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Oh, CHICAGO...We're comin' to getcha.

Hi Chicago!

Sasha and I (Cecily) of infamous NYCBikePolo will soon be arriving in your fair city for a few days of maxin/relaxin/polo/working(boo). We'll arrive on Wed, Sept 24 and will stay until Friday when we'll head to Madison for Bike the Barns. Anywho, we're trying to determine if we need to bring bikes or not. We'd love to play some polo with y'all + it would be great to have bikes on which to explore your fair city. Jonny of Madison is going to hook us up in Wisconsin, but we'll need some steeds for Illinois, or we'll need to bring our own. 

Any ideas? I ride a 48 - 51 and Sash rides in the vicinity of a 56 (being the statuesque Czech that she is).

Thanks, can't wait!