head, maybe you should hack the end off your heavily-angled mallets and put your money where your mouth is.

I scoop with the straight side of mine regularly. Maybe you don't see it because I'm already past you by the time you notice. The problem is the swinging, not the scooping. Don't swing at a ball at chest height if you're around other people. Duh.

I don't care enough to watch how you play, except when it comes to moves I consider "lame duck". High scoops set people up for reactionary swings, much like dangling something in front of a cat, which has been mentioned in another thread. Not all players are controlled, poised, A+++ players like you think YOU are, Pete. And as far as you beating me on a ball, don't write a check your ass can't cash. I happen to like my big boy gear ratio.

If you can't control whether or not you swing at an airborn ball, then you probably shouldn't be playing bike polo. Balls get bounced up in the air all of the time from hard shots that hit fat tires or thin mallet heads that are trying to block a pass. Should we make fat tires and thin mallet heads illegal too? Of course not. The problem is, again, high swings, not scoops. If you want to make mallet heads that make scooping easy illegal, it won't stop scooping. If you want to make scoops that are above some specific height illegal, then you're going to have a rule that's impossible to enforce. If you want to make all scoops illegal, then you have unreasonable expectations because that's never going to happen.

So if you really want to make angled ends illegal on heads, then your concern really isn't the high swings. It's something else. Perhaps you're just another luddite who's against change. Rabble rabble rabble.

Pete, there isn't a person who plays in Columbia, Missouri (or probably anywhere else) besides yourself that doesn't think your mallet is stupid. Before you go around calling Tim a Luddite you should realize that no one else in bike polo has yet had the audacity to actually think such a mallet makes them a better bike polo player.

Tim isn't against progression in the sport. He's against progression in the sport that degrades the integrity and skill of how it is played.

RookieNick wrote:

Pete, there isn't a person who plays in Columbia, Missouri


RookieNick wrote:

(or probably anywhere else) besides yourself that doesn't think your mallet is stupid.

This is false. Many people in Lexington thought the short scoop end was a good idea.

RookieNick wrote:

Before you go around calling Tim a Luddite you should realize that no one else in bike polo has yet had the audacity to actually think such a mallet makes them a better bike polo player.

Tim isn't against progression in the sport. He's against progression in the sport that degrades the integrity and skill of how it is played.

Several people have angled ends on their heads. Several people also have their heads at an angle on the shaft. Doing that makes scooping even easier! Should we ban that too? Does either design make someone a better player? Debatable. But it certainly makes getting the ball off the wall and tossing airborn passes much easier. If we genuinely wanted to ban every advancement in the sport that makes it easier, then we should probably ban capped mallet heads because it makes shooting hard and accurately easier, am I right?

pete, remember when you wished me 'good luck' as we were centering the ball before our game in CoMo? and then we destroyed you, like 5-0?

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

5-2 and what about it? are you trying to make a point?

There's a reason I don't regularly check this site...highly opinionated, know-it-alls that think the polo-verse revolves around them. Sorry for clogging the thread with my banter, MPLS.

yeah but tim, you can get all that at tri weekly polo in columbia. is that why we haven't seen you in a while?

Oh my forking gord. Columbia is not that big of a town. After three posts, you could've both just walked out of your apartments and just started yelling into the street. You would probably have head each other fine, and I wouldn't have to have read all that.


hahahahahaa amazing.

lucky wrote:

Oh my forking gord. Columbia is not that big of a town. After three posts, you could've both just walked out of your apartments and just started yelling into the street. You would probably have head each other fine, and I wouldn't have to have read all that.

You actually read all that?

Bike Polo Ronin

Any unsafe play is going to be dealt with immediately. This includes wild swings at airborne balls.

As far as sharp edges go I think we will let common sense prevail. Also if anyone sees any bikes, mallets or equipment they think is unsafe it is expected you tell a Ref or tournament organizer.

These angled mallets are a drag on the sport and the talent the sport takes. Ice cream coning is pretty much undefendable in a 1 on 1 situation aside from a wild swing at the ball with a nearly 0 percent chance at actually hitting it. I think it should be considered taunting and cheating. It's asking for fights at your tournament and if you want it to run smoothly I would recommend banning these stupid fucking things. But it's whatever.

It's similar to traveling in basketball.

While I understand the sentiment against ice cream coning, you gotta understand that everyone with an angled mallet is not gonna ice cream cone. Making ice cream coning illegal doesn't mean that you have to make the equipment that enables ice cream coning illegal. If we make ball jointing in the offensive half illegal, should we also make all mallet heads that can ball joint illegal? Of course not.


i interpreted the "sharp edges" rule as more of a safety rule than a mallet standardization rule. if NA hardcourt or the organizers of midwests want to specify a "mallet edges parallel to shaft" or "been can" rule they should, but that's not going to stop scooping or snow-coning, it would just make it slightly harder. as for snowconing, ice cream cone, whatever, i feel like that's just an invitation to get your ass checked to the ground, which is what people should do to defend against it.

I checked the MIDWEST thread today and all I see is rule debates.
So...Ice cream coning or not? Of course NOT
Scooping? Of course
Swinging your mallet in the air next other players? Of course NOT
Catching a scooped ball next to you with your hand? Of course
Catching a scooped ball next to you using mallet body or bike? Of course
Should we play ice cream coning is legal? Of course NOT
Should we make angled mallets illegal? Of course NOT
Sharp edges? Duh.
Don't worry though, you'll have your chances to talk rules after MBPC OWNS YOU!

Curious to see what teams have registered. Is that available Sven?

x2 on rules and who's reg'd

Please, keep rule debates out of tourney threads for Christ's sake. It's annoying.

Can you make them keep it out of pick up and the bars, too? Thanks.

Bike Polo Ronin

Here is a list of teams.


Sveden, the denver team needs to add two -eds to our team name. i.e. armed and hammered. I guess when I registered the team I misheard the team name at first.

You missed one. I registered Rum, Sodomy, & the Lash from Chicago a couple days ago. never got a confirmation email...?

coffee, whiskey, beer. repeat.

Sorry bub, no such luck. Really sorry it didn't come through to our end.

Could you find the time to re-submit?

I'll take care of it tomorrow.

coffee, whiskey, beer. repeat.

The team list has been moved to the site itself. Please view it at: http://mplsbikepolo.com/mwbpc8/ in the left most column.

dayton is registered on your other new list but not the one on the mpls website.


For those of you flying in and shipping bikes. Here is the info from our shop sponsor Freewheel Bike on how to ship your bike. Please follow the instructions so this is a painless process for the shop. Any questions please ask. Please note that Freewheel Bike has two locations in Minneapolis. This location is on Midtown Greenway. Easily accessible by the Light Rail to Lake St and then by a 2 mile Bus trip on the #21.

Shipping your bike to Minneapolis:

 - We have made arrangements with Freewheel's Midtown shop to receive bikes shipped in by out-of-town players.

 - Freewheel has a public shop at their Midtown location; you can re-assemble your bike with real tools and a repair stand for cheap.

 - Please call Freewheel before you ship your bike to let them know it's coming!   (612-238-4447)

 - Please clearly write your first and last name on the outside of the box to make things easier for the shop.

 - UPS and FedEx are recommended.  Other carriers may not know how to get from the loading dock down to the shop; it's complicated...

 - Arrange for shipping to Freewheel Midtown's address as follows:

Freewheel Midtown Bike Center

attn: bike polo tournament

2834 10th Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN 55407


Shipping your bike back home:

 - Shipping must be arranged by you, simply using Freewheel's location as the pickup point.

 - If you don't want to box it yourself, Freewheel charges $50 to disassemble and securely box a bike for shipping.

 - Free cardboard bike boxes are almost always available; you can box it up yourself if you'd prefer; bring packing materials!

 - Make sure your boxed bike is at Freewheel when it is scheduled to be picked up.  UPS usually comes through early in the day.

Whats up Sven, where are we playing this?

Downtown downtown Minneapolis in a big parking lot. It'll be official official Monday.

Sure hope its a smooth parking lot

You betcha its smooth.

Dunwoody parking lot

Smooth as a baby's butt.

nice ncie

Fuck off

Wednesday(05/12) will be the last day to pre-order t-shirts and posters. http://bit.ly/MWBPC8

/edit Also if you have received a paypal request and are able to pay through paypal please do so as soon as is possible.

Will there be a bunch of shirts for sale when we get there and will their prices be different? If so, put me down for a medium. Hell, put me down for one anyway.

I will note that you want a Medium shirt.

There will be a small quantity of shirts available. Not very many. Basically whatever extra shirts come with our order. I bet there will be enough posters for anyone that wishes to buy one.

I don't know what the price of shirts will be on game day.

Sveden wrote:

/edit Also if you have received a paypal request and are able to pay through paypal please do so as soon as is possible.

Paypal keeps rejecting any credit card I try (they all work, and recently used). Any other ways to pay?

Mesage inbound.

I ordered 3 med. for my team. Can you change one of those to a large.

Will do. Not a problem for me to deal with these things but if anyone else has any problems or changes with their order feel free to send a reply to the email from Bjorn.

Put me down for a medium as well please! thank you

Fuck off


will someone from MKE bicycle co. be able to bring me a shaft? it would be greatly appreciated.

yeah, and my new bruiser that I'm going to win.

I'm going to win it and make a tall bruiser.

Jared and Jason from FTL are looking for a third. They aren't really good at the internet, so get at me!

hey guys i would really like to go to this but i dont have a team. anyone need a knight owl as a third. kakaw. squawk at a brother.

Umm...Jerod and Jason from STL + you = cross-continental slayage. make it happen.

Also, there's a matchmaking thread in the forums...

coffee, whiskey, beer. repeat.

Jerod's not going, and who is Jason from STL?

edit: I now realize you are talking about Jared and Jason from FTL. haha.

Midwest is best!!

People needing housing should email me


As well as indicating that they want housing on the registration form.

Location has been chosen and the info at the top of the thread has been updated. Dunwoody College located at 818 Dunwoody Blvd 55403. The three identical 120'x62' courts will be located in the parking lot.


The location is right next to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and located in Downtown Minneapolis. The Saturday night party and Pre-reg spots will be talked about later but both are located in the Downtown area. Hopefully you'll be able to park your car for the weekend and see the city from two wheels.

wow great job sven, excellent location!

I too am looking for a team, will it be possible to pick up a team in mpls and register then if I dont put together a team before hand, or is that out of the question? I'm going regardless. I know it's late in the game for this, but school has been a bitch

We have several team slots reserved for "day of" registration. AKA Friday Night/Saturday Morning.

You should tell the rest of your ilk in Milwaukee to fucking get their asses over here. Where's the B and C teams at?

good job dan, you coulda been on our team. now your gonna get slayed.

Get rad

As well as providing breakfast and lunch for all players we will have a food vendor on site in case you want something extra. There will be discounts for players. The food vendor is the Chef Shack. Check out their menu.

Coffee will be provided by Tillie's Bean for all players. Tillie's knows how to make a good cup and roasts a ridiculously lavish brand of bean from B&W.

Awesome!! I can't wait for this!! Plus the weather is supposed to be perfect.

Midwest is best!!

dont rely too much on the 2 week forecast..hey lucky whats the almanac say?


If you scroll back through the last 5 years, it's usually low 70's, overcast in the mornings, very light rain.


At least one person I know thought they were registered when they were not. If you didn't receive a confirmation email after you registered from Bjorn then you aren't registered. More over if we haven't asked you for money, then you really aren't registered. We will update the team list on the MWBPC8 section of our site as often as we can.

If your team name isn't here then you aren't registered. (and this list is probably already not current)


Boner Jamz '03
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Machine Politics
Chicago, IL
Christopher Simpson
Lexington, KY
Lead Climbing
Dayton, OH
When Push Comes to Shove
Washington, DC
Rusty Nutz
Ann Arbor, MI
The Liza Minellis
Columbia, MO
Hymen, I'm Back
Austalo, NX
Polo High
Boulder Springs, CO
Bob Ross & The Happy Mallets
Twin Cities, MN
Hurt Russells
Menomonie, WI
The Stick Ups
Winnipeg, MB
Armed & Hammered
Denver, CO
Off In The Shower
Winnipeg, MB
Team Ramps
Madison, WI
Space Dokken
Milwaukee, WI
Blood on the Downtube
Columbia, MO
Madison A
Madison, WI
Columbia, MO
Peter North Stars
Minneapolis, MN
Jerry's Kids
Minneapolis, MN
Beaver Boys
Milwaukee, WI
Bon Gripper
Grand Rapids, MI
Bike Polo Inc.
Minneapolis, MN
Killers B's
Minneapolis, MN
Rum, Sodomy & The Lash
Chicago, IL
The Decapi Taters
Lexington, KY


Shit. Registration is broken right now. Sorry guys. I have no idea whats wrong. Working on it right now. Sorry to the three teams (that I know of) that submitted a completed reg form that didn't go through. Cait, Cayla, and Birdie we will get your teams registered.

I tried to register too! : ) Sean (CHI, formerly MPLS), Amanda (MKE), and I.

Midwest is best!!

Registration seems to be fixed now. Cait and Birdie's teams have been registered but if Meghan and Cayla could try again that'd be great. You should automatically get an email saying that the process was completed.

Why does ours say some weird city and state?


Fuck off

Cause some people don't know what hometown means. It doesn't mean where you were born it means where you play polo. One of your dudes was confused and put down Buffalo. ;)

Lol Austalo, NX that's a good one.

charlie is from buffalo new york and me and rob are from austin

Fuck off

Well then! My bad.

If anyone has EZ-Up style tents that don't need to be tied down by stakes and wants to bring it there will be a lot of space in the parking lot. But please get in touch with me before bringing it along.

New thread, please. This 200 poster is killing my computer!


if we want to pay the registration fee at the tourney, who should we email?

reply to the email that bjorn sent.

Or email bjorn@mplsbikepoloDOTcom

the only emails i got were from paypal, so thanks for the info. another question, does anyone know if oakeshott has a kitchen?

Ask Atwell.


Keep your standards low, and morale high.

Less than a dozen pre-reg spots left. Team list updated on site as of 11am 05/14.

Keep an eye on http://mplsbikepolo.com/mwbpc8/ and http://twitter.com/mplsbikepolo for up to the minute updates. We may post a full schedule and menu today.

I'm coming back from the other side of the world Thursday night. Anybody want to get down with a kid that hasn't been on a bike, let alone seen a mallet in 5 months?

fair warning

Are you flying into Minneapolis? We could use some help setting up the courts on Friday night. There may be some time for pickup.

what is the team limit? i know people that don't really get online much that were still coming will that be a problem?

This tourney will be capped at 48 teams. A few slots will be reserved for registration on Friday/Saturday. Right now we are reserving less than 5 slots. I can't say the exact number we are saving cause it could change.

Hey, all, my team fell through here in Lex, wondering is anyone needs a last minute third player.

New thread, please. This 200-plus poster is killing my computer!


lucky- try reading the bench minor thread....

Thread locked, continue discussion in the new thread.