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NAH reps for 2011?

Around this time last year there was and inaugural vote for NAH regional reps. for 2010. It is my opinion that these representatives have done a great job in building a foundation for the organization of our sport. A vote for 2011 reps. should not be overlooked. However, it may not be in our best interest to vote in new reps. at this point, as the direction for the 2011 season has been agreed upon.
I move that; the terms for regional representatives be extended to a two year term.
Even if this vote is done as more of a formality it should take place regardless, it will serve us well in the future.

as I always will, taking bike polo too seriously,

how about extending half of these positions to 2 years?

agreed, i think its really to not allow a complete change over all at one time. this way people are not always just starting out and can be prepped by the "old-timers." aka those who served one year already

I think it might be better to have 2 year terms that offset each other in 8 month periods (24 months/3 = 8). This would mean elections for one rep seat in each region every 8 months. So that every 8 months each region gets some new blood, but retains one old and one mid level experienced rep. This would also prevent there being a large void to fill when three old reps leave a region. How to transition into that would be odd, but once started i think it would work nicely. My suggestion for implementing it right now would be some reps giving up their seats early, and electing 7 new reps, and then in 8 months cycling out 7 more reps, and at 16 months we cycle out the last of the old reps. This would be a slightly longer than 2 year term for those last reps, but i don't think that would be that big a deal.

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I definitely agree that the term should be extended to more than a single year as long as reps are into it, and I think you have a really good idea in the staging of reps in a region. The transition wouldn't be too difficult I imagine, your proposal is a pretty good one and I wouldn't be surprised if a few reps were already tired of all the work and would volunteer to step down earlier.
A single year term makes anything other than short term planning difficult, and things have gotten to the point with this sport that we need to be thinking a couple years down the road. For example: the system of getting into regional qualifiers I think could really use some readjustment for next year's season. I realize that this is the first time we've even tried qualifiers, and so this is in no way a critique of the system that was put in place for this year as it is a learning process at each stage, but the fact that Arkansas filled up in one minute is a pretty clear indication that we're going to need to have a system of regional "league" tourneys to place in the regional qualifier for the NA's for next year's season, and that is going to require a fair amount of work and long term planning and building from year to year, more liaising with regional club reps, etc. So I totally agree that the idea of trying to avoid a full reshuffle of all reps all at once I think is really important at this stage, we need their experience and knowledge to learn from year to year.

How long until you can get re-elected? term limits?

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Perhaps a 2 term back to back limit with re election after 1 term out of office. That's 2 - 2 year terms back to back with 2 years off, before another 2 year term.

We play polo in the ATL

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I would like to get in on as a rep or someone working on pushing polo forward?

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