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Birmingham, AL polo players?

Birmingham, AL polo players?

I'll be working and spending a lot more time in Birmingham. I heard some folks were playing last year, but it fizzled out. Let's get it going again!!!

please do. mobile will make a trip up to hang out n support ya

sweeeet. let me know if you know any b'ham people that i should get in touch with.

i hung out with a guy in memphis a year or so ago that lives in birmingham that said he plays. i'm pretty sure he works at a bike shop there. private message me for his last name if you want it (he's on facebook).

carve. smash. eat shit.

update...still no polo in birmingham?

I can put you in touch with Anna C. of Bike Skirt and the Bici Coop.

Any updates about polo in Birmingham?
Might be coming there and looking to meet some polo folk!

i think polo is still nonexistent there, unfortunately.