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Survivor Tournament Format

Survivor? What? Why?

Not like you need another format to play, but Survivor works out really well for a fun weekend that allows players of all levels a chance to mix mallets with each other and play the same amount of games.

It promotes team play and allows for a bit of show boating.

It also sets up a draft ranking if you want to run a bench tournament.

So this is what I have down for the format right now:



Every team is random.

Normal Polo Rules

Each scoring goal is recorded

Each player on a team must score to gain a win..

15 minute games -- Can play with ties(no Win) or without ties (Sudden Death)

Once you have played, you wait until everyone else has played.

For every win, you are given a win

For every five goals, you are given a win.

The top scorer from the previous game is the ref and scorekeeper for the next game.

After 4-8 hours, the person with the most wins and points is declared the Survivor Winner.


Player Markers: One for each player.
A Gatorade bottle cap works great with the person’s name written/taped to the inside and an assigned number printed on the top. The number is just a safety precaution.

Two Containers
One container is marked Un-played, the other is marked Played.
Used to keep track of playing rotation.

Scorekeeper pads for each court.
Each court should have it’s own scoring pad. A small bound note pad or post-it pad. The ref needs to record who scores each goal. The paper record is kept to confirm if there are any disputes.

Grease Board/Giant piece of cardboard
Set up a grid for each player, assigned number, wins and goals. Make goals last because it will have the most marks in it. After each game, all scores and wins are transferred from the pads to the board.

Ref Whistle
This is a friendly. Refs are encouraged to keep things clean.


Everyone playing has their name put on a marker and assigned a number. Put this information on the big board in a grid: Number, Name, Wins, Goals.
Set up the two containers to manage the random team draw. You have two containers: one for “Un-Played” and one for “Played”. You randomly draw six markers from the “Un-Played” and announce the two teams. (Do not put in the “Played” container!)

Each person has 1 minute to get on the court.

If a player is dragging ass and 1 minute rolls by, a new name is drawn and it is then a race to see who can line up with the team, fully ready to play. (ie not missing a helmet or still putting on gloves.) The marker for the person who is not playing, is returned to the “Un-Played” container.

IF a player chooses to sit out, the marker is returned to the “Un-Played” container and a new player is drawn.

IF a player cannot be located, the marker is returned to the “Un-Played” container and a new player is drawn.

DO NOT put the markers in the “Played” container. Only put the markers into the “Played” bin when the game is over.

The Ref/Scorekeeper needs to record all players on each team.

Each player on a team must score to earn a win. The max goals any player can earn in a game is 3.

Each Scoring goal must be recorded.

Each player on the winning team is given a win.

All points are recorded for each player. Do all addition at the end. From experience, it gets messy if you try and do it on the fly.

The top scorer from the previous game is ref and scorekeeper for the next game.

Keep the paper scorecard.

At the end of the 4-8 hours, play is stopped after the “unplayed” container is empty. If extra players are needed to round out the teams, then those lucky individuals get to play one last game.

Do the math.

The person with the most wins and points is declared the Survivor Winner.


2 min time limit for a mechanical.
If the issue is not solved, a sub is drawn.
IF there is no score, the player with the mechanical can have his tile placed back into the “Un-Played” container.
If the sub scores, the mechanical is out for that game and considered “Played”.