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Labor Day Weekend Polo BBQ

Friday, September 3, 2010 - Monday, September 6, 2010
Host club: 
LA Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Sarah Livingston- sarah (dot) danya (at) gmail (dot) com (214) 384-9902

Just because we can, LA is welcoming all neighboring clubs to come visit us for Labor Day weekend.
It's a holiday, why not play polo together?
Come out for the weekend, or just for a day. We'll play our regular Friday night games from 6-11p.m. as well as our Sunday afternoon games from 3- 9 p.m. If there's enough interest, we'll play Saturday afternoon as well.
Let us know when you'll be in town, and if you'll need a place to stay.


North Hollywood rink
11455 Magnolia Ave.
North Hollywood, CA
United States

Signed up

I'm down, but lets play Saturday. Can't make Fri or Sun cause it's a 5 hour drive and I work Fri & Mon

I'm also in...along with a few others from SD. I'm down to play on Saturday too. I'm hopefully planning on coming up Thursday night or Friday and staying till Monday night so it would be awesome to get 4 days of polo in!

If you come in Thursday night, we play in downtown from 7-12 then. The map is in labikepolo.org. And I figured we'd see just see by Sunday who's up for more polo Monday.


Can I come to this?

Piranha1 wrote:

Can I come to this?

NO!!!! you have schoolwork to do!!!!

I'm just kidding, you pesky kid.

hell yeah u can broe...

"We don't need no education"

hope you come. cant wait to play with you.

There's a handful of AZBP players coming out. I'd like to play saturday. I won't be there friday.

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

Awesome! Looking forward to hanging out with you guys again.

Looks like 6 comin from PBP, unless you talk me into playin too, then 7. Say happy birthday Jeff.

Not Yet....Not Yet.

You should come and have some fun with us!

made up a poster. what do ya guys think?

give blood. play polo.

Sweet! Thank you!


Damn girl, you are rockin' with the posters lately.

Love it.

:) thanks
polo has rekindled my creative side.

give blood. play polo.

What's the format? Teams ? I'm down for throw in tourny having a hard time getting an all sac team maybe I can team up with some LA or AZ peps I just wanna play some polo man.

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

Throw-in at most, it's gonna be chiiiiill. Bring everybody down! We just wanna play polo too!


FLAMINGO! +-----<><-----+
FLAMINGO! | (\(\(\ |
FLAMINGO! = ******* =


I just realized that Monday is a holiday, so I'll be down to play Sat and Sunday..........

Im going to be in the LA area for 3 weeks and wanna play with you guys, hopefully my bike will arrive in time for this.


There's a loaner bike here for you anyways, I assure you! When do you arrive? Also, check our website labikepolo.org for (somewhat) up to date information about when and where we play. Feel free to email me or one of the other LA people if you need anything.


at Jinxy: You're real good at what you do girl!
at FLAMINGO: gromet!
at Joe: When did you move to Phoenix?
at Piranha1: love playing with you guys, you and Piranha 2 are fire. bring it!


at Spedier man : Grometa!

"We don't need no education"


give blood. play polo.

I cant wait to have fun at the BBQ.

yeah man! glad you're comin! so much fun playin with you!

give blood. play polo.

Hello gang, just thought I'd drop in and let you guys know a little about what to expect this weekend. First, we're really happy to have everyone over. Second, because we are expecting a larger than normal crowd, we're gonna structure the weekend a little, even though it is only gonna be just random pickup games. And perhaps maybe some grudge matches.

*Timed Games*

Games will be timed to 10-12 minutes. If there is a tie it goes to sudden death, with no re-joust. We will however, allow unlimited scoring in each game, so everybody gets the same amount of time on the court.

*Labeled Mallets*

We'll have white hockey tape on hand to put your name on your mallet, to expedite the starts of the matches. If you're not around when your name is called over the Megaphone, you will be subbed out automatically. We will announce on-deck games in advance.


Everyone is encouraged to bring a little something to this. Meat, Charcoal, Veggie Stuff, Dessert, whatever you got.
We're not officially doing food on Friday nite, but there are some great Pizzerias and Mexican Food joints close by.
Saturday and Sunday we'll grill all day. On Monday the rink will be in use by the Hockey League we share it with.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to hit up lil Sarah, her email is sarah dot danya at gmail dot com.


Jinna at Thomas Bikes San Diego(hurray!) will be joining us along with a bunch more SD players. She will be bringing extra tubes and patch kits, but i recommend everyone make sure to bring every bike accessory you got lying around. sharing is caring guys and what ever can make the game run a lot smoother, the better!
extra ski poles? some gas pipe? tape, tires, tubes, cables, anything. hell even if you got a loaner bike to bring along.
and if you got a first aid kit, bring that too.

this is gonna be a long weekend, so come prepared! see you on the courts!

give blood. play polo.

Can't wait for this weekend!!!!
PHX and SD cant wait to see you again!

I moved to the PHX beginning of July. I left without warning for my job. We had an emergency situation that was originally temporary but turned permanent due to a salary greater then any other I've had in my life............ so i couldn't say no..... Luckily there is polo out here......

See ya'll SUNDAY!

I work Sunday so hopefully I can make it Friday and Saturday...

To all....try to make it down to Downtown L.A. Thursday night. We play at Broadway and 12th but have had to move it lately to Washington and Main just a few blocks south cuz of lack of lights.

What time do you guys play? I'll check around online if I don't hear back from you. There will be two of us from SD coming up Thursday evening on the train so we'll definitely be there.

We say 7, so we're usually lucky to have a game going by 8. Have you got phone numbers? Krista, Matt, Brad, and Donnie are there most regularly nowadays.


Sounds about right :) And yes, we do have phone numbers!

eightonefour five74 one6five1 - Hillbilly. We'll be getting up to union station sometime this evening so we'll just head over when we get up there.

Hey, I'm still selling the MonoCog for $350 if anyone is interested this weekend. Ya'll know it's worth way more. It's all I need for the new build...........

Man, I really wish I had the money for that right now...I would buy that thing in a second. I realize that doesn't help you any but just thought I'd throw that out there anyway.

Does Cereal still need a bike Chris?...

Haha, not sure...I haven't talked to him since the SD polo weekend. He hasn't been around.

I don't know anyone here that both needs a bike and is willing to pay much for one.



GAME ON!!!!!!!

Dont get broken tonight, see ya Sat.

Not Yet....Not Yet.

Glad you are coming! Man where gonna have some fun this weekend!

man almost time for us to leave just waiting on a fraggle

Good GAMES tonite everybody!

hope i can play a few games this weekend, even if i am perma-goal.

give blood. play polo.

No perma goal, Jinxy! I wanna see you laser some goals;)

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

I posted a bunch of photos from Friday and Saturday. Tag below if you want. The second link has 31 photos at the end.



Here's 103 photos from the Claremont tournament earlier this year.


and 126 photos from the So Cal Winter Polo Picnic II


I'm not real familiar with this site so If there's a better place on the site to post these links, please post them there. thanks.

Awesome weekend everyone...I had a blast. Lots of good polo and great times catching up with everybody.

Oh, and thanks to Sarah for letting us crash on her floor and to Jinxy for helping to keep things organized and running smoothly all weekend!

had a great weekend! thanks again to AZ and SD for comin out! happy i was able to play a few games on sunday, and really happy i was able to see all of yous.
oh and my bruise, finally reached it's full potential and filled out. what you saw on sunday wasn't nuthin compared to what i have now. lol ah good times. you guys make all the bruises and cuts worth it.
till next time!

give blood. play polo.

My salvation was an open gate...Thanks everyone for a great weekend of pick-up polo. The Az kids had a blast. Till the polo trailer hits the road again...See ya next time.

Not Yet....Not Yet.