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Club/League Insurance

So I've been talking with a local parks & rec director about trying to get a regular space for our Sunday Team/EXTREME polo day happening. I found this kick ass multi-use hockey rink, but they are asking that we get insurance for the Club. I've looked into some of the league/club insurance online, but haven't come across one that seems to have specifically what we are as a Club/sport.

Do any of your Clubs have medical/liability insurance? If so, whom did you go with and how much is it?

Any help on this topic is greatly appreciated.

Depending on your state, if it is a public facility you don't have to have insurance. A signing of waivers is generally enough for them to waive liability and greenlight you for play. Events or the like may be different, and i hear it's easier to tag on to a bike-shop's insurance for those events than it is to get your own.

I've talked to these people. Pretty decent. More of an event insurance provider.


You'll need to look up the Venue ID code, or you can search for the location.

As for the type of event, I used "Bicycling - Offroad Only (No Racing)" as it was the closest fit, and technically we aren't on roads, right?

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

in canada, bicycle association insurance (as provided through the CCA and provincial associations) specifically excludes bike polo from coverage. i hope this is not the norm other places or for other carriers. the carrier is holman insurance brokers


Definitely check these ppl out. They did the policy for the Westside Invite and BM4. Best price and coverage by far, very friendly too. The Rink for BM4 had some onerous requirements, but some of them were waived. American Bicycle insurance covered those requirements anyhow, and beat out the closest quote by over $200. I'm pretty sure they offer annual club policies too, but you'd have to check. Highly recommend them.