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Just out of curiosity, I was wondering if I could get opinions on why don't we follow an offsides rule in polo? I think it would add an element similar to that of hockey or soccer that would made goals more valuable and thus more interesting scoring opportunities. A lot of goals are scored in one-on-one situations with the goalie and it's kind of boring/annoying.

Not sure if this has been brought up in the past, but I'm sure it will not be the only time it comes to fruition, especially if the game gains more popularity...


No fucking way!

why not?

These "let's radically change the game" rules threads are the worst. Offball contact, picks, fucking wrist shots, and now 'offside'. It's not even worth talking about at this point in the story, because you know what, the game is doing JUST FINE and with a few tweaks and clarifications it will be VERY GREAT. The rule set we have now is rudimentary, but it's holding the line, and for now people are generally reasonable on court, games and tournaments are exciting (Call Me Daddy triple goalie bullshittery nonwithstanding) and things are rolling along. Here's an idea, let's all go the referee thread and brainstorm for a way to get people trained and confident enough to ACTUALLY MAKE A SINGLE CALL because our tiny ruleset barely ever gets to stretch its legs as is.

Other sports still make major changes to rules after existing for tens or even hundreds of years. We shouldn't be so naive to think that Bike Polo is perfect the way it is, and that it will never change.

I think there should always be the option to make suggestions, and then reasonable debate to occur, not just dismiss suggestions out of hand.

We should at least give matt the chance to explain how he thinks his rule change would work, why he think it would improve the sport, and we can then debate the positives and negatives

(i'm not saying for a moment I want such a rule, I'm just defending his right to discuss it).

Improving the ruleset, and improving reffing are seperate processes, that can happen at the same time, discussing new potential rules doesn't stop reffing being improved.

What I was trying to express was that the way to make rules in a young game is to hone a simple rule set, wait for loopholes to develop, and make rules based on those problem areas. Yes, I wasn't very clear or nice about it.

His name is Ben, so, obviously, you must be wrong about everything else you wrote as well.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

Offsides is a hard enough call to make reliably when you have multiple refs. With the reffing situation as it stands, there's no way refs would actually call offsides.

Personally, I'd like to see the opportunity for two point conversions after every goal and a more stringent application of the infield pop fly rule. I also don't understand why a team losing in a shootout doesn't get one point.

one reason nobody's calling for an offsides rule is that it's really easy to defend the goal 1 on 1 if you're in position. the goalie already has a pretty significant advantage.

if your club has a lot of boring/annoying goals scored, i'd suggest that maybe the defense look at ways to make things more interesting.

Haha, I don't think my club is boring, and I surely do enjoy making those goals in a one-on-one situation. I was just wondering why it's never been brought up. I think the fact that we don't have referee's to enforce the rule is probably the best answer. I just thought about this yesterday while watching hockey and was thinking about how the rule came to be in that game (because I’m sure it hasn't always been a rule). And it's just something to think about because like someone already said, the game could change. @henry. you need to smoke a blunt and chill out, man. This is a forum, im not petitioning to re-do the game, I'm just brainstorming and asking opinions. if you don't like the thread, then don't respond.

You don't see cherry pickers in polo, because with a 3 person team you can't afford to lose a player to cherry picking. In hockey, without an offside rule, you'd see a lot more cherry pickers, which would be hella boring.

That said, i've never seen hockey played without a offside rule by anyone over the age of 7, so maybe it'd be exciting to watch, i dunno. When hockey got rid of the two-line offside pass rule a decade ago, it definitely allowed for some exciting plays. But i don't think the blue-line offside rule has ever been on the table.

I think henry's point is that we shouldn't be on the hunt for new rules, they should arise when there's a need.

3 minutes too slow, bro!

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014

Offsides is not necessary in polo because there are only three players per team.

If you want to camp out by my goal while my teammates are on the other end of the court running circles around your last defender, be my guest. If your defender manages to get a steal and outlet the pass to you, then good job you'll get a scoring opportunity.

More likely? My two offensive bros will score, because you're sitting on the wrong end of the court trying to cherry pick.

Playing offside on a polo team puts your team at a big defensive disadvantage, and so is a risk/reward thing.

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014

Secondary Alex wrote:

Offsides is not necessary in polo because there are only three players per team.


I don't think this is really necessary.

In my opinion, offsides wouldn't really add anything to the game. What does it take away? A long pass opportunity, which usually doesn't exist anyway if the D is doing their job right. Typically, the only way such a pass is possible is in the event of a footdown or bad positioning or a double team. Pretty much all other breakaways seem to be simply a case of outrunning the defense, or reacting off a blocked shot or something like that.

To me, all of these scenarios are completely legit reasons to end up with a 1 on 1 situation.

I'm no expert on soccer or hockey in the least, but it seems to me our situations are a bit different. From what quick research I've done, it seems like offsides basically limits cherry-picking in both of those sports - I don't see that as a problem in polo. Defending someone or just jamming them up is pretty easy if they're staying in pretty much the same spot. Not to mention, by dedicating someone to looking for that long pass, you lose a defender as well - a problem not shared with soccer & hockey.

tl;dr: Offsides limits cherry-picking, which I don't see really being a problem in polo. It adds nothing to the game.


Welp, I somehow missed the two posts previous to mine which say basically the same exact thing, but there ya go, my opinion anyways.


he compared off sides to wrist shots.

dont you need set goalkeepers for an offside rule to work?

Henry, I love you.

I've only seen cherry picking in polo happen when people go for a tap out and a teammate is able to clear the ball. Good for them and shitty for the team that gets shot at.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

ive always looked at the giving up half court after a goal has been scored as an off sides type thing.

Have you ever been in a room full of polo players playing NHL on xbox? Few know just what the fuck off sides is.


yeah, maybe in Milwaukee...

only joking. i got nothing but love for the Krem de la Krem and all you knuckleheads up in beer city. you just really need a pro hockey team is all..

.kremin. wrote:

Have you ever been in a room full of polo players playing NHL on xbox? Few know just what the fuck off sides is.

Exactly. It appears as though a hybrid icing rule (referee discretion) will be implemented into the NHL soon. I don't think offsides benefits the game at all.

Take riverside or example, great tournament, but nothing was called in terms of the officiating. Offsides would never be called and no one would listen if it was called.

While I disagree with offsides as an idea (especially after seeing it in hockey and learning about the soccer rule) I don't agree that "it won't be called" is an attitude that is going to get us anywhere. Development of the rules and Officiating the rules are two different things and should be treated as such.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.