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5th Annual Ladies Army & Co-ed Tournament - Thread 2

First! Get ready for a weekend you'll never forget!!

pick up thursday? grandview park?

No doubt.

I get in at 10pm tomorrow night. Anyone available for to pick up a dirty San Franciscan? I can pay in beer and high fives


See who is playing who on Saturday: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnvzptikG0k0dEdhalJPQTc1SUI...

Check us out May 11-12 for all the amazing Ladies Army action: bikepolo.tv

Pretty sure this is our final sponsorship list! Thank you so much to everyone for their support. If you see a rep from one of these companies, or of you know them personally. Please be sure to thank them, their interest in this tournament has been overwhelming!

Chunk Clothing
Fleet Velo
Paul Component Engineering
Bike Doctor

Anchroage Bike Polo
DZR Shoes

Chain Link
Arena Bike Polo
Northern Standard
Seagull Bags
Dream Cycle
Thomas Bikes
PEDAL Power Society
Momentum Magazine
Jinxy Wheel Covers

Bike Grease
Walnut Studiolo
Seattle Bike Polo
Lancaster Polo
She Wee
New West Cycle
Diva Cup
My parents (yeup!)



Few of us from Seattle won't be getting up until after the posted date of the registration party. is there an after party? Report to our individual sleeping stations?

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Sorry we missed this Medic. Glad you got sorted out!

Pie it Forward takes the co-ed!

Great day yesterday everyone!

Watch Ladies Army 5 today and tomorrow at bikepolo.tv!


Live Video and Full Results!

they're streaming live and in great quality!!! www.bikepolo.tv

Bracket seeded and ready to go!

Anyone else having problems with podium on mobile devices?

We can't see the brackets and can only see the top 3 teams from the pm.


Must be that new Seattle IP address blocker that I added recently :)

Thanks to EVERYONE. Especially Jessi for the greatest display of class and grace I've ever seen at a polo tournament. Love.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

x3 on what Martin said!
Thanks EastVan for a great weekend!!
So great meeting amazing ladies from around the world, and seeing old friends. I didn't get to say bye to a lot of you, but hopefully I'll see you soon

never seen machine straight or sober be fore love shooting the shit with you on the streaming hope i didnt afend anyone LOVE YOU FUCKING ALLLLLLLLLLLL

two asshole's don't make it right"
BUTT three asshole's make a good team"

I think we have done all our gushing and thank yous on facebook, but I wanted to get the final standings in here to complete this thread:

Quinn, Shannon and Elena win Ladies Army 5! Full results ...

1st Valkyries (Quinn CIN, Elena GVA, Shannon VAN)
2nd Hot Honey Biscuts (Erica ATH, Jessi LEX, Tina MOLO)
3rd Great White North (jennifer OTT, maija, heffy TO)
4th Cobbler Politics (nik LDN, Tiffany LEX, Kiersten SEA)
5th $GIRLILLAZ WIT GRILLZ$ (Sarah LA, jacki, Sam SF)
5th Leslie Knope (Johanna FRA, Bernadette MKE, Mckenzie SE...A)
7th Sango (Atsuko, Maki, Nona@Osaka,JP TOKYO)
7th Nietzsche's Peaches (chandel. ATX, sara Philly, Jill SEA)
9th TEXA$$A$$A$$A$$A$$ (Elise, Jasmine, Maureen ATX)
9th Barbarellas (kayla, Mehgan, Jessica PDX)
9th Here for Beers (Dana NAN, Nikola, Eryn VAN)
9th Siouxsie and The Shorties (Suzy CHI, Shelley, Oleha VAN)
13th Ella Fist Gerald (Shelley CHS, cait MKE, Jackie VAN)
13th The OGs (meg MPLS, Cecily PDX, Lisa VAN)
13th Mo Polo, Mo Problems (Andrea SKN, Louise, Laura VAN)
13th Veloraptors (Ali CHO, Aleia OLY, Jamelyn SAC)
17th the keeners (jenny GR, Megan SEA, Maybe WPG)
17th Leftover Hot Cakes (Tara GR, Tasha MPLS, Kayleigh NYC)
17th Chiches Bravas (Kathy ATH, jillian CRZ, Michelle HOU)
17th Slaybia (valerie, jamie, yoli SF)
17th GIRLHOLE (virginia, Morag BNE, Kristine CBR)
17th Team Taken (Megan, Kayla CHI, Teresa PDX)
17th Left Hand of Darkness (kelly, Coco CHI, Britt MKE)
17th VOODOO SNAX (Melanie, Anna RDU, sara TO)
20th Grit City Grrrls (Theresa, Ann, Kelsey TIW)
20th Binders of Women (Tiffanie CHI, Anne COMO, cara MTL)
20th EstroFest (Georgia LA, Breanne S...)

I've said it before and I'll say it again. This tournament was borne from a need to encourage more women to play bike polo. The fact that I met so many new friends this weekend proves to me that Ladies Army is working. The calibre of play continues to blow my mind and my heart melts every time a newer player comes up to me and says "This is my first tournament".

Thank you to our amazing on-the-ground organzing team of EVBP members, thank you to those of you who drained bank accounts getting here, thank you to those who biked up from Bellingham and to those who hopped in cars. So great to see all of you.

I'll let us all breathe a bit and then I'll work with Kev to start a thread for bids for Ladies Army VI!! Holy shit!!