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WHBPC 2014 bids

Hi Everybody,
We know that the WHBPC 2013 haven't started but I think that's important to talk about it early.

Next year's world championships will take place on the European continent and Montpellier would like to embark on this adventure. We organised the French bike polo championships and we would like to continue on our path to organise WHBPC 2014. Montpellier is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea with its pleasant summer climate. Here are some videos and pictures of the French bike polo championships that were held in our beautiful city in August 2013. The championships would be held in a large park in the heart of Montpellier. This place would give bike polo maximum visibility as it is a popular park frequented by families and athletes.
For the FHBPC we had 4 courts wich were about 37x17m. But the spot wasn't the same and for the WHBPC 2014 we'll be able to offer 4 courts of 40x20m in it park.

Here are links for videos of the FHBPC 2013:
And the Final:

Some photos of the last FHBPC,
And a photo wich presents the spot for 2014.

  • fhbpc.jpg
  • fhbis.jpg
  • fhter.jpg
  • parc-montcalm-montpellier.jpg

Those courts looked small, I'm glad you're going to make them bigger.


Looks lovely.

I wouldn't be surprised if other continents put a bid in for WHBPC 2014 too though.

The courts need to be more than three metres longer and wider than this IMO. But Montpellier would be a great place to be for Worlds.


More than 20x40 meters ( that's what they propose)? This is the perfect size in my opinion.

You'll want to put a bid in at the worlds this year, or get someone to do it for you, I think they want to try and decide it there, if possible.

And as Jono says, it's not a given that it's going to Europe, there's Asia, Australia, South America in the running too (whether they will actually bid, I don't know).

But saying all that, I would love to see it in Montpellier (and would come over for it).


Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

SYDNEY!!! Or somewhere in Asia for 2015. Chris and I want to take a honeymoon in Asia and it would be awesome if we could go right after Worlds.

Midwest is best!!

Yes Montpellier !!!!

thumbs up for Montpellier!!!

Montpellier is such a cool city, and they did an absolutely professional job this year for the FHBPC. It's a perfect place for the WHBPC. The weather is top, the Mediterranean Sea is perfect for some beach chilling and swimming. Also, there are so many good polo communities close for some pre-worlds/post-worlds tourneys...

Big thumbs up!

what are your proposed dates?

i think we all agree those courts are too small, period...we have got to stop settling for tennis court dimensions.

I don't doubt your city is cool or that there is plenty of swimming and chilling to be had but POLO should be the focus of the world championships. top priority, period are COURTS!

leave "fun" tourneys and polo vacays for the rest of the year.

oh...and yes I've played on both tennis and hockey courts.

Their proposal is 20x40 wich is perfect.

Anyway what Jon and John said is true, there is no reason/rule who say its gonna be in Europe this year. But we should think about a short deadline to accept bids and another to vote before spending too much time. What about choosing location before 2014? Is that too short ?

YES!!! COURTS!! there was a time when parking lots and tennis courts were our only option, its gonna take some time until we play on only polo spesific courts. hell ive even played on realy hard dirt.

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

As I wrote, we'll propose a different spot from the FHBPC, and on it spot, we'll be able to have 4 courts longer and wider (about 40*20, and maybe more)!
And even if you see tennis courts on the picture, you can see other spots. have a look on the second picture I had on it post (in the bigger place, we put 2 or 3 courts and the other on another red square.

About the dates, the best for us is the last Week End of August.

  • whmontpcalm.png

Cool. Come on Australia/ or NZ bid!

My cup runeth over with blood and not wine


Melburn 2015 - same time as the CMWCs.

Vegas 2015, no joke.




Curious about this as well. Anyone who's played on a smooth roller hockey court knows it's value. This appears to be a more standard asphalt. What kind of surface are we looking at here?

Would also like to see other tournaments happen prior to / after the Worlds event and included on bids. Bonus points if they are in other nearby cities/countries and not all in one place (love to travel around with just a bike and a bag).

Let's settle for a dead-line for bids so we can quickly choose who will be the host and start planning our journey !
Montpellier is ready ! let's not waist time and choose quickly. Whoever wants to put a bid, do it now !

End of bids 31st of November ? (too soon ? 15th of December ?)

As for tourneys close to the Worlds, I'm sure there will be plenty of options, Barcelona is very close and can host great tourneys, some cities in france, Toulouse, Rouen etc and I'm pretty sure the London open and Greifcamp in Karlsruhe will be happening this year again.

ASAP ...best for organizers best for low cost travelling...and the same please with the EHBPC

ASAP ...best for organizers best for low cost travelling...and the same please with the EHBPC

The size of courts looks perfect. In South America use court like this.

Just in a quick round up, of other locations.

Aus/NZ aren't interested for 2014. I think you will see an NZ 2015 bid.

Considering South America didn't come this year (I know you had valid reasons), it's probably right to wait until they do come, before hosting it themselves. That's not meant in a negative way, just that they should see 1 or 2 worlds, to get an idea of what is expected.

I'm assuming NA won't bid for 2014, based on tradition.

So that leaves Asia. I have no idea if they have any plans.

If we assume not, that leaves Europe. I know there are some other potential spots in Europe, Basel, Turin, etc,,, but I think if Montpellier has a strong bid, they are more likely to concentate on the Euros.

I was going to bid for London, but for obvious reasons that's not happening any more, I don't believe anyone else in London has taken that up (I might be wrong). Instead I'll be concentrating on a bid for Toronto 2015/16, built on our experience of Ladies Army VI.

All the above is just my opinion, based on conversations I've had.

Marlton, NJ HCBP should prepare a bid

  • Screen shot 2013-10-25 at 4.47.10 PM.png
Rob Biddle wrote:

Marlton, NJ HCBP should prepare a bid

there's also a number of other triple courts in new jersey, including in bellmawr, close to philly.

there's also a triple in parker, just outside denver

I was born in Marlton. Home court advantage.

1 of 2 requirements in my opinion.

Either 3 Roller Hockey Rinks or...
Full size courts with great surface in high exposure urban center

We've done the best courts possible scenario. It was amazing but it definitely lacked a bit of atmosphere since we were in the swamps of suburbia.

The only sacrifice for roller hockey rinks (which im guessing are all going to be away from city centers) would be something with high exposure and traffic. If we ever want to grow this thing we need to get general public interest. Jogging mothers in florida aren't going to grow the sport. Also, there are a bunch of underused arena or coliseums in the USA. Going to be on the expensive side but something worth checking out.

When do we get to have worlds in SF with the finals at the new dolores court?

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Or on the jail yard at Alcatraz.

My cup runeth over with blood and not wine

Spot on bud, I didn't go out of my way to take work and class off to hang out with gators and soccer moms. While the courts looked great the proximity to a spectator base seemed like it was non-existent, seems also the food was hard to find. Either option that you have introduced (near an urban center) almost automatically implies large rental and/or construction fees, and insurance fees on top of the what organizers have to deal with logistically with already with such a high profile tournament.

I guess long term we should have a discussion as a community about how to make events like what you are describing a financially possibility. I'm all for buying a player license from NAH annually to help finance events, honestly i think we are a few years away from that. Not a harsh on NAH, but lets be realistic about what a volunteer based organization can accomplish. I guess this isn't the thread to elaborate on such subjects but I agree with the notion that food and culture shouldn't have to be a half hour car ride away from the courts.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

I don't think there's one right way to throw an event like WHBPC. Having almost 100 teams at 2010 and 2013 WHBPC was really great, probably good for the sport in some ways, it means that many more players got to see the best play the best, and there were lots of passionate fans to watch it be played out.


I think it'd be interesting to see a focus on quality rather than quantity for some of these flagship events. Do we really need a 48-team double elim on day 3 of a tournament? Just like NAHBPC 2013, the top 24 barely shifted between day 2 and day 3... only four teams moved up from below the 24th spot at WHBPC, and that would have been less had the # of teams in the "A" group on Day 2 not been 24. At NAHBPC the cut off between day 1 and 2 was a bit harsher (top 18 played in the A group on Day 2) and only one team moved up from below the 24th spot.

In other words, we don't need a gigantic tournament, or a gigantic double elim, to determine a world champion, let alone an accurate top 10. i'd suggest if an awesome venue is available with only one court for day 3, just playing off the top 16 or 20 would be better for the sport than trying to include as many teams as possible. And i'm saying that as a player who was on team ranked 22nd going into Day 3 this year. The best players could watch all of each others' games, spectators wouldn't be split between courts like they were in winners and losers bracket semi-finals in Florida. And the possibilities for venues opens up to include pretty much anything.

Yeah, it's a tough one.

When you have teams who have literally travelled around the world to get there, you want to be able to give them enough games.

And all the NA qualified teams, and some of the wildcard ones did well enough to justify their spot, so it would be hard to reduce those spots. Some of the Euro teams were just making up the numbers (I include my own team in that), and the tournament wouldn't have been worse off without them, and I'm sure it's the same the other way round, when we are in Europe.

So maybe the answer is smaller main tournament, with a bigger wildcard (or qualifying round if you want).

That way we can have the inclusiveness, but also limit the main event to the top teams.

Say a 2 day qualifiying round, top 16 go through. They join the best 16 teams for a 32 team swiss, followed by a 24 team double elim.

John H wrote:

When you have teams who have literally travelled around the world to get there, you want to be able to give them enough games.

They've already played 10, or more if they were in a wildcard... seems like plenty. if they've travelled that far, they're likely to be around for some pickup in the days before/after. IMO international pickup is way more meaningful than international games than have no real bearing on the standings.

My post was way too long. Want i wanted to say is that i

1) the venue with the most courts isn't necessarily the best.
2) managing so many games is too taxing on the existing volunteer base/volunteer coordination system.

Quality, not quantity...

I completely agree with you Kev, 10 games is more than enough, the elim isn't needed for those teams.

48 team double elimination for Worlds should never have happened. Lets not do that again.

Agreed. That one was my fault.

I'd seen two major tournaments do 32 team elim this year (NAs and Euros), the Euros with plenty of spare time on 3 courts. So I pushed the schedule for 48 with 4 court. But with the higher standard of teams, meaning less 5 goal wins, lots of mechanicals, and then the rain break, we went on far longer than I'd estimated.

Lesson learnt on that one, no more than 32 for sure, regardless of number of courts.

Hahaha, yeah, and finding reliable goal judges for TWO courts is hard enough, let alone four. Plus, it would help the livestream a lot (IF that's something you like to have as part of tournaments) if the courts and teams were less numerous. I feel like we just didn't have the opportunity to film/record a lot of the best games because they were on so many courts.

Yeah, from a streaming point of view, the more games we can do on one court the better, for sure.

I agree that 48 was too much. But man, our first game on Sunday went to overtime against THE TALLAHASSEE SLEEPERS known as Ginyu Force and shit happened like the Makers losing against Nino Dios 4-3. Los Cuatreros lost to Tokyo Wallet.

The first round always proves exciting! I think that there are 48 teams in the world that ARE the "cream of the crop". I do think we should cut it down in the future for the sake of time and for the sake of late-tournament energy but I don't think we should make the argument that we should do it "because the teams being cut out would have definitely lost anyway". So many teams ripped!

Good points. And the 32nd seed Wizard Tactix knocking the Beavers to the loser's bracket in the first round at whbpc 2011 was pretty amazing.

These were dramatic stories, but none of those teams you mentioned made it to the top 24 ... and wizards lost their next two games in 2011. So i just don't know if it's worth all the stress to the organizers, and losing out on some prime locations, and the ability to watch more of the top games, to accommodate a couple of good stories.

anyway i'm not suggesting being more exclusive for Day 3 of a big tournament for the sake of it. But if there's a killer location that only has one court, i think being slightly less inclusive on day 3 is worth it.

Yeah I don't think it is either but it's fun to watch and be a part of. Sure as shit! Just wanted to say so.

Hear, hear, for fewer teams. This is supposed to be the cream of the crop, teams will have made it to two qualifying tourneys at least, I think the Wildcard is unnecessary and puts undue stress on the hosts.

Also, would love to figure out the space before the end of the year.

For now it looks like Montepellier are the onlys to put a bid on, any rumor about other spot?

is there an european championship thread? Would be cool not to let that uncertain for too long.

Tomas wrote:

is there an european championship thread? Would be cool not to let that uncertain for too long.

not yet but i' ve heard rumors..

France it is! Can't be dragging this out for too much longer....from what I've heard they have a good facility.

Our sport is not yet big enough to be exclusive.
The fact that we had a decent size wildcard and the Ladies Bench meant that there were at least double the amount of spectators/helpers/awesome peeps to hang out with than would have normally have attended The Worlds .Hopefully we have as good a turn out next year ,too
With the way the media is amping us up around the planet this could be our year to get a record number of newbies and for our sport to go BOOOM.
Don't hold your breath though but lets nail down the venue and get YOUR club to train a quarter of its members to be refs, 1/2 to be goal judges , everyone to be score/time keepers and make the next Worlds be as professional as any other sport.
Together WE can do this Its a new season/year lets stop procrastinating and add Just Did It to our vocabulary.

PS I have taken the advice of my peers and shall be focusing on the game more and not on the flora and fauna surrounding the courts

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

One simple fact. It was immensely easier to get into worlds than it was to get in NAHBPC.

Whatever solution we come up with we should work to rectifying this problem.

There's a lot of varibles in play though, right?

I mean, we had a large wild card because many Euro teams didn't come. I suspect this is due in some part to travel cost. Let's assume in 2015, we have an Asian or Austrailian host. Even with 36 teams, you'll probably have a lot of open spots because travel costs will eliminate some of top 36 world teams.

This is an impotant talk,and I'm glad people are looking ahead, but let's be honest, it's really hard to anticipate and plan when you've got regional and continental tournaments as gatekeeper events. Travelling to a world tournament is more affordable the earlier you book you travel, but that's not really a sound idea unless you *know* you'll qualify.

Part of me wonders if the WHBPC should be every 2 years, and qualification moves to a points/merit system over an 18 month window (fo example). On the off year, we could still be organizing huge international polo gathering (perhaps Bench Minor becomes bigger event).

I don't know. Just thinking on the keyboard...

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

We have been kicking this idea around, the World Champs every two years, personally I think it is a great idea, knowing how much work it is to host. Maybe it ends up happening every year again at some point, but right now, it would allow a nice big buffer for travel plans, hosting plans and preparations and it would definitely allow for awesome international festival/party/tourneys in between super serious competition.

x2 for WHBPC every two years.

So judging on the interest of the next two years, we might not see another North American (or American continent based) Worlds for two more years? That's exciting! and shows how much traction this event is gaining.

But, as said above, if a club can bid and provide more exposure + create more fans/rookies/growth in Bike Polo, it would be way more worth it than settling for great courts + isolation. We need to look at how a major event like this can consistently create growth/momentum into each following year.

Would like to see another bid from anywhere just so we can make a comparison!!

We can grow the sport and have a huge festival style tournament in addition to or on a rotating schedule with the World champs. We have to balance the love of big polocation events and the serious competitve nature of the WC.

As spectator at the last French Champs in Montpellier I can tell you that the organisation and execution were fantastic. Lots of support from volunteers and even some dedicated non playing refs. Court boards were nice and thick and well constructed (even the courts were a bit small). Food and drink were always in good supply and events were hosted in the evenings. In addition all that they had the support of the town hall. So in terms of experience/organisation I would support their bid.

We just need to see the quality of the surface.

no more "short court" polo! can you name any other sport where 3/4 and even full court shots are a legitimate defensive concern? "short court" polo makes it so that almost any clown with a heavy mallet can score from anywhere at anytime off of a lucky bounce. every other team sport involves you working the ball up the court with help from your teammates! playing "short court" is like playing basketball on halfheight rims or soccer on a peewee field...we've developed into shooters beyond our "short court" predecessors (technique, equipment, etc...has evolved). we don't need to hold onto the past when we've quite literally outgrown it. we're not using those same bamboo and abs mallets anymore so why are we using the same size courts?

knee jerk reaction aside can you think of any reason for polo to continue to use tiny courts (besides ease of co-opting tennis courts)?


100% Agree.

Romain said "... we'll propose a different spot from the FHBPC, and on it spot, we'll be able to have 4 courts longer and wider (about 40*20, and maybe more)!"

I'm all for 20x40, not more, bigger is too big in my opinion, 20x40 is the perfect dimension.

I really liked the size of the courts in Weston, which i believe were 42 or 43m. Can anyone confirm? And while they're at it, the width? which i believe were about 21m.

Although I think an extra metre behind each net would have been perfect, so i think 45m is ideal.

They were 72 feet by 144 feet / 22m x 44m.

Just as a reference, what is the size of the cosmo court in COMO ?



= 56m X 26m

20x40 is too small... that's barely bigger than a tennis court (around 10 feet). Let's give playmakers some room to spread the field AND give defenders room and time to pressure up court without risking wack ass easy to make wide open shots from anywhere on some bobo ass tiny ass courts. it'll be a faster and more flowing game with more team play and less resorting to last ditch efforts to protect the goal.

Worlds with 2 meters more than 20x40 were great. But bigger courts don't provide automatically what you describe, Calgary nah 2011 was on 30x60m proud a worst game to watch and play. It was a pile of 6 players lost in a big field.
I can say back to you that as huge court would make going through defense more easily beacause of the space you gain, players gonna continue to stack around nets to protect him as close as possible and get break away goals.

I don't see the actual long shot potential on average courts size as an issue, and you're one of the first I heard about it. Does other thinks that's part of the problem?
And what would be your ideal court size?

40x20 is very good to me and it's way bigger than a tennis court. I don't think 2 or 3 more meters in the lenght won't change anything, polo is mostly played halfcourt as it is in basketball. 22m wide is great but 20 is wide enough.


I agree but where possible (like if you're building courts from scratch, and there's room) might as well go for the ideal.

You know as me Kev, that organisers always try to offers the biggest court as possible. So guys from Montpelier offer at least 4 "40x20" courts which is to mee good enought for worlds. 2 of the courts might be a bit bigger.


...You say that 22m wide is great but 20 is enough.................i thought an egg was un oeuf.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

perfect size is closer to 22x50.

count how many over half court shots on target there were at worlds that were only blocked by a goalie. people were cheering koyo on as he shot from his own goal line into the goalies wheels...in the finals there was a 3/4 court goal on a court which you think is already too large by a player that has neither a truly big or accurate shot...can you name another sport where that routinely happens? basketball, hockey, soccer, football, etc...they don't sweat over half court because it isn't a high percentage shot like it is in polo. either the court's gotta get bigger or the goal's gotta get smaller. court bigger, check...goal smaller, nope not without a crease otherwise double stacking just becomes even more effective.

one player beating the defense singlehandedly through bike control or speed isn't a court problem...that's a defense problem. bigger court just means less omf a chance of the ball bouncing to where it equals a gimme goal and greater chance to cover the breakaway player before they are in scoring range.

30x60 is for 4v4 with a permagoalie.

It's a lot easier to make a long shot on a large court when the players are more spread out . There is an optimal size for 3v3 to keep the game moving fast ,the players concentrated enough to allow skillful dribbling and the game itself interesting enough to let teams show their skiills that dont require a permanent goalie. Florida's courts seemed the perfect size to allow all of this and more.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

florida courts plus at least 10 feet if not more behind the goals to avoid braking injuries and dabbed tangle ups behind the net.



So this would be late August?


Will scout this weekend for you all. Report coming early next week. I'm cool with a six hour drive to worlds.

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

Worlds would be tough for Lexington I feel but its never easy for anyone.

Lexington has three possible while Weston had four. With the possible move down from 48 this would help Lexington.

Court size is smaller than hockey rinks (exact size I dont have) some will want larger, some will like it as it. Boards at Lexington are better for bouncing off. That also means those sticky walls at worlds are not going to happen.

At Weston we had all the vendors and tents lined up right at the courts in between it all. The courts at Lexington are in one small compact size so the vendors and tents would be set up in the grass.

Some place to park/lock bikes would need to be made. Weston was locked up at night and there were hangers. Some dude was snooping out cars late Saturday at Lexington.

Weston had a big ass parking lot, Lexington not so much.

Food is more available in Lexington with a brewery and three restaurants within 5 minute walk.
The bbq would run out of brisket fast though! Fish for everyone! Ellos delivers to the courts!

After party will be awesome at Lexington as well.

::edit:: Airport from courts on Lexington is about 20 min. Same as Weston.

I think if the locals are up to it it will be awesome! If they want to host another large tournament before like a qualifier or NA its a great spot for it.

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

Quick rundown for each bid would be good.

Transportation in city

At the very least, Lexington has proven that fresh, smooth asphalt court is major tournament worthy. Seems that, as long as the surface has been properly paved close enough to tournament time, it will meet our needs.

Any update on the Montpellier surface?

by Sunday we should be able to send you videos where we play that you can realize the surface of the different spots we have available in the city, and one where had the FHBPC place to compare (with the difference of season, even winter balls are hard).

Can we go back to Philly? A time when our only complaint was about some douche named Montana who stole our money and we still didn't even really care that much. A time when this douche named Alexis said profane things to little children and we were all concerned about his safety. When this other douche named Dillman hadn't yet learned that celebrating after every goal was really arrogant - a simpler time to be sure (or maybe he wasn't there. i don't know. how old is the boy-man?). When court dimensions didn't matter as long as they were made of the sturdiest of materials (if they are good enough for the cows...). When this douche named Blokker was the epitome of AWESOME polo. When Menace fed us like bears at the zoo (or, at least said he did). When DD didn't even know what a camera was. When we were all still alive!!! Take me back to that warehouse in the shittiest part of one of the shittiest American towns. Please take me home.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

go fuck yourself martin

Ha. Good one.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

Has a due date for bids been finalised? If there is still time you might see a cheeky bid from down under.

Sam Callander
Timaru, New Zealand

There is no bid process, right now Montpellier is unopposed. So I'd say go for it. Who decides is a completely different matter, but I guess we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

Timaru, NZ, are putting a bid together.

They hosted our nationals and many of you may have seen footage and photos from it. The courts were stellar, the organisation spot on. It is a small town and everyone got behind it, shops had polo displays in the windows and some offered polo discounts. It had communal accom if it was needed, and heaps of motels and hotels as it's a sports and conference town.

The courts were ace, with cement lower supports and ply upper, curved corners and from memory about 42x20. The main court is now their home court. It's a great piece of infrastructure.

The only major problems are transport to NZ and then transport to Timaru from Christchurch. It's about a two hour drive, we all hired vans. But once in Timaru it's all bikes baby!

I think we do a poll, maybe one of the websites host a poll? Anyone got the skills to do that? Also set a final date for bids to close.


In the scheme of things New Zealand is pretty cheap to fly to from the West Coast... air New Zealand and Fiji Airways are the cheapest I you fly through Los Angeles.

Vote changed to Timaru if the bid comes in soon enough.

My cup runeth over with blood and not wine

Yep, the town is great and the court surface is perfect. New Zealand is amazing, and the most beautiful landscape you'll come across (except maybe Iceland). Hands down friendliest poloistas you'll ever meet.

Sam and the players from Timaru are doing it the right way and getting feedback and input from the whole AHBPA region for the bid. Looking forward to seeing it. Knowing how well and quick they work, it'll be up in the next few days I'm sure.

P.s. airlines here don't charge for bike bags so traveling around NZ/Aus is cheap.

With the seasonal difference in the southern hemisphere, how would this effect scheduling? This is an important question for any major international event in the south.

If a bid were to come from Australia, New Zealand, or any country in South America, would we wait for December?

On the plus side, this would allow for more time between NAs/Euros and Worlds, but would that time mean more qualified teams could come?

I think Aus/NZ/SA will have their day as host, and I'll want to be there. I'm skeptical that a southern hemisphere host will be selected for 2014. But hell, prove me wrong, put together a sweet bid.

Again, I think Worlds should be a 18 month tour with the championship being only every other year.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

heresollie wrote:

It's about a two hour drive

I think you had a typo there... you meant: "The most beautiful two hour drive you'll ever get to take, featuring rolling landscapes as seen in Lord of the Rings(tm) and an unusual amount of adorable sheep."

how about a global vote to move to a biennial worlds and have no worlds in 2014?

I think that is too short of a time frame. I'd say that 2014 Worlds be the last annual, and the following be in 2016. There's not enough time to figure out a qualification circuit by 2015 that would be well thought out.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Off topic.. Is there any move to create a "UN of bike polo"? To establish an international rules set, set timings and locations for WHBPC etc? Just wondering.

Well, here is the NZ/Aus bid: www.timarupolochamps.com

If the world polo community wants to come to this NZ/Aus for World Champs then we'll make sure we put on a great event. I'm sure there'll be a few questions and hopefully there'll be some NZ/Aus players around who can help can answer them.

Thanks heaps for considering our bid.

Sam Callander
Timaru, New Zealand

I was perusing the campground site on this page... It looks amazing just like everything else.

Then, I noticed an interesting icon and referenced the key for an explanation. Can we just talk about this for a minute?!

  • jumpingpillow.jpg

the jumping pillow will blow your mind


Sam Callander
Timaru, New Zealand

so, maybe a dumb question but: clothing optional after dark?

I'm not sure, we seldom wear clothing during the day so don't really think about whether it is ok to take it off at night

That's so tight!


Nice one Sam! I'd definitely come back, probably with two bikes for some serious cycle touring thrown in for good measure... NZ is beautiful.

NZ 2014!!!!!!


Am I the only one to see "Three courts, 36m x 18m" !?

Shhhh some of us are trying to enjoy the double standards on display here!

they are persuing other options but as NZ and AUS don't have hockey rinks all our tournaments are this size. The actual surface is equal to the best I've ever played on (and that includes polo trips with 2 world champs).

Yeah, this bit has lost my vote.

It's a shame, but that will be a big factor.

I see many reason why AUS/NZ is not a good option for 2014.

- Europe is now the most competitive scene to me. 7 team on the top 12 of the worlds this year, considering that WHBPC were in NA so some EUR Top team were missing and some teams were mixed for WHBPC. So more than ever Europe deserve to host worlds.

- Going to AUS/NZ is really expensive, for many of us it's already to late to plan such a long and expensive trip.

- Having wordls in AUS/NZ next year will include, that many of the top teams from EUR and from NA, will miss it, so it won't be the most competitive tournament of the season, so it can't be the WHBPC.


So considering this, I think we should anticipate more the rotation of the WHBPC. When a region is choosed only cities from this region are able to apply to host the WHBPC, wich make the bid fairest for cities biding. May be we should already decided that WHBPC will be in AUS/NZ in 2015, the NA in 2016 and EUR in 2017 ...


To conclude on Timaru's bid, I'm surprised to see courts 36x16m when it's been weeks we talking about courts size and every body should agree that 40x20 or bigger is a mandatory.


So basically AUS/NZ never?

Your second idea about regions each year is super though!

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

That's right. That's why Japanese don't participate in this discussion.
WHBPC doesn't come to AUS/NZ/ASIA never we think.

So far, so expensive, less competitive, blah, blah, blah.

This is a reality.

Riki@Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo
tokyobikepolo.blogspot.com / www.flickr.com/rikitko / twitter: RikiTokyo

Fuck that! I want to go to Japan.

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

For a random wednesday-to-wednesday in March (booking 4 months ahead):

NYC to Christchurch: $1,538.
NYC to Montpellier: $693
Extra cost per team: $2,535

LA to Christchurch: $1,305
LA to Montpellier: $825
Extra cost per team: $1,440

London to Christchurch: $1,601
London to Montpellier: $111
Extra cost per team: $4,470

Sydney to Christchurch: $306
Sydney to Montpellier: $1,527
Extra cost per team: Save $3,663

I won't be playing in Worlds but I can objectively point out that an extra $3,000-4,000 per team is going to mean a lot of teams can't make it. The true top teams will find a way to be there (even if they have to hold fundraisers), but if the extra cost means guys like The Control or True Danger or The Makers or Journeymen can't make it then we aren't playing the most competitive field with the best teams in the world.

That shouldn't be the only consideration, but it should be part of the equation.

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014


These costs would be far more managable if only every other year, but that sort of money is no joke for a single year.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Our region has been sending teams to the world champs since Berlin. This cost had always been a factor for us and we still do it without favor or complaint.

By all means, factor it into your choice, but the other side of the coin means better global growth and sharing of knowledge for the sport as well as more legitimacy to actually call it a World Champs.

Your point is well received. It's not fair to ask the Aus/Asia (and to some extent SA) to pay more than their share when it comes to airfare. It's a tough and sometimes distasteful balance that has to be struck between pragmatism regarding fielding the most competitive teams possible, and fairness with a side of global outreach.

As far as the legitimacy argument, I come down pretty firmly on the other side. I think the competitiveness of the field is more important than its diversity. I look at it like the MLB calling their championship the "World Series". In a sense it's a misnomer because only two countries are represented, but I think the more important goal of a "World Championship" is determining, through competition, the best team in the world. If there are regions who don't get represented in that, but would not have factored into the "Best Team in the World" quest anyway, then there is no legitimacy lost.

The Red Sox were the best team in the world last year. Even if they never played any teams from Finland or Chile.

It should be noted that this is conjecture on my part, regarding NZ meaning a less competitive bracket. Maybe the extra money wouldn't be a problem, and everyone would be able to make the tournament who wants to.

For my money, I'd rather play in Timaru. But I'm not playing, so I have to step back and decide what I think the priorities for WHBPC should be. I think it's ensuring the best teams compete.

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014

Yikes x2

My cup runeth over with blood and not wine

People bitching about the additional travel costs for a Australasian (or similar) Worlds and the potential for less Euro/NA teams to be able to make it can do one... The Australasian teams have been forking out for the last few years without complaint.

The likelihood of an Australasian Worlds ever happening seems frustratingly low (voting will always favour the area with the most players). Someone (NAH?) should step in and address the fact that the Worlds needs move around if you want to ensure other continents develop properly.

Talking about travel costs and issues is not bitching.

I like the idea of a region who can offer several tournaments in a small amount of time, and France want to provide that this year with some other tourneys around, maybe in Barcelona, Toulouse etc.

If there is a need of gettin rid of the public vote to promote polo in a region, I suggest like Greg said to fix now next years locations. But I would keep this year an open vote, beacause Montpellier guys step up early and are working already hard on every part of the organization, and we can't say to them that this year will be a choice based on the need to promote the sport in other area, they deserve a chance to get it.

Well, they deserve to get it, if it's the best bid, based on lots of factors such as, court size, court surface, number of courts, ease of travel, etc...

Right now, in my mind it's winning on most factors.

That's why I said a "chance to get it" not "to get it".

The folks in Timaru are great freaking hosts, and the courts were stellar. Have to say one of the most organized/best run tournament I've been to. Plus it's just a beautiful place.

Needs to have the court dimensions though, regardless of where it is.

Also, two cents here for WHBPC every two years.

I find myself moving back and forth on this topic.

It's true that it would be more expensive for many people, but at the same time, it could mean greater global growth for the sport. Also, I resent the statement above that a region is ever entitled to be the host because of a perceived leading edge on being a competitive scene. I'm trying to imagine if FIFA operated this way, and where the world cup would *never* be hosted.

If "Worlds" means the best competition, the concern about getting the best of the best there, the concern about accessibility is very valid.
If "Worlds" means something more global, the concern about regionally excluding the other half of the globe is equally valid.

It seems like two valid concerns wherein a short term concern is overruling a long term concern. At some point, hard choices are going to have to be made. I might agree that France should host in 2014, but not from some sense of entitlement or cost. At one point, we're just making excuses based on what's best for our pocketbooks, not what's best for the sport. Sponsors can't afford to help with travel yet, but what's going to make them able to help? The growth of the sport and expansion into new markets. See the paradox?

We're okay with Asia, Aus/NZ, and South America spending their money to come to Worlds, and at some level that does bother me.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Alias wrote:

I find myself moving back and forth on this topic.
I'm trying to imagine if FIFA operated this way, and where the world cup would *never* be hosted.

The FIFA try to operate a mix of business and development for football.

If you look at the rotaion since the creation it is really interessing.

They first started by sharing the hosting of the World Cup between the 2 majors scene. Europe and South America, because they were legitimate sporty scene.

1930 Uruguay
1934 Italy
1938 France
1950 Bresil
1954 Switzerland
1958 Sweden
1962 Chile
1966 England
1970 Mexico
1974 Germany
1978 Argentina
1982 Spain
1986 Mexico

Then from the 90's they realised how important to develop football in the other continent mainly from an economical aspect, plus south america was not economicaly strong enough, compare to Europe (European countries paid more than 80% of the TV rights). So it change to basicaly 1/2 in Europe 1/2 in the rest of the world.

1990 Italy
1994 USA
1998 France
2002 Korea / Japan
2006 Germany
2010 South Africa
2014 Brazil
2018 Russia
2022 Quatar

So i f you consider that today in polo you have to leading scene NA and Euro and the emerging scene AUS/NZ, Asia, South America, to me the most logical rotation should be.

NA / EUR / ES (Emerging Scene) / NA / EUR / ES / NA / EUR / ES ...

So it could be :

2013 NA, FL.
2014, EUR, Montpelier ?
2015, ES, Timaru ?
2016, NA,
2017, EUR,
2018, ES, Asia
2019, NA
2020, EUR
2021, ES, South America


Sounds good to me, I think the important thing is to get the emerging scenes thing in there somewhere.

What Fifa do now is say it can't be in the last two continents.

So if we did the same, and we accept 2014 goes to France, then 2015 can't be in NA or Europe.

Let's say NZ get it, that means 2106 can't be in Australasia or Europe.

and so on...

(obviously that assumes that the other continents bid, and the bids are good enough)

Goddamn, polo in the year 2106. Hope I live to see that.

this makes lots of sense to me. EUR & NA know that every 3 years they'll host, emerging scenes host every 9 - 12 years. This sounds pretty fair.
If others agree with this concept I imagine Timaru would be happy to pull its bid for 2014.

Sam Callander
Timaru, New Zealand

I think the World MTB championships might be a better reference point, given the kind of money (or lack thereof) wrapped up in this.


Year Country City
1990 United States Durango
1991 Italy Barga
1992 Canada Bromont
1993 France Métabief
1994 United States Vail
1995 Germany Kirchzarten
1996 Australia Cairns
1997 Switzerland Château-d'Œx
1998 Canada Mont Sainte-Anne
1999 Sweden Åre
2000 Spain Sierra Nevada
2001 United States Vail
2002 Austria Kaprun
2003 Switzerland Lugano
2004 France Les Gets
2005 Italy Livigno
2006 New Zealand Rotorua
2007 United Kingdom Fort William
2008 Italy Val di Sole
2009 Australia Canberra
2010 Canada Mont Sainte-Anne
2011 Switzerland Champery
2012 Austria Leogang-Saalfelden
2013 South Africa Pietermaritzburg
2014 Norway Lillehammer
2015 Andorra Vallnord

I loves me a good tyranny of the majority.

Montpellier 2014
Timaru 2015
Bid deadline for 2016 is due by whbpc2014. Whoever is at Montpellier gets to vote in person.

Perhaps we should worry less about moving the tourney back and forth from one region to another and instead look who is putting in the best bid.

At what point do we make considerations to locations that already have courts that are built and ready to go?

If you want both a competitive tournament and exposure shouldn't we go to locations where courts are already installed?

Why make a club build, build, build, when they can be working on sponsors, prizes, and real tournament accommodations?

You want the game to become a sport, well that requires more work than just the court surface and a flat location. Not everyone can make every tournament, that's life, so excluding New Zealand or the Southern Hemisphere is bullshit.

This reminds me of the post by NAH in the thread about the NAHBPC, which seems like it might be hosted in the same city as last year due to a great facility. Considering the responses of folks who prioritize court quality above all else, it stands to reason that at this still early stage in bike polo competition, clubs with quality facilities should host (if possible) as much as possible.

Not to say that an up & coming polo crew couldn't get in on the action, if they can provide top notch courts, they should bid for and be able to host a Major.

Pretty sure nobody here said that excluding Australasia region for hosting world is a good idea.

For myself, the

Looks like a good option.

I went to tournament who build full court an gave also really good work on every other side of the sport. London open this year for example was dope courts and really pro organization from bottom to top.

BTW this how this has been decided in the past.... if i remember correctly.

2008 CMWCs: Coach just made it happen..
2009 Philly: Montana announced WHBPC 2009 at a deli, the morning after Los Marcos.
2010 Berlin: Assumption was that it was going to be in Europe... A mixture of London EHBPC 2008 organizers, Geneva EHBPC 2009 organizers, and a couple other random people talked about it, and really there weren't any other viable bids, so this was a rubber stamp.
2011 Seattle Pre-Berlin 2010, NAH was formed and offered to organize the 2011 WHBPC bid. No real opposition. Seattle was really the only candidate.
2012 Geneva. Clément got the ball rolling on the conversation. London was brought up as an idea. Clément posted a "pre-bid". There was some murmur from Australia, but nothing more. No one else seemed like they were going to bid.
2013 Florida. Assumption that it was going to be in NA. NAH selected Florida bid above Milwaukee bid.

In other words, there has never been a vote. There's no body to organize a vote, other than NAH for 2011 and 2013.

There does have to be some sort of system in place to have a vote... Like a world Org. Committee. So I am still confused as to how the selection will be made without organizing committee of some sort.

Also I would just like to put out there that I don't think an open vote process is possible. Like people have pointed out, whichever scene has the most players will just flood the vote one way or another. As much as I want to think I will go to either venue... I don't think I deserve a right to vote over people that attended worlds last time.

Perhaps a vote of decided by anyone that was registered and played in Worlds in FL? Just an Idea..

My cup runeth over with blood and not wine

Still gives advantage to NA/EU folks. Asia and AUS/NZ in the minority still.

I'd like to see (one we get two+ competitive bids going) is worlds bouncing to a new continent each year (excluding africa/antartica). It would suck for me not seeing worlds every other year and not be favorable to the majority populations of polo but fair to the fantastic teams everywhere.

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

So, if we bounce WHBPC to different continents every year (two years), do we do this regardless of court facilities??

We have to go for the best courts, every time. I have never heard anyone come back from Worlds saying how absolutely perfect the courts were, some have gotten close, sure. The court makes or breaks the game.

Goodness no. If the continent that's "up" next cant get it together then go to who can.

I also wouldn't want to see us forsaking new continents or regions just because they haven't done worlds before and we have something really nice from last years (20??)

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

Ok guys,
I come back to you with some great news.

We found a better spot for the event in Montpellier: It's the best asphalt we can imagine for playing polo, It's grippy but not too much and the surface is perfectly smooth, no falce bounce or anything else. And here again, there will be 4 courts of 40x20m and more space around the courts.

We did a page on our website to present our project.
You can read there are a lot of tournament's projects around our (Barcelona and Bordeaux Open, a women bench. All cities around Montpellier want to organize tournaments around the WHBPC (Toulouse, Perpignan and Carcassonne for exemples) So a polo trip will be ready for all polo players.

Link didn't work for me, I think you may need to use http instead of https:


this link worked.
And after review, this bid is... le merde. ("the shit"?)

Just a note on this translation: When you say something in French is "la merde", it is negative. It is like saying in English that something "is shit" (a bad thing), not something "is the shit" (a very good thing).

I suppose you wanted to say something like, this bid is awesome "ce bid est terrible" which in french means it is awesome. Of course for us, it means the opposite.

Good talk

officially hiring your translations when I come.

Hot damn. I've already starting saving for this. I will be fighting like hell to make it there. Mark my words.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Trop de la balle. Awesome bid, nice work Montpellier.

I like, will be there'!!!

Matt Messenger
since 1998

That's a really serious bid !

that´s a double thumbs up!

NAH have created a survey around the worlds, that we'd like your feedback on.

The vote isn't binding, we just want to get a good idea of what people think about what the worlds should look like in the future.

Anyone is welcome to fill it in, you can vote, and see the results here:



There's a lot of discussion of Worlds being biannual, with the short amount of time to organize the event the main concern. If there was a good system in place for voting, bidding and global representation, then there's no reason we couldn't be bidding 2 years in advance to solve this issue to keep it annual.

An annual event is so important during this sports growth to share info, skills, knowledge and as a means for us all to meet to build ties.

I'd agree, every worlds we see new scenes attend, and learn a lot, and come back the next year a lot stronger.

If our aim is to bring up the level of polo in the whole world, I think an annual championship is very much worth it.

That makes perfect sense. Also what if there is a US/EU/other hosting pattern, would anybody in the US and EU want to wait 6 years for the next worlds on their continent? I don't think so...

Having inspected the bids, and based on our survey, NAH would like to endorse the Montpellier bid for 2014, with one proviso, we would prefer a September date, to allow us to complete our NAH in a timetable that works best for players in North America.

We would also welcome a bid from Timaru for 2015, with some changes to the courts.

For full details, see here: http://www.nahardcourt.com/nah-endorses-bid-montpellier-2014-whbpc/

We are aware that the NAH isn't alone in making this decision, but we feel it's important we make our position clear.


Hey guys,

Montpellier is working hard on this bid with the french comitee also.


This is the real question right now and it's the same for Timaru, the sooner we know where is it, the better we can work on it. We really don't need to wait 2 months for having a decision now everybody knows 2 cities wants to host it.

Thanks a lot !

Play polo for Call Me Daddy

From an NAH point of view, we have made our position clear on this (see above).

Montpellier in 2014, with our support for Timaru in 2015, if they want to do it.

I'm happy to organise a vote, we have plenty of respected polo contacts around the world, who I can poll, but the tricky bit is making any process legitimate, as right now there isn't even a process to create a process.

What would make the whole thing easier if Timaru withdrew from 2014, with the understanding that the NAH won't compete for 2015, if we are happy with their setup.

2015 is already decided then?


But Europe are unlikely to bid for it, NZ are keen, and the NAH statement on that can be read above.

John H wrote:

What would make the whole thing easier if Timaru withdrew from 2014

Easier and quicker, yes, but it takes a bit away from it's legitimacy does it not?

I agree with your sentiment about there not being a process and the struggle to do it in a timely fashion with credibility. Perhaps it's time this is discussed in more earnest for future World Champs. It can't be a wholly LoBP based system which favors NAH and english speakers.

Bidding for a following year should be done at least a year prior (before the current years WHBPC). Keep the restriction simple at not being the same region twice in a row.

PS : Montpellier can't change the date of the event, it's blocked by public autorization, so it will be the last WE of august for sure.

Play polo for Call Me Daddy

Based on the last weekend of August, to have a 7 week window for NAH, Euros, and Austriliasia to have their qualified players means the majors must be done by July 12&13th. Given that the majors will need some time for players to make travel plans (etc), let's give the last regional qualifier a 5 week buffer (still a short time to buy tickets), and that means the last regional qualifier would have to be no later than June 7&8th. For North America, we're talking about 10 regional qualifiers that will need to be done very very fast.

The Montpellier bid is solid, but this does cramp the schedule.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Yes, that's pretty much the plan.

As we want to avoid July 4th weekend, the NAHBPC is likely to be on the weekend of July 12th/13th

Which means a window of something like April 5th - June 8th for the qualifiers.

All this will be confirmed by the NAH in the next few weeks.

The Australian and NZ champs are in March and are always between Feb and April so the dates aren't an issue for us. That's the end of our summer (not that we really get winter) so gives us plenty of time to save.



It seems like its the general consensus of these on the forums is that people would LOVE to come down under for World Champs. However, Montpellier have put a lot of work into their bid and look like they will put on an excellent event in August 2014.

NAH have agreed they "wouldn't challenge a AUS/NZ bid for 2015, and publicly back it, assuming that certain conditions are met (the court size)." So Timaru is withdrawing it's bid and will work with AHBPA (Australasian Hardcourt Bike Polo Assoc.) to consider a bid for 2015.

In 2015, should we choose to, I'm confident Aus/NZ can work together to host a top notch tournament as per our 2014 bid but with additions such as full size courts and adjacent tournaments for travellers to attend.

I think that by Timaru putting in a bid for 2014 it has helped to inspire Montpellier to improve their bid and it has helped to generate positive discussion regarding Worlds in Aus/NZ for 2015, which I think is great.

Thanks everyone.
Sam [Timaru, NZ]

Sam Callander
Timaru, New Zealand


I'm glad this could be worked out.

So unless anyone has any major objections we have a schedule for the next 3 years:

2014 - Montpellier, France - weekend of Aug 29/30th
2015 - Timaru, New Zealand (pending bid)
2016 - North America (TBC)

Really like this solution, think we should continue with this kind of rotation for the worlds- NA, Europe, Australasia/South America

How about a system of not the same region twice in a row.

This can still be each region every 3 years, but allows more flexibility.

See you in 2015. Can't wait.

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014

YEAH! I can't wait to visit NZ in 2015!! I need to start saving now...

Midwest is best!!

This is the weekend of Eurobike. I know you guys have limited date availability but might be nice to make it before Eurobike so the international bike community could make a little side trip before hand and see some world class polo. Maybe even coerce some sponsorship out of some of them.

Melbourne WHBPC and Messenger World Champs 2015. Ohhhh wouldn't that be a match made in heaven.......

My cup runeth over with blood and not wine

Organizers: Can you confirm some things now for us? We don't require a flashy poster or anything but would like to know: 1. Can we get solid dates for the whole tournament? 2. Is there for sure going to be a wild card? 3. If so, what is the criteria for getting in?

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

I think I speak for the Continent of Australia, what's the date?

I am restless, can't sleep at night.

My cup runeth over with blood and not wine

Polo wrote:

PS : Montpellier can't change the date of the event, it's blocked by public autorization, so it will be the last WE of august for sure.

in other words, aug 28th to 31st? looking to book myself out there soon.

Also, if there are other tournaments in neighboring cities/countries, will these be made available to our knowledge soon?

Hamburg Arena Open will be September 5th-7th, so just one week after Worlds. 2 roofed courts + a great city to visit

Not exactly scheduled around the worlds but still feasible and worth the trip for one-month or more "grand-polo-tour" through Europe: Brussels' Grand Royal Tournament during the 3rd weekend of September, same location and conditions as last year.


Berlin is planning a bike polo festival with two tournaments in a row (2 weekends) and some other events between the tournaments. the first plan was to do this from the 1. august to the 10. august, but i try to change it that it is directly in front of the worlds! But at first we need to find out if its possible to change the dates!

Related: Will the London Open be held within a week +/- of WHBPC like it was two years ago? I want to make this a big polo trip.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Given all the other tournaments being scheduled for those weekends, probably not. But I'll let London confirm that.

yes! I want to do berlin, montpellier, barcelona! please!

Hi guys,
The WHBPC14 dates will be:
on monday and tuesday (25 and 26th) mounting of the courts
Wildcard on wednesday, and main tournament to thrsday (28th) to saturday (30th), on sunday we'll dismounting the courts.

during the Week End of the 23-24, Bordeaux will host an Open (Bordeaux is about 3-4 hours to Montpellier by car)
And the next Week End after the WHBPC, Barcelone host his Open too !

I know, there's a girl's tournament but I don't know when.

So you've got our schedule now ;)

See you soon

Seeing as I will probably be tagging along with my boys from The Fist (AHBPC14 champs yo) I would love to hook up a team I could play with at some/all of these tournaments and the wildcard… Otherwise I will go stir crazy. I can't stand to watch polo without playing some.

I would also be ULTRA keen on an all ladies thing.

So, if someone knows some peeps that are gunna be around Montpellier during worlds who aren't already on a team, hook me up with them :)


There, an all ladies tourney 2 weeks before worlds in berlin


The Bisons;

Thanks David,

The single player shuffle format is pretty convenient for me, I don't even have to sort out a team :)

Lets hope I can get the time off work.


We can't change our dates so berlin is planning to host a 3 days-tournament on the 1st - 3rd august and "the mallet dolorosa II" on the 9th - 10th august.

It sounds good no?
Berlin Open
Mallet Dolorosa
Bordeaux Open
WHBPC14 Montpellier
Barcelone Open

A tournament every Week during 5 weeks, and maybe more, it sounds great !

Any word on the London Open? I hope to make the trip a two week vacation.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Based on the post you replied to, it seems the Bordeaux Open will be the week before the WHBPC14 Montpellier
and the Barcelone Open will be the week after. :-P


Yeah, I saw them, I just was curious about London. Also, how do you pick which one to attend?!?! #ToughChoices

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

sounds like a polo player could die of exhaustion by week 4.

...or alcohol poisoning

Sup dudes. Haven't really heard much about this lately. Are dates secured? Do you have a address for the courts? Any recommendations for housing? Thanks!

Hi guys,
Sorry for the late, the official dates will be: wildcard and maintournament from the 27th to th 30th August.

We'll open the website soon with all the infos about housing, prices distance from the court etc...

Keep in touch.

But guys remember that we need you to offer the best streaming we can !!


When will the number of spots for each region be announced? AHBPA region's qualifiers were in March and many teams are keen to book flights as soon as we know how many places we have.

Hi guys, Here's the repartition of the slots for the main tournament.
We haven't finished the one of the wild card but for sure 15 slots will be open, on the 32.

-16 for Europe
-16 For NA teams
-1 for the world champs (beaver boys)
-6 for Australia /NZ
-5 for asia
-6 for South america
-1 for Africa
-1 for an organizers team
-12 from the wildcard tournament

oh, and If you need any info, before the website or about anything, here's our mail: mtp.bikepolo(at)gmail.com

Just out of interest, how will any unclaimed spots be handled. Handed out to the other regions, or just more spots from the wildcard?

Just curious, as you've given SA (for example) 6 spots, which I hope they fill, but they didn't send a single team to Florida, which is much closer (nothing against you guys, I really hope you make it).

It wouldn't surprise me if NA has more than 16 teams that want to go.

I agree about the NA teams. I'm betting NA has 18-20 willing and able. Out of curiosity, how many wildcard spots were there at WHBPC '13?

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

2013, 33 teams in the wildcard,15 made it through to the main event.
2012, 22 teams in the wildcard, 10 made it through, I think.

In Geneva, all wildcard teams, apart from 2 Australian teams, were from Europe.

In Florida, all wildcard teams, apart from 1 Japanese team, were from North America.

Hopefully that tradition can continue (if 25 NA teams go, it obviously can't)

Who contact to all of Asian club reps and reserch to "how many teams wnat to go to WHBPC?" thngs?
Asian reasion don't have all of Asian Championships.
Japan did our own championships in this year, but I don't know any other Asian country do or don't that.

Riki@Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo
tokyobikepolo.blogspot.com / www.flickr.com/rikitko / twitter: RikiTokyo

keep pushing polo forward Japan! were the championships filmed?

I would go to a worlds in Japan.

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

1) Was the Africa allocation based on anything? I'd love if polo got to Africa, but I was unaware of any teams/clubs there currently. Why not Antarctica? This feels like just checking a box.

2) Is there any WHBPC precedent for an "Organizer's Team" getting a spot? Shouldn't this have come up during bidding?

3) Who were the contributors to the "repartition?"

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

I think I recall Seattle having this, but I may be mistaken.

R-Thouin wrote:

Hi guys, Here's the repartition of the slots for the main tournament.
We haven't finished the one of the wild card but for sure 15 slots will be open, on the 32.

-16 for Europe
-16 For NA teams
-1 for the world champs (beaver boys)
-6 for Australia /NZ
-5 for asia
-6 for South america
-1 for Africa
-1 for an organizers team
-12 from the wildcard tournament

oh, and If you need any info, before the website or about anything, here's our mail: mtp.bikepolo(at)gmail.com

I don't understand the wildcard allotment. Will it be a 32 team tourney and 12 go on to main event? How will the registration for this be handled?

NA --> EUROPE ticket prices are starting to go up ... Hope to make it!


Any word on wildcard entry/registration?

Javier wrote:

Any word on wildcard entry/registration?

Can we please get some info for this tourney? Hoping to get housing situated, so just need some exact dates and location of courts.

27th to 31st as mentioned earlier.
http://montpellierbikepolo.free.fr/FHBPC_2013/WHBPC_2014.html for location.

EDIT: 27th to 30th.

Jason aka. Jay-z - Grenoble (Fr) - Santiago (Cl) - Helsinki (Fi)

Also it would be great to perhaps close this thread and consolidate information into a new tourney thread. The site linked to above seems to not be working, so it is difficult to have to search through this for important info.

I agree on closing this thread.
Website seems to be on it's way.

http://montpellierbikepolo.free.fr/FHBPC_2013/WHBPC_2014.html is still available.

Jason aka. Jay-z - Grenoble (Fr) - Santiago (Cl) - Helsinki (Fi)

I just created https://leagueofbikepolo.com/whbpc-2014

R-Thouin, you can edit it!

Thanks Kev, I made the fisrt update. Before closing this thread I would like to answer to the questions!
about the unclaimed spots, We'll put a deadline (26th Of July) to claim the spots and after we'll give them to other regions!

we decided to give a slot to africa because we saw South Africa was playing Polo and we wanted to see all continents represented at WHBPC if possible.

about the organisator's team, I'm not sure there's a precedent in WHBPC, but there's in EHBPC, I think it's a kind of tradition in Europe. We do our best, try to offer to all players an awesome tournament, so we think if three of the organisators can just play this why we worked really hard last months , that's a kind of remerciement. It's only one team on 64, that's not a lot.

And about who contributed for the repartition of the spots, that's us, the organisators. We can send you some arguments about why we did it like that but it won't change anything I think.

Best reguards

Florida put two of their teams directly through to Worlds in 2013, and I believe they also reserved slots in the wildcard for local teams. So yes, there is a precedent in North America.