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Black Rock City - Playa Polo

Burning Man 2013

So, i ran into one other polo player last year and we played a mini one on one game. With 50k people there must be others! Lets plan some games out in deep playa!

Looking for other burners interested in meeting up.


I've been thinking about this after some burner/SCUL friends came to me asking if I would like to set up a polo camp at BM. The idea of a week long polo session on the Playa sounds great. The logistics involved would take years and $$$$$ to do it properly. I know rollerderby and thunderdome already have established camps/arenas - I don't see why Bike Polo cant.

The Oracle has spoken

eyes up
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does derby use the roller rink on the main drag? could we maybe get some time slots?

I'm all about it.

If you aren't sinning, Jesus died for nothing.

It happened circa 2005 or '06. I saw it on the program but didn't attempt to find it. No idea who put it on the program.

I can think of differences between bike polo and rollerderby &/or thunderdome. Spectators, for example.

we can still play and not have a dedicated camp. maybe like a sunrise match or something of the sort.



LOVE the excitement! Im already in with a village, but in for the work of setting this up. Can we host games with some kind of mobile court on the playa itself? Perhaps thunder dome polo or polo on the roller rink could be figured out??

Arsenic Busko-Piñero on FB

either playa polo is going to look a lot like grass polo or we're going to play on the roller rink.

If you aren't sinning, Jesus died for nothing.

Anyone know the people that put on the rink?

I know the black rock roller disco guy. he can be found doing his thing in golden gate park on sundays. i'm pretty sure he made it happen for roller derby. you might be able to find him on the intertubular.

2009 was my last year for that thing in the desert.

sorry to hear that :(

im unfamiliar with that. mind pointing me in the right direction? got a name by chance?


yeah tried that link, and them on fb but no reply. not sure how active they are yet since villages are just now getting paper work together.any other thoughts on leads?

I am all about Playa Polo. This would be so much fun! I also might have some connections in the Roller Derby world and might be able to talk to some people about this.

work it!! lemmi know what you hear back.

MIGHT have just made a break in the case! =]

Bump. Is there any update on this? I'm going to Burning Man for the first time this year (ohgawd) and am interested in helping to make polo happen. Having a hard surface would be great but otherwise I plan to just bring down some crappy loaner mallets for desert polo.

Yeah I wanna know what's up with this too! Should I bring a mallet or is someone going to bring some grass equipment?

Also, does anyone know who/where they camp with?

See you kids out there in the dust.

If you aren't sinning, Jesus died for nothing.

Huh I was just thinking hardcourt equipment in the desert but I guess a larger ball and solid mallet heads might make sense? I have a camp but not sure where we're going to set up.

Jeff, are you still coming out? If so where are you camped?
Hmu, 702.858.899seven

Do you even Polo, Bro?

Yo. If your still interested hit me up. Sounding like we will have easy six players on the playa :)

I'm going, and I want to play polo, so bad.

Hmu, 702.858.899seven

Do you even Polo, Bro?

Mark, still going? If so where are you camped?
Text me, 702.858.899seven yo!

Do you even Polo, Bro?

Best sport i saw at Burning Man was 7 aside soccer in the deep playa where the only light was from all the L-Wire . The outline of the pitch with all markings The goals with nets , the hexagons on the ball , the players number in a box on their shirts where all L-wire and anyone was allowed to play.
One team had blue Lwire one had red and the pitch markings and ball were yellow.
AMAZING . Would be easy to do to shafts wheels and bikes then stick a glo stick inside your mallet head and get Justin Gullickson of Calgary to make a glo stick ball like the one that took 6 hours of beating at the World in Seattle before exploding at 4am.


"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Machine, you coming out? Hmu, 702.858.899seven

Do you even Polo, Bro?

I'm gonnabe going to burning man myself, this will be my fifth burn in a row. Never could find the polo people! I've been playing with the santa cruz ca crew for almost a year. Really dyin to try playa bike polo. I'll bring some extra mallets and such. I'll be watching here for updates and hope to see y'all at home and play some polo!

Al! Take me with you! I've never been. But if there's polo, I'm down.

shotgun your bike!

damn it its happening!!

Oh man! You were that guy who was stumbling around at the bathrooms yelling about people not having enough fun and then touching my bike and getting up in my face talking about bike thief fairies, right!? (I figure 'cause you were referring to yourself in the third person as 'the brocrow'??)

Sounds great. I know there will be myself and another player at 404 Village not Found. (2:30 and A)


Brandon from Santa Cruz said he can lend me his grass polo set which contains a few mallets and a ball or 2. Wondering what ball would be best for playa surface? Would the grass ball be enough?

Thought of that myself, I was going to pick up one of the mini soccer balls. All I have are hardcort mallets so thats what I'm bringing. There is a chance we may be able to play at the roller disco but I haven't been able to confirm that. Basically I was told I needed to take it up with the derby crew.

I'll be at Da Dirty Hands at 530 and b. looks like it'll be hard to set up an official spot so why not we decide a place an time to meet on monday or tues when we get there. Once together we can figure out spots to play at. Thunderdome and out by the trash line seems like plenty of space.


ill be at 2:30 and A. Swish Embassy, 404 Village not Found.

hard for me to plan a meeting time, have to build camp. Ill come looking for you, Ill be there wed, so when you get in wander on over!

I get in early on friday prior to the start of the burn. Everyone is welcome to come by my camp to find me and whack some balls around at Da Dirty Hands at 5:30 and B/rod's road.

Anyone seeing this, let's try to actually make a game happen.

Text me at 702.858.899seven!!!!

Do you even Polo, Bro?

Haha Lou is blowing this thing up! I'm still coming down, bringing a ghetto polo bike and a mallet. I'll be ready to play but not making it a super high priority. Camp name is Sacrificial Fruit--I won't know our location until we arrive.

you're damn right he is, because if you text him, you make 6.


Do you even Polo, Bro?