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Clubs with mission statement, guiding principles, etc

Are there any clubs that have worked out a mission statement, values, vision, guiding principles or similar organizational pizazz? East Van Bike Polo is hosting a planning session this fall and we're looking for examples, if any.


St Louis Bike Polo has always been a club with clear purpose. They made patches and worked through a couple iterations of mission statements. They settled on:

Relax. Explore. Shred. At the top it also says "Embrace the Fear" and underneath it says "Not self but team and club".

I always thought that shit they were on was pretty rad, even if being good at polo was an auxiliary goal. Ride bikes, fuck shit up, have FUN and get hurt. Kicker ramps, BMX handlebars, Andrew WK and a little too much bike contact. Whateverrrrr.

London HBPA constitution. Fairly dry reading though:



The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Awesome. Quite the beautiful spectrum there. Both elegant, both conveying the right message. St. Louis is succinct, plus it says 'cuddle'. I especially appreciate that London's DOCUMENT IS AVAILABLE IN LARGE PRINT. Keep 'em coming!

that was fun