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It is with great pleasure, and with sincere apology for this delayed posting, that I announce the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships in 2013 will be held by the Minneapolis, MN bike polo club!!!! Dates are AUGUST 16-18

The location is a fabulous professional sports facility, one of the worlds best speed skating locations, http://www.skatetheoval.com/
This is the same location as the Midwest Open last October 13-14.
They are fortunate enough to have the early committed support of Penn Cycle, a local company that is sponsoring much, if not all, of the boards for the additional courts. The Oval has been secured and these dates will not change.
There are 3 courts to play on and a possibly smaller warm up/pick up court as well. There is plenty of space to pass the ball around, or play knife fights, or whatever your hearts desire. This is great for the 48 teams and means fluid days with early endings /pick up after, and rest for those that really want it/need it in competing further.

The facility is capable of providing lighting, electrical hook ups, wifi, large restroom and resting areas, indoors, and great court surface! A world class facility. They also have a regular live feed [you can watch the track all the time haha, check their website] and there are big plans in the works, I'm sure, from the bikepolo.tv crew, as it is in their backyards!! They can talk more about that on their own.

The support behind this group is spread throughout their entire club, the midwest region, and the NAH tournament committee. I am so much more than confident in this group and am looking forward to seeing more of the details and ideas they have going as I'm sure we all do. The club, having just thrown a very success Midwest Open have more experience and have a great advantage in planning this right now.

Keep your eyes peeled for their own announcements in the very near future!

Also, the NA's promo video is up! Included below just to get you extra amped for this year!


shotgun your bike!

Hey, congratulations to the teams that have qualified so far! We are waiting for everyone to finish up their regional qualifiers before we post the top serious, most important tournament thread with housing information and other such main attractions. COMING SOON.

qualified and a free agent here.

Yes, consider your beers bought and your goals scored.

Southeast only gets 5 spots this year and my team got 6th place :(
if anybody is looking to add a lefty to their team, i'm your man! :)

This dude is so polo that he might even sponsor you a wee bit if you pick him up.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Relieved to have qualified. In the process of planning a week long road-to-nats polocation. What's the word on housing?

Qualified. Might be looking for another qualified third

Is anybody looking for a third? I am not qualified, but I would like to play!

Now that Northsides is done and in the history books, we should have a good sample of people who will be attending NAHBPC2013!!

For those who will want to stay in a hotel, are you willing to pay more to be near everything (Reg party, parties, majority of player housing, kick ass south Minneapolis)? We are talking about $149 a night with the group rate, and I'm not sure how many people are willing to pony up that much per night. Give me your feed back.

Details to come for those looking to bunk up with Minneapolis residents. Additional cheap hotel blocks in Roseville details to come as well.

I can vouch for his ability to bike ~50 miles on a polo bike... and his beer sharing abilities!

shotgun your bike!

I will also be soliciting my services as a fill in third. I'm not good at selling myself so ill let others do the talking.

We'll have a thread up soon, including housing information

Thanks for your patience ;)

I'll vouch for this guy, even though his wife won't let you sleep at his house.

Put me in coach. Looking to play also. If your teammate is being a lame ass because he/she forgot that you have NA's to attend. Let me take their spot.

any housing available?

Looking jump on a team that is in need of a sub!!

Dang, I'm going to come stay with YOU.

Super 8 Roseville looks cheap, and close, I'll book that.

Sweet pool, for a pool party!

We'll look into hotel blocks for you.


Gonna have to start calling you 'Triple Crown'

Get rad

Just booked my ticket, I'm getting in late on Thursday, leaving Monday afternoon.

Even if I don't get to play I'm really stoked to be attending all the big 3 tournaments of the year, I couldn't miss this one.

But if someone does need a last minute player, let me know. I'm guaranteed to be there.

What's the hotel situation. Is there anything close to the court, that's fairly cheap?

stoked!!!!!!!!! nice work guys in advance.

Matt Messenger
since 1998

you have no idea how happy this makes me!!!! fuck yeah minneapolis!

ah crap yer not telling me to watch my accent and my language now for fecks sake. Can we just put a PG-13 warning on it then everyone can watch it.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

poop. Columbus is so far and mpls is so (relatively) close.
Pickup polo it is.

I'll make sure I only swear in British ;)

Machine accent isn't british. It's Scottish. He might as well be welsh, with that voice.

with the exception of all the f-bombs being dropped the last time. i couldn't let my kid watch. it takes more than an accent.

This is america, meaning that anyone with a british accent can sound like the most sophisticated and authoritative commentator. You are hired.

Thanx MPLS . Cant wait to see what you have in store for us yeeeeeeeeeeha

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Zero chance of a wildcard tourney. Going to have to earn your way through the qualifiers this year.

Any chance of a wildcard tourney?

yeah dawg, let me know who to talk to about whurr to stay, and where I can mail us all a few "presents"

If you aren't sinning, Jesus died for nothing.

I like how all the rain complaints are coming from Cascadians. Haha! I'm sooooo stoked for this!! Hell yeah, MPLS!

Midwest is best!!

Let me get on that housing list. http://www.weather.com/weather/wxclimatology/monthly/graph/USMN0503 It is what it is.

Super stoked to visit MPLS again!

We've been working since November on this event. Expect good things

More than anything else we are super excited to have you be guests in our city.

I'm seriously considering coming, if I can get an affordable flight.

Obviously I'll be hoping for sub possibilities, but otherwise I'll be more than happy to help out with Podium/streaming/commentating/whipping whatever.

Funny; if you asked me (a lifelong Minnesotan) about rainfall, I would've put August at the bottom of the list.
Also, I've never known a skeeter to live in the city. But that could have something to do with all that rainfall we're not (but evidently, supposed to be) getting.

Everyone just needs to bring a cinder block and length of rope to tie it to your ankle. Cause August is tornado season and those bastards are merciless. Seriously, there as common as hotdish here.

Also, Loon attacks are on the rise. So be wary, and don't leave home without safety goggles. They will be provided at the court, but the onus is on you to make it there in one (poop-free) piece.

Aw Minnesota, this is how we keep the riff-raff out. And George is tall; as long as he's around, I think the rest of us will be safe from those turdy Loons.

Can't argue with that. Except we are in a drought. Real bad.


That will never work.

Tall George wrote:

August has the highest precipitation average for the twin cities.

very unscientifically, having lived in minnesota my whole life (-2 yrs), august has seemed like the driest of months. I'll go look this up now...

August has the highest precipitation average for the twin cities. We will probably get to see the giant squeegee in action. Oh and pack your bug spray.

That will never work.

the Oval is an epic venue for polo! perfectly smooth surface, an indoor changing/warming area, high speed internet, jumbo-tron screen and of course- the world's first polo zamboni!

sorry the above was posted by me, not Nick, but Kevin wanted it on the calendar so it reads a bit differently then he'd put it i'm sure.
he'll edit and you'll get more info soon!


Someone derail this NOW!

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...