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Ladies Army 5 Fundraiser III: Knife Fight !

Saturday, April 13, 2013
Host club: 
East Van Bike Polo
Court size: 
indoors! 40'x36'

This is NOT a 3v3 (but the 'format' option doesn't give a 1v1 option)

.. it's a goddamn 1 one 1! Knife Fight!!

Indoor party fundraiser for Ladie's Army 5!

Knife fights on a big, court. No cans but instead little goals,

$5 to $10 at the door

$2 entry fee!


Want to know the format? Pfff.. we'll figure it out that night..

Oh, and if you get knocked out, there's a possibility of bribing the, ahem ' officials'..

and if not, then just g'wan over to the jousts and knock your friends off of little itty bitty bikes.

When you're done riding that thingy with wheels 'n stuff, dance your face off. All night!



855 East Hastings
Vancouver, BC

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