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Greif Masters 2013

Greif Masters 2013
Friday, July 26, 2013 - Sunday, July 28, 2013
Host club: 
Bikepolo Karlsruhe

Bikepolo Karlsruhe Invitational.

26. - 28. July
3 days, 2 courts, free camping, cheap drinks, BBQ, etc.

On Friday there will be Pickups on one Court and maybe a mixed Bench Minor on the other Court. The regular Tourney starts Saturday morning.

There will be free camping next to the court. Showers and toilets in the club-house. There will also be a big sleeping-room in the club-house. Regfee will be 15€ per player...

Analpabeta (Bozo, Danka, Matteo) Milano
BAM! (Punch, Stephano, Agatha) Vicenza/Warschau
Bambule (Danny, Nico, Daniel) Berlin
Bam Oida (Andreas, Phil, Matthias) München
Candy Colored Clowns (Hannes, Steffen, Benji) Karlsruhe/Geneva
Edisons (Eddy, Mo, Max) Frankfurt/London
Free Willy (Jono, Adam, Josh) London/Cambridge
Furious Friends (Olaf, Marcel, Bene) Ulm
Got Balls (Daniel, Hannes, Krzyszof) Heidelberg/Mannheim
I can dance your name (Steffi, Katrin, Gitti) Karlsruhe/München/Berlin
Instinct (Lukas, Christoph, Clemens) Gießen
Love Gang (Alex, Oli, Thomas) Karlsruhe
Milkshakers (Manu, Clément, Piks) Geneva
Octopussy (Ralph, Timmy, Josef) Nürnberg
Old Shatterhand tötet Bären (Daniel, Lukas, Tobi) Basel/Zürich
One Girl, Two Cups (Elodie, Bobby, Maxime) Strasbourg
Pgreco (Carlo, Ricki, Mizio) Milano
Power Rangers (Max, Philipp, tba) Karlsruhe/Hannover
Prugne (Ale, Erik, Corbe) Vicenza
Quacapache (Antoine, Lucas, Charles) Brüssel/Angers/Lyon
Space Invaders (Baschti, Marc, Matheuz) Berlin
Tigers (Cento, Tobia, Mattia) Vicenza
We are Fuckers (Morgan, Pompon, Sammy) Lyon/Grenoble/Geneva
tba (John, Nils, David) London/Bielefeld
tba (Anouk, Michael, Adam) Berlin
tba (Till, Urs, Nik) München/Karlsruhe/London


SSC Karlsruhe
Am Sportpark 5

Signed up

Riff and the Jets, not tba!!

signature yourself!


go tigers.

damn falcons.