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Mexico & South Central

Mexico & South Central

Why is Mexico in the South Central region and not having their own regional qualifier?

Mexico was included into south central because at first there was only one mexican club, but now there are at least four with 20+ people playing (Mexico city has 40+)
Maybe it's time to rearrange so we can have our own regional qualifier?

Have any teams from Mexico made the trip to the South Central qualifier? How did they do?

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Kudos if anyone did. It's over 1500 miles from Mexico City to Denver. OP might be on to something here.

I was more thinking 2012 when it was in Austin. I hadn't even processed that Denver had already happened this year (since it was, like, yesterday).

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Secondary Alex wrote:

Have any teams from Mexico made the trip to the South Central qualifier? How did they do?

That's not really a fair criterion. There are several obvious non-polo related reasons that teams from Mexico might not have been able to be at south central.

We also don't require any other region to justify their status by doing well in tournaments.

Like with Canada, I don't think regions need to follow national boundaries. But regions should represent a realistic range of travel for most of the clubs.

john from dc wrote:

That's not really a fair criterion.

Easy now, nobody said anything about criterion. "Mexico doesn't win qualifiers so they don't get their own" was not where I was going with that.

I'm just curious about whether there has been any intermingling across the border, in tournament play. I have no idea what goes on down there.

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I agree that Mexico could deserve their own qualifier. The qualifier in Austin last year and this year in Colorado did not have many (if at all) players from across the border.

Also, Does South Central have two now-defunct clubs (or for what I'm aware of, there are less than 6 players) in Tulsa and New Orleans? Not a single player came from either of those areas the last two years.

pretty sure New Orleans is defunct, i know of two players in NO, but don't think they play regularly.
i think Tulsa just started back up after being silent over the past year

The main reason of us not going to South central regionals are money and visas. Don't know why but is more expensive to go to Denver or Austin than canada (for example). There has been some intermingling, people from texas have played with us in two tournaments, but that's it.

overall, i think it's time to readdress regions. i think Southeast is in good shape, but some of the other regions are kinda weird.

Not so sure even SE is right. You were the only region so far with a waiting list for your tournament and you had the least number of spots in NAs. Denver was 16 teams with 6 qualifying spots and 38% of south central players will go to Minneapolis. Teams that did not qualify at midwests surely would have, etc... etc... etc... On top of that, more and more now the top teams are becoming centralized to a few places. Seattle, big moves to San Fran, etc...etc...etc...

Can anyone conceptualize a system that DOESN'T place such an emphasis on geographic location? What about a series with points and stuff? We need something that encourages travel, encourages enthusiasm about competing as much as possible, and make it so a player doesn't have to worry about where they live in regards to their ability to qualify or attend the right events, etc....etc...etc... Players that can't attend their qualifier because of "real life" stuff can just go to another tour event. I think it's time we put regions into the history books.

Nick Kruse wrote:

Can anyone conceptualize a system that DOESN'T place such an emphasis on geographic location? What about a series with points and stuff?

Even a points series is going to heavily favor people who live within driving distance of the most tournaments. You can bet I'd be driving to more tournaments if I lived in Bloomington.

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For sure but I think you could perhaps institute rules somehow that accounted for this. You can only attend one tournament that is over ~100 points (or whatever).

Or like, "The sum of points given out at all tournaments you attend must be less than X"

I don't know - I just hate closed regional qualifiers and I think such a system suffocates the sport in a way.

This is a hard problem to solve for sure, and one that deserves its own thread.

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We did not have any Mexico teams travel up to our tournament. Although we wish they had. Obviously the main reason we threw them on was they didnt have an established polo scene. things have changed though and they are expanding dramatically. but traveling to denver would have cost them around $800, then traveling to nationals would be another $1000 then worlds would just be crazy. I would love for them to host a South Central Qualifier maybe next year. I would love to travel to Mexico and play some polo. I believe it is more economical for US to travel there than for them to travel here. But maybe there should be a consideration of a central american region.

Yeah, prices are crazy, the cheapest flight i found was $650, tickets to Fort Lauderdale are $450. It's cheaper for us to go to worlds than regionals.
We would love to host the South central qualifier next year. Guadalajara is where the best polo's at, but Mexico city is cheaper to flight to from the US i think. Seeing how this year's regionals rolled i think we're ready to host one. The biggest con is that only a handful of players from the region know us, so maybe there isn't enough confidence in us getting things done properly. Nevertheless i think we're up to the task.

That is if we stay being part of the south central region next year

I agree regions should be redrawn, or qualification needs to be point based. Geography does seem to exclude some areas, and growing as a sport in North America should be growth in all three countries to the best of our ability.

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Alaska requests it's own region.
Call it...Alaskadia.

We (mexicans) was thinking about some ways to make a real sinergy with all americans polo players, and I personally think about a mexican south-central qualifier as the best way to motivate the mexican comunity as a first step, and I can assure we can make it right.

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I agree, I know that the US part of South Centrals would be more than willing to help in any planning areas. I know Diego who is one of our Reps has been down there twice. also the language barrier shouldn't be an issue as many of our texan friends are fluent in both. I think we could definitely put up a strong case for Mexico to make a bid at hosting next year. I personally would love to go to Mexico as my first international tournament.

When the NAH regions were first drawn, Mexico was included in order to be, uh, inclusive, despite there being basically no history of polo players crossing that border for polo (while clubs in Cascadia, Eastside, and Northside have been ignoring the national border since hardcourt began, because of proximity).

But NAH couldn't call itself NAH without including Mexico, and as someone said, there was only one or two clubs in Mexico, when NAH was founded.

Maybe the interim solution is for NAHBPC (or WHBPC) organizers to include a team or two from Mexico just to get the ball rolling? And people should get their asses down to tourneys in Mexico this winter!!

If you come to Mexico in winter you wont be sorry about it.

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will mexico be allowed a spot at worlds this year?

i think there´s one spot for us, maybe two

raul wrote:

i think there´s one spot for us, maybe two

good. hopefully two if you can send them. but glad you don't have to go through bullshit nah standards for your spots.