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Karlsruhe: Greifmasters 2010 Clip [iron ponies]

Here is a lil' clip about this fuckin' incredible tournament.
Thanks to all who made this happens.

more videos of the finals and semi-finals on the main Greif Masters thread and at http://vimeo.com/tag:greif10

fucking rad video guys, i had to listen to some smashing pumps after all that.

yeh yeh germs! makin it happen. can't wait for augusttttttt...

that's my shit

that is a monster court

thank god! this is the first bike polo video i've seen with areal/raised camera position. it makes it so much easier to see the game. hence why all major sports are filmed from that position? GREAT JOB!

-this spot was simply amazing, maybe 30 meters high stairs for filming. After 4 or 5 clips i've done about bike polo, that's the only who offer a real vision of the game... All the vids filming just on level of the floor aren't engough clear...