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Players list and bikepolo.ca website stats


A few people have asked for a list of all users on the site, and their locations.  So...

http://bikepolo.ca/people (or click the People tab up top).  

It's sorted by location, but the location info doesn't always make sense.  You can also get sort of a sense of where people are from by looking at the http://bikepolo.ca/clubs/list list of clubs, which shows how many members each club has. 

We're up to 430 registered users, with an average of about 2 new users per day, and incredibly, about 2 new clubs per week, though it'll probably slow down over the winter. Based on the 4 or 5 polo communities i know well, only about 1/5 of regular polo players are represented here.   So the big question that people seem to want to know--how many people play this sport worldwide--i think we can estimate about 2000, not counting those who have played just once or twice.

And for other geeks, I've also uploaded two reports from Google Analytics: one with all website stats since June, and another with only stats for October, which is more representative of what's going on now.  The site gets about 400+ visits a day, with 200 unique visitors.  Stats would be way higher if it wasn't for such miserable ranking on google.  i think the amount of swearing and the dot-ca domain name hurts our page ranking on google and other search engines (tho it's number 1 in canada and top ten in most countries outside the US).  But as far as some people are concerned, including myself, it's just as well, since the introductory polo information on the site isn't very easy to find.