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We are comtemplating a BM league for the winter in London. Has anyone tried something like this?

I've never put on a BM before. So has anyone any tips or sweet advice?

Also, the idea is to make it a DrAFT! aNYONE redefined drafting teams recently?

Any ideas are good ideas!



I think a decent way to experiment with this is to do it schoolyard style. That is, people register as individuals, captains are selected (maybe pre-selected or maybe on the spot) and then captains pick people into teams just before games start.

It's probably best for players and organizers to start with a very simple system like this. If people like it, then you'll figure out how to make it better over time.

I've organized games like this on a couple occasions. I've found players need to learn how to be captained, and captains need to learn how to lead players. It is far more complex than 3v3, where the captain/player distinction does not exist.