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London Open 2011

London Open 2011
Saturday, July 30, 2011 - Sunday, July 31, 2011
Host club: 
London Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
Three courts: 30m x 20m in size (amazing playing surface)

Registration for this year's London Open is now open (£30 per team).

We hope to improve on last year's wonderful event with the following:

  • A new super smooth playing surface (the best in London)
  • Three 30m x 20m courts (two purpose built for the occasion)
  • More teams, more parties, more prizes, more polo
  • Results to be used for the UK National Series

As last year, this will be an uncapped tournament using Swiss Rounds (or RR groups) for qualification, before a double elimination knockout.

Friday will be fairly informal, but we will start promptly at 9am on Saturday and finish at 9pm on Sunday.

It would be great to see you all there, hopefully we'll be able to house everyone again (please get in touch with your mates directly at this stage).

The main sponsors for the London Open 2011 (without whom the event could not happen) are:

14 Bike Co Logo Crumpler Logo Le Coq Sportif Logo

The secondary sponsors (providers of prizes and friends of bike polo) are:

Look Mum No Hands LogoSchwalbeWaiting for the SunKnogBone Shaker Magazine3PMHBean About TownBrooks

Teams currently registered:
1. Spring Break, London
2. Big Bush Bears, London
3. Rotten Manguis, Barcelona/Bordeaux
4. Netto Superstars, Manchester
5. King Salami, Lausanne
6. Anti Polo Consortium, Brighton
7. Tour de Court, Dublin
8. Polo Erectus, Manchester
9. Dead Rappers, London
10. Tornadoes, London/Dresden
11. Call Me Daddy, Grenoble
12. DAM Cosmic, Amsterdam/Eindhoven
13. La Bagarre, Brussels
14. Dans Ta Goal, Pique, London
15. ASBO Polo, Manchester
16. Tigers, Venice
17. Degeneration, London
18. Dogma or Pie, London
19. Thor, Cambridge
20. Classic Amsterdam, Amsterdam
21. Hacked Off, Bristol
22. Team Warin, Bristol/Brighton
23. Hooks, Rouen
24. Scouting for Goals, Birmingham
25. Rusty Rims, London
26. Supersonic, Frankfurt
27. Drill Collins, Birmingham
28. Lucky Draw, Cardiff
29. Blackjack, Paris/Munich/Berlin
30. Peinture French, Paris
31. Guns At a Knife Fight (G.A.K.F), Paris
32. Acapolo, Brighton
33. Nice Touch, London
34. Simon Says, Antwerp
35. Skip Rats, Bristol
36. Ill Pigs, Birmingham
37. SoYo Polo Co, Sheffield
38. Broken Legs, Rouen
39. Frogs, Rouen
40. Monkey Punch, Germany
41. Cosmic, London
42. Rakete, Berlin
43. Electric Cream, Cambridge
44. #sckbrn, London
45. Les Mouettes Sauvages, France/Australia
46. Peckham AllStars, London
47. Les Pea Cocks, London
48. BCF, International
49. Multiple Scorgasm, London
50. BoomShakaLaka, London
51. Zombie Uprising - 28 players later, London
52. TNT, London
53. Rathclaren Rovers, London
54. Polo Prospects, Amsterdam


London, UK
Hackney Downs
United Kingdom

Signed up

Registration and further info coming soon, check: http://www.lhbpa.org/lo2011/
Further info also available on LFGSS: http://www.lfgss.com/thread64347.html
Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=122187601154818

Too bad you picked the very same weekend CMWC is taking place. Some people won't come because of that I guess...


Registration now open:

(Sorry if the date clashes for some people, but it's fixed for that weekend.)

I'll probably be there anyways! Best polo ever last time :)

Though, CMWC dates have been known for months now, should have thought about it.

what is the CMWC?

Zaragoza Bike Polo 2015
Berlin Bike Polo 2010 - 2015
London Bike Polo 2008 - 2010

i hear it's involves some form of cycling around, without mallets. i still find it hard to imagine.

without mallets you say? madness

Zaragoza Bike Polo 2015
Berlin Bike Polo 2010 - 2015
London Bike Polo 2008 - 2010

Oh Shit. Middlesex are playing Darbyshire that weekend too. It's been scheduled for months. Jon, you should have checked that shit first man.

London Bike Polo

CMWC = messengers champs???

what are these "messengers" you speak of? is that a kind of pigeon?


indeed, pigeon race without mallets....

Zaragoza Bike Polo 2015
Berlin Bike Polo 2010 - 2015
London Bike Polo 2008 - 2010

Jon, can you put me down for a tshirt and/or poster?! That artwork is effin' AMAZING!

In most of the places polo community is very close with messenger community, a lot of people both play polo and race alleycats.

Plus - there is always a nice polo tournament at the messenger championships, like in Budapest last year (they had two nice courts in the middle of the velodrome).

Fair enough, I could organise an alleycat on the side if you like? If things go to plan this will be the polo tournament of the Summer, fun times.

but playing bike polo and winning races require different bikes...

I know, and I would never put any race above bike polo in my hierarchy! Plus judging from last year, London Open will probably be the best polo experience I'll have in '11.

It's just, some people won't know whether to go to CMWC or London Open, that's it. I do know! :)

Looking for a team for this.

James Brown in London (Euros 2009 MVP) is also looking for a team, check the LFGSS thread Jacob.

do you have a team already? i can goalie :)

Amsterdam Fixed It ;)

No non-European teams so far which is a bit of a shame, too far to travel?

it's the week before NAHBPC in Calgary!

Too far to travel and then travel back? (I see your point.)

Team list updated.

For more info:

Hello everyone,

I am driving to London from amsterdam and i would like to know if it is possible to have a spot to leave the car close to the tournament.

I am also looking for a team, so let me know if you need a third :)

Let me know if possible :)


Amsterdam Fixed It ;)

Parking in London is generally horrendous, however there are some "free parking" spots in some of the back streets of Hackney that you might be able to nab.

Your best bet may be trying to organise using a polo player's parking space whilst you're here. I have a feeling that polo player parking spaces are few and far between, but Iain (of Malice and now TNT fame) and Mark (of 3 Beards and now Degeneration fame) may have parking spots. You'll be able to PM them on the LFGSS forum (playswellwithotters and horatio respectively) or through LOBP (I think).

Unfortunately there will be no on-site parking (except for the first aid crew's vehicle and our van) during the weekend, that's just how the local council roll...

What. A. Weekend. Knackered!

1st: Supersonic
2nd: Call Me Daddy
3rd: Cosmic
4th Nice Touch
=5th: Spring Break
=5th: Hooks
=7th: Monkey Punch
=7th: Dead Rappers
=9th: Netto
=9th: Rotten Manguis
=9th: Zombie Uprising
=9th: Rakete
=13th: Simon Says
=13th: Dans Te Goal Pique
=13th: BCF
=13th: Blackjack
=17th: Hacked Off
=17th: Les Mouettes Savages
=17th: Thor
=17th: Tornadoes
=17th: Electric Cream
=17th: Dam Cosmic
=17th: Peinture French
=17th: Panthers
=25th: Polo Erectus
=25th: Asbo
=25th: Broken Legs
=25th: Acapolo
=25th: Tour de Court
=25th: TNT
=25th: Team Warin
=25th: La Bagerre
=33rd: Frogs
=33rd: Ill Pigs
=33rd: Soyo Polo Co
=33rd: Dogma or Pie

Ones to watch tournament:
1st: GAKF
2nd: Poloskipoles
3rd: Les Pea Cocks

Here's the Flickr pool for this year's event if you want to share your images (it'd be much appreciated!):

Here's the highlights video:

Hopefully see you all for 2012's London Open, we're gonna try and time it the weekend before/after the 2012 Worlds: four (larger) courts, more teams, parties, prizes, yadda, yadda.

sick save at 3:23