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NYC City Bench Tournament question INPUT NEEDED

We're trying to plan when would be a good time to throw a city team format bench in NYC at the Pit and the Cherry St. hockey rink.

End of June / beginning of July (maybe July 4 weekend) or October (maybe mid or Halloween weekend--Chombzz birthday).

What's most convenient for you pussies?

I take it back, we're not trying anything. we ARE planning this shit. mark your calendars to see who the best city in the world is.

San Francisco is the best city in the world...................as for suitable dates I'll check with the crew. Straight after Worlds would be hella for me.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Pittsburgh votes NOT July 4th weekend

June! I'll be in VA and will totally come up.

Beast of the East returns! Fuck yes.


Close from the worlds if you want some International peeps on your courts.

ESPI 2012 2!

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October so Chombo can have a proper birthday bash

Sooner than later is my opinion, but not 4th of July. Looking forward to defending my third place title.

4th of July (I'll come whenever). Stoked on this. Please make it happen. How would you decided which cities are able to come?

Probably first come, first served.

Since we're doing it with two courts we'll be able to accommodate a good amount of teams--not sure exactly how many yet, though.

Edit: I lied. We'll probably have the same six from last time (assuming they want to come), then try to get Cherry St. court for Sunday too (was only Saturday last time), and do it in late June / July so it stays light until 8.30pm. That will probably allow us to host another ~three teams of 10 people from outside the area. West Coast, Midwest, etc.

That's the plan if we end up on the Summer dates, anyway.

Just to clarify: 9 teams? 6 from last time + 3 out of region?

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

you ask a lot of questions.

To be blunt, I'm asking because I sense a resistance on the idea that Lancaster should be offered a spot (my reading of your "should?" post was that you were skeptical about the suggestion). In my mind, I'm imagining teams traveling from across the US, and flying over Lancaster or driving through the town on the way to NYC. Something about that feels wrong if they are excluded.

Sorry for asking so many questions. This was my favorite event last year, and I'm sure you guys are going to make this year great too.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

sorry you feel wronged for an event that hasn't materialized yet.

you, as an individual, as alias... have no say in anything related to this.

if you perceive some sort of egregious behavior or gross mistreatment, don't come.

see how easy that was?

They are scared of Altoona Bike Polo, I can see it.

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parking's such a bitch there. lets just do it in Frederick, pussies

Well if this is open to outside region cities, what's to stop us from having the regional jank in Frederick? Soon enough, the locals of frederick may have enough polo bikes to field a bench team.

Kind of envisioned this independent of NAH regions in order to get more city teams involved in the bench format.

Dual purpose post:
1. Keep interest kindled about this post because i want this tournament to happen
2. I never replied to this, but I definitely want this to be your tournament. If it wasn't clear, i was suggesting that perhaps a separate event should be held for closed region stuff. In which case, Frederick wouldn't be a bad option.

yeah for sure, mang.

we're trying to get the hockey dudes to let us use the rink for saturday the 27th (the weekend after the 4th was unavailable at the pit and the rink). they have the official permits through the city for their weekend league so we're stuck bartering with them for beer and pizza. we've got all the other permits for the weekend of july 27th. been hitting them up about it, but don't want to be completely obnoxious... i know, hard to believe.

i'm hopin' homeboy gets back to me tonight or this weekend.

check for updates here--->>> http://redmenace.su/ESPI2013

you misspelled it.



If you aren't sinning, Jesus died for nothing.

I promise IT admin guy, I didn't know. I didn't know.

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You nearly had me Mark Davis. Nearly.

i just fucking lel'd so hard

6 teams from last year is good.

Three questions:

1) Would C-Ville be annexed into RVA again?

2) Would Lancaster be offered a spot (they should).

3) How many people from another club, out of region (so to speak), would have to come for their club to get a full spot?

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

I'll defend to the death that i have dual-citizenship in both clubs. I play as much in RVA as I do in Charlottesville. ;)

2) most definitely if you get the second court.

3) at least 6

eyes up
feet down

6 slots, whoever finished last should have to play their way in vs lancaster

Or just let us merge with Lancaster, not many Pittsburgh folks traveling these days

RIP LOMAX Gone but not forgotten

miss that smile..

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If this happens, I'm coming back to Eastside. I don't care if Pittsburgh plays with a team of 3 (I would actually love that), I would die on the court before I would see them lose a spot in an Eastside Bench tournament.

Lancaster should get a slot.

agile for my size.

How many regulars are you guys up to these days?

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Not enough to field a team for East sides! (just kidding guys)

we have 6-8 regulars, these days.

Crusher in Chief

A mixed of Lancaster and Pittsburgh would make a really competitive squad. I am all in favor of that.

polo o muetre

They have to incorporate somewhere in the middle and form a new club, I recommend Altoona, PA:


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you ARE dead to PA!!! Traitor!

agile for my size.

Agreed. Should have last year, too.


Yeah. Lancaster should have been there last year. They are a part of Eastside, even numbers and easy brackets be damned.

this ain't regional. ho. read.

'Twas last year... They deserve a spot this year as a reparations payment. I can read, sucka.

If any spots open outside of the Eastside, San Francisco really wants to be there.

SF has an invite if we can get the permits for the second weekend in jul.

Don't do it. The fame and glory have really gone to his head. He's gotten a rather insufferable lately.

If we ever do get to hold and NA's/Worlds of Bench Format, I think state based teams would be pretty cool too.

Also, I think some kind club waiver exception would be a fun wild card to throw in. Example: 9 players on the roster, and 1 of those spots could be used for someone 'out of club (or state)'. This would enable players from deeper clubs to get in, and bolster some teams that would be on the bubble, or allow migrant players to play with the club of their choice. Even cooler would be if teams could purchase unused waiver exceptions from homogenous teams for a case of beer or something to create a hybrid team.

so will LA come out the second weekend in jul or what?

no more words unless it's a 'yes.'



only if dirks and crash are on a line.
also only if lewis is held by the boarder for at least 24hrs on suspicion


Chicago could be interested depending on the date and our availability.

edit: there is interest, all depends on dates. we are planning a Halloween tourney so that would be out. mid October could work, and summers good except for the potential tangled web of tourney conflicts

Is very very much interest.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

yeah can nyc do this at the end of june, not july 4 weekend?

july 4th is like a second st patricks day in boston

For the record, here's the email I sent to other Eastside folks about an hour ago based requests for more info so they could plan another tournament. It's all the info I have so far, and it's by no means definitive:

Hey guys,

I put in a permit request for July 13/14th weekend for the Pit and Cherry rink. They still haven't gotten back to me to confirm/deny, though.

To me, it didn't look like any 3v3 would happen in June. There are no facilities. It's possible that it may happen in Oct, but again, having a hard time finding a place to set it up.

The bench we were talking about in NYC is more of an open format, not necessarily carrying on with the ES Bench from last year. If we can get confirmation we'd like to get other teams from other regions. If we get Cherry for a second day (unlike last year), we'll be able to host three or four more teams which would allow the majority of the same teams from last year, as well as 3+ out of region.

My goal is to shirk the whole NAH "regions" and just get fun/good teams to NY for a city bench.

I didn't know anything about your plans for a regional bench so I just went ahead--when it looked like out 3v3 was falling through--and planned of my own volition. I didn't mean to step on anyone's toes or make overlapping events.

Feel free to holler at me if you have any other questions.


Honestly, I think y'all should host ESPI 8 Instead. But I'm sure we'll be there either way.

no facilities for it.

Forgot to post this yesterday. I got a call yesterday evening from a lady at the wonderful parks department getting clarification about times/dates and she said she'd have an answer by Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning at the latest that she had to check one other thing.

Just as a heads up.

If we get word that we can got both spots for both days we'll know the number of teams and send out the info for your consideration.

Thanks for being patient.

up up up. Any word?

Sorry dudes, I just found out last week and sent out an email to the NYC group and totally forgot to post it here.

The foot "hockey" people finally got back to us (last Tuesday--after I sent them a bunch of emails) and said that they weren't willing to give up the court on Saturday without at least six months notice. They have a "season" permit that last all year, every saturday, so the city really just defers to their judgement when it comes to other groups wanting to use the place.

Maybe we can do it sometime around worlds or something if we give them notice, otherwise Cherry seems to be off limits on Saturdays.

Anyway... sorry it didn't work out and that it had an effect on other people's plans for the other bench. I wasn't expecting the hockey people to take a little under two months to get back to us.

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how about we do it somewhere that's easy for get to get to and easy to reserve.

i'm not sure what that means but i think the answer is Hockeytown..

Javier wrote:

i'm not sure what that means but i think the answer is Hockeytown..