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London Open 2013

Friday, August 23, 2013 - Sunday, August 25, 2013
Host club: 
London Bike Polo
Contact info: 

August 23rd, 24th and 25th.

Three courts in Highbury Fields, Islington.

Thursday evening there will be a Polocat and welcome party.

Friday morning will be finalising the court build.

3 groups, Friday afternoon/Saturday morning/Saturday afternoon:
- Each group will play 4 - 5 rounds
- The top 7 from each group go through to the elimination (21 teams)
- The remaining teams will play several more rounds of Swiss on Saturday afternoon/Sunday morning
- 32 team double elimination on Sunday

The Open needs no introduction, it is going to be awesome as always!!

Registration details to follow...


Highbury Fields London
United Kingdom

Signed up

Week after field training. I think I'll be able to swing this. Looking for a team.


Registration is Open!

Is anyone looking for a 3rd player ?

my friend leo and i would like to make an impromptu team to participate in the london open. still need a third player - anyone interested?

Link to google maps is incorrect, could you please insert the right one? Thanks :]

Will and I get to London 19 Aug at noon. Anywhere we can crash?
Also, what would be the best way to get into town from Heathrow?

Yeah, you are staying at my place.

Cheapest and easiest way into London is on the Underground, Piccadilly line. It does take 1 hour to central London.

Quickest way is Heathrow Express train (15 mins), but that's a lot more expensive.

Whatever you do, don't take a cab. Will cost a lot, and traffic in London is terrible

Much appreciated.

Me and Kropa are looking for a super sub, do you want to be a Guilty Pleasure? Bribes much appreciated


Hey everyone,

In light of Crandall's near miss at the North Americans, the NAH is putting a new rule into immediate effect that bans the use of any uncovered (by a chain) cog.

This includes secondary cogs on a freehub, freewheels, fixed cogs, unused cogs on a cassette. Taping will not be permitted so it is essential that they are removed.

We understand this is very short notice, however we feel it is important and it will be checked at registration etc. If yu have a cog like this and you will have trouble removing it please try your local bike shop for alternatives/help. If you have already arrived in london, ask your host/a local player for help. There are a number fo shops that do a same day/while you wait turn around on this kind of stuff including Look Mum No Hands, 49 Old Street, Lock 7 on Broadway market (hackney) and possibly Push cycles in Highbury.

Please try and sort any issues you have with this out before the tournament and if anyone has major issues, PM me and I will do what i can to help nd advise.

Thanks a lot and looking forward to seeing everyone!