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Mashscow 2 Invitational

Sunday, April 19, 2009
Contact info: 


Registration begins at 11:00am Parking lots by the Kibby Dome. Go to: http://pmbikepolo.wordpress.com/2009-spring-invitational/  for more info. 


Parking lot by Kibby Dome
Wperimeter Dr and Stadium Rd Big covered football field westside of town
Moscow, ID
United States

Signed up

-still waiting for confirmation on allowance to play here, but things are looking good. Think Positive!

Pullman/Moscow Bike Polo

-Old Tidymans is no longer our location. Due to insurance problems, we can't play there. I'll update tomorrow with the new spot!

Pullman/Moscow Bike Polo

i hitch hiked thru moscow a couple years ago, went to that grocery store. summertime 05 i think. thanks to the girl with a mohawk who picked me up at that gas station and took me to that nice little party behind the gas station. she had a dog named yarr and everyone was very sweet. random comment, i know, but i've always wanted to thank those kids. hope your tourney goes well!!