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What's the smallest town with the biggest polo?

Say a guy likes cows and farms n' stuff, but also likes polo. The biggest clubs are generally found in cities. What are the exceptions?

Lancaster has a club total of around...20-25? Getting 12-13 regulars twice a week.

agile for my size.

Do you get any Amish mafia

No. haha. (the show's pretty bogus btw)
We do have a few Mennonites. Religious view aside, they're like the 'normal' but religiously devout people of our area.

agile for my size.

for some historical information on this subject, here's a spreadsheet I created a ways back. got big cities and little towns represented:

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That is good info, though a lot can change in 2-5 years. Do they still play polo in Burlington and Troy?

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Burlington, yes. Troy, unknown.

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Troy - not in the past coupla years... but a former player moved back into town - hope to bring it back!


Lexington is a big city, man!

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Just looked up the population and you're right (Woah! Lex has only 5000 less people than Pittsburgh).

As an outsider, Lexington does feel significantly smaller than I guess it actually is. Also way more horses than other similarly sized cities

Everett, WA?

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Are they a separate club from Seattle?

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yep, they're about an hour-ish north. They come and play pick up occasionally but are their own entity.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Santa Cruz is really beautiful city with a very dedicated group of players.

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Olsen Aviles

Decatur IL has 18 polo players with regular attendance with a population of 75,000.

FWIW, here's the #'s of people who filled in the club field on their lobp profile, going back to 2010 or whenever it is that i added that field. Clubs outside of N.A. are definitely under-represented.

Seattle 63
East Van Bike Polo 58
Chicago 47
London Bike Polo 42
Toronto 39
Portland Bike Polo 38
San Francisco Bike Polo 37
Austin Texas Bike Polo 36
NYC 33
LA Bike Polo 32
Ottawa 31
Milwaukee 29
Minneapolis Hardcourt Bike Polo 29
Lexington Bike Polo 28
Melbourne 27
Victoria Bike Polo 26
Denver 25
Paris 24
Boston 23
Brisbane 23
Little Rock Bike Polo 23
Philadelphia Bicycle Polo 23
DC Bike Polo 22
Bici Polo Tapatío 21
Columbus 21
Winnipeg Urban Polo Association 20
Bloomington Bike Polo 20
Scary Larry Kansas Bike Polo 20
Anchorage Hardcourt Bike Polo 19
Pittsburgh Bike Polo 19
Tallahassee Bike Polo 19
Calgary Bike Polo 18
Montreal Bike Polo 18
San Diego Bike Polo 18
Athens GA Bike Polo 17
Bikepolo Munich 17
Houston Hardcourt 17
Indianapolis Bicycle Polo 17
Lisboa Bike Polo 16
El Progreso, Buenos Aires Bike Polo 16
Fort Myers Bike Polo 16
Las Vegas 16
ABQ Bike Polo 15
Charleston Bicycle Polo 15
Grand Rapids Bike Polo 15
MOLO - Mobile Bike Polo 15
Richmond Bike Polo 15
Rio de Janeiro 15


Orlando Fl , we had to buy a bus to get all our players to events.

  • OBP Bus.jpg

Battle bus!

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

Tallahassee! We've got about 12-15 dedicated to twice, often three times, a week. Best club in the SE.

Plus you get this.

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Büppel, Germany, has 2000 residents, and a thriving scene, with a tournament or two, every year.

Have fun in Gemany, Alex.

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I love that simply searching for the name of this town results in a bunch of bike polo images on the first page of google results. Suspicious absence of cows, though.

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Oh they have cows, they invented the cow.

It's in the province of Fresia, which is home to the Fresian cow.


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There's not even a Wikipedia entry on it. That's small. I did find it was south of Wangerland. In case anyone was curious.

Yeah, to be fair it's really more of a suburb of the slightly larger town of Varel, with 30,000 residents.

But yes, also Wangerland. I've been there many times.

Tokyo Is a quaint little town I hear.

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Fitzroy Harbour