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knoxville hardcourts marble city open!

Saturday, May 11, 2013 - Sunday, May 12, 2013
Host club: 
Knoxville, TN
Contact info: 
facebook or sean @865-209-9796
Court size: 
street hjockey court

ladies and gentle frogs,boys and girls of all ages. we give you KNOXVILLES first bike polo tournament! north west middle school street hockey court may 11th @ 11am through the 12th till ?.most likley we would buiild teams with who shows up.if your set on playing with your own crew thats fine. all skill levels welcome.aprox.16 teams of 3 for a total of 48 pepole max.entry fee $5.00 and may go up 1-3.00 depending on costs,bands,etc..the after party will be held at GREENLEES BIKE SHOP at 1402 n.broadway st. 37917.registration begins now so message us with your submission!if you need a place to crash let us know in your submission so we can accommodate a couch,floor,or backyard. more details to come..stay tuned....prizes will be awarded of some sort.if it is sunny we shall BBQ/cookout so bring MEAT AND STUFF if you want!!!!base game play rules apply.Basic Gameplay Rules
1.Don’t be a jerk. Everybody came out to have fun.
2.If one’s foot touches the ground they must tap out on the sideline at center court before touching the ball again. There is generally a cone or a designated spot to hit.
3.Goals may only be scored by hitting the ball off of the ends of the mallet. Pushing the ball through with the side of the head is called a shuffle, and will not count for a goal even if the ball makes it through.
4.Only “like contact” is allowed. Body to body, bike to bike, and mallet to mallet.
5.After a team scores, they must retreat at least past the halfway mark. Allow the other team to bring the ball halfway up before defending/making contact.
6.A team may not pass the ball through the opponent’s goal from behind and immediately score by hitting it back through. Generally at least one pass must be made before the ball can be scored.
7.Never throw/release a mallet during play.

..we are open to all suggestions for making this awesome..


north west middle school street hockey court
5301 plesant ridge road
knoxville , TN
United States

Signed up

Wish we could come down to this it sounds like fun! We're going to be in NYC that weekend or else we would have :(

Pretty sure I'll be here... Shebiddle and the Seabiscuits.

agile for my size.

Whoa, weird court shape. That thing is almost as wide as it is long.

Knoxville is pretty far, huh...

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014

Looking for a team.


5 spots left on the facebook message reservation

'Bama coming.

How do I get a spot? give me a spot.

"registration begins now so to OFFICALLY REGISTER AND GUARANTEE A SPOT message/email us with your name and if you need a place to crash let us know in your submission so we can accommodate a couch,floor,or backyard as best as we can.email : knoxbikepolo@gmail.com"

Is this a team thing? If so, is anyone looking for a third?

Tom from Lafayette and me (Stas) are looking for a solid third to do well in this tourney. Lets team up dude.


Sounds like a plan!

we have 4 spots left...spread the word!