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The EURO CAMP project

The EURO CAMP project

I have been thinking about organizing a polo event that would be accessible to a population that is too shy, inexperienced and mostly teamless for tournaments. Though I believe that a player's first tournament is a transformative experience that seals one's passion, it can be daunting, frustrating and demoralizing for fresh players.
This is why this event is oriented toward beginners with 3 days of camping and polo with friendly workshops given by experts (on subjects like bike control, ball control, court placement, goal tending, defense play etc, pick-up games), evening activities (footdown, knife fights, slaloms etc), and games with stat taking by the crew to track the player's improvements/weaknesses. The camp would end with a double elimination tournament for thrills.

The location is the Leipzig roller hockey court, which is ideally situated on the outskirts of town where we can be as loud as we wish, play at night (the court has lights) and camp right by. The court hosted the Peppermint tournament recently and it was absolutely amazing. There is a workbench and a kitchen, showers and restrooms, and at the time there was a big tent to shelter us from the rain. Unfortunately the place was completely flooded after the tournament and the loss the court owners took was consequent. We are hoping that if this camp is successful, it could generate a little relief fund for them and ensure that Leipzig keeps this great spot.

As of now, we have the idea, we have the location, we just need to fill in the details: organize food, find instructors, see how we can compensate them for their time, find the sponsors etc...
Would you be interested in giving a workshop ? What would you teach ? What would you like to see taught ? Or more generally what do you thinnk of the project ?

PS: With the double elimination, that would make it 4 days, not 3.

Great idea. Go for it.

One of my only regrets in life is that I missed Polo Camp I & II when eric_dc put them on.

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Secondary Alex wrote:

One of my only regrets in life is that I missed Polo Camp I & II when eric_dc put them on.

One of my regret is to never attending the Polo Retreat.

Sounds Great, Dany.

My only concern is:
Will there be enough beginners willing to travel to Leipzip to make this worthwhile? What number are you thinking of? At least 20 or 30 beginners?

A mallet building workshop would be useful as well.

Well, I was thinking that the best number to make is fun for everyone with minimum downtime is 21 people. Maybe we could extend it to 30. Minimizing downtime is the reason why I included parallel half court workshops too, Making it last for 4 days during holiday season should help making the trip worth their time as well.
I hope that we can make it attractive enough for beginners to show up, either with sponsor prizes or with quote unquote "famous" instructors. I counted 12 workshops, which means either 3,4 or 6 instructors.
If we make it work and the community gets behind this, it could be a big step for the sport in Europe.

Here is a list of workshops that could be given:

Bike handling
Goal tending
Defensive play
Speed and agility
Power shots
Making/receiving passes
Team play
Scoring on breakaways

Some of them would be more about transmitting information and some would be more about making them do drills.

there should be a workshop on "partying" as well. one should well aware what they're getting themselves into when joining the polo community.

Well, it is going to be in Leipzig, so that is automatically be taken care of. :)

To make an official statement.

This is definetly going to happen NEXT year. For this year there ist too much of our inventory gone. (the whole facility was flooded three weeks ago.

And it will take a couple months to restore everything.

A workshop for "How to organize a Polo Tournament" would be great as well. It would be quite interesting to hear about good and bad experiences of people who already organized one or more tournaments. (laws, regulations, restrictions, software for swissrounds & double eliminations, etc, etc, etc.)

P.S.: How about an extra fund raising for helping your Club (Leipzig) with all the flood influenced losses? (-> donnate some money and get a special T-Shirt, sticker, etc.). `Think a lot of people would be willing to help you... :-)

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