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Banana seat and sissy bar - is it legal?

I was thinking about putting a banana seat on my polo bike to help with leaning further back and because they look sweet, but a sissy bar would be attached to the back for strength. Would this be legal to play with? Thanks for your help!

Did you ever do this? I had the same thought because I always sit way back on my saddle. Did it work out?

If i remember correctly banana seats and sissy bars are the standard for cycle ball giving them quick movements to hit the ball more upward, anyways irrelevant. so it makes sense for agility! But one thing i would consider is when youre clipped in and you are doing all sorts of rear wheel pivot stunts, id think you would be more prone to the risk of leaning back too much and flopping on the ground.
I would just look for an old downhill mtb seat: lots of padding, already like a foot long. What more do you need!

That was my thinking too! I figured with a banana seat you could put your butt right over the rear axle and pick the front end up easier. They are also pretty narrow, but give you a lot of different positioning options. I'm going to buy one.I'll let you know if I get totally radball.