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NAH Announcement: bid process for the North American Hardcourt 2011 Tour

The morning after the NAHBPC, a number of regional reps met in Madison to talk about the tournament, the state of North American Hardcourt as an organizing body, and discuss plans for the upcoming year. You can see the minutes from that meeting here.

Among those plans is an official North American Hardcourt Tour. The primary goals for this tour are:

1. to ensure quality tournaments for players, sponsors, and spectators
2. to create a schedule that spreads out major tournaments throughout the year, leading up to NAHBPC and WHBPC at the end.
3. to establish a qualifier system for NAHBPC and WHBPC.

We decided to limit the tour to 5 or 6 tournaments:

* 4 major "regional" tournaments (geographically dispersed, but not necessarily ESPI/MWBPC/SESPI etc)
* 1 NAHBPC 2011
* (maybe) 1 WHBPC 2011, tentatively to be held in North America

To this end, we will soon open a bid process for the above tournaments, so that we can get tournament organizers’ plans in front of the eyes of sponsors by mid-fall while there is still room in their 2011 marketing budgets.

If your club wants to host a major tournament that is sanctioned and supported by NA Hardcourt, START GETTING YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. The bid questionnaire will include questions about your courts, ability to handle tournament scheduling/logistics, sponsorship, and other details. You can see the questions that were asked last year here, though we’ll probably be tweaking the form a bit.

We will open the bid process by September 15th, 2011 and you will have until October 15th, 2011 to fill out a bid form, with a decision coming by October 31st, 2011.

We are working on a bid and there are some questions I have that I would like to talk to someone about. Is there someone who I can call?



I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!

The tourney committee (Schultz, Jonny, myself, JakeATL) is pretty busy this week cause of Berlin. We'll be more available at the end of August. We still have some work to do to figure out the bid process, too, so we probably don't have all the answers yet. Have a look at last years bid process questions, it's a good starting point.

I was wondering what Madison did for insurance. Also is there a set court size and number of courts we must have?

I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!

small point. i think you mean opening the bidding sept 2010....etc. all in 2010...for 2011

Oops yep all dates should be 2010.

but great work you guys. love it.

IS the bid out?

I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!

Hey, as a member of the NAH tournament committee apologies for the delay on this. The bid process will open very soon, but just wanted to note that it won't be as detailed a questionnaire as last year. You still might want to look at all the different questions from the way we did the NAHBPC bid last last year (see Madison's and Boston's bid for reference), but it will be more open-ended this time around.

Cities are preparing bids or are at least considering it: Calgary AB, Guadalajara Mexico, Toronto ON. Who else? Or do you want to keep some kind of surprise element?

POLO EN MEXICO!!! i can't wait.


So is Toronto a shoe in or do other cites still stand a chance?

I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!

Nobody is a shoe-in!

When will the bid process begin and when is the new closing date?

Yours will be sometime in december but for the other cities we will ask them to have it in by early october. Let us know if you need more time then that.

thanks jonny, i knew you'd care!

the bid process is now eleven days past the original start date.

when is the new process beginning and when will the new closing date be?

can't wait for the ironic witticisms coming out of the mid-west.

piet, i thought we were gonna run the TOUR..?

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

yeah slayson, i gotta now when the dates are still!

C'mon. Is it really that ironic to say you have no business whatsoever calling anyone out for being punctual? That's just true.

It's not ironic at all... it's fallaciously tu quoque.

Yes, it would be if my intention had been to deflect in such a manner. This, however, was simply a good-natured shot in the ribs.

I've considered it for SF. We have yet to acquire a permit for an event from RPD so I do not feel ready to take on something big. Perhaps things will change as we get closer to Halloween. Even then, I think we need to get a few more events under our belt. I'm a big fan of stable, responsible, sustainable growth. Under promise and over deliver.

Others in SF may have different opinions, of course.

Thanks for the update Kev, this has definitely been one of the lingering questions.

I've got a few questions about bidding for these major tournaments. I know that in an ideal world, a large scale polo tournament would be played on freshly surfaced courts with scantily clad, finely muscled men and women pouring icy local microbrews directly into our steins while watching all ten courts from a triple tiered rotating platform suspended above the courts and when we're all too tired from playing/partying, we just climb into our tents pitched just outside the courts and sleep until we're able to continue play (the lights are on all night, duh). Reality is a little bit dimmer than that bright future though, so what really matters?

In my opinion, the courts, the ability to drink unmolested and the bracketing are the only things that I really care about. Of course it is nice to travel somewhere and not have to pay for housing, the ride to the court in the morning is nice if it's short and flat, it's great to have food for cheap or free prepared on site and it's great to have a party to go and hang out at both nights. However, a club that can successfully provide courts (number and quality) but can't guarantee a housing space for all attendees could still put a bid in, right? Having traveled to a few tournaments I would say that top notch competition on good quality courts is so much more important to my enjoyment of the weekend that I would be more than willing to fend for myself for housing, motel or couch surfing or camping (if legally available).

Just want to see what people are expecting for their registration money. I also want to put it down here that I think with the proper planning from individual players, there would be much less stress/pressure/obligation/monetary concern for the organizers.

Alright, get commenting! Got to get my bid in....

So are we to make up our own bid and send it in or do you guys have bid question form again?

I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!

see #8 above.

Will there be an open vote when there is more then one club bidding in a region or will NAH reps. decide? Also, I think it would be a good idea for NAH to choose the dates of the NAH Tour, it would help in the bid process. That way clubs could bid for dates and the clubs not bidding could get on with scheduling travels and minors.

P/M Hardcourt

"more then one club bidding in a region"

If you lived in my region I would recommend you talk to me or Joker or Tall George and we would work out a plan/schedule for tourneys in the region.

"a good idea for NAH to choose the dates"

Speaking informally, NAH is better suited to resolve conflicts than it is to specify dates. Consider this year's NAs and Worlds. Originally, both organizers wanted dates very close together. NAH (wasn't me, but someone) talked to both organizers to fight successfully for more separation between their requested weekends.

So, if you want to host big tourneys in Pullman I recommend you start by getting a plan together locally (including dates) and then taking that plan to your regional and national friends.

What happened with NAs and Worlds last year is exactly what I'm getting at. Would it be a problem for us or sponsors if we picked dates for the majors and left it, cities to be announced. If we or NAH picked the dates potential sponsors could become part of our bid. This would encourage clubs to help find local sponsors and might even help cities/universities jump on board to host our wonderful NAH Tour.
As for Pullman, we are not bidding for a major next year. We will be focusing on supporting the new clubs close to us (Spokane, Boise, and I've heard they play in Ellensburg).

P/M Hardcourt

To say it somewhat differently...the NAH committee would be hard pressed to lay out a schedule without the input from local organizers. If you want to host a NAH Tour I say you should talk to your people about the best possible dates, nail down a few (flexibility appreciated) and then start coordinating with the region, the nation, the world.

what else is the NAH for if not to help schedule the season, joelly? this year was a clusterfuck as far as tourney date conflicts went, as well as the appropriateness of the dates. why are the NAs in the middle of the season and not at the end? why are the world's held at the most expensive time of the year to travel? why aren't we using holiday weekends for the biggest tourneys more? why aren't the majors spread out across the spring and summer so people can get out to more?

i think some more planning and attention to the calendar would allow for more polo for more people in more places.

i think that the current system of "first-come, first-served" doesn't really serve the polo community very well-- it leads to competitive and rushed bids for weekends that restrict which tournaments people go to because of scheduling conflicts.

if you want to hold a major i think you should be prepared to hold it on the weekend that is best for the polo community's schedule, not the weekend that's right after you get back from your sister's wedding but before your uncle's big party.


the same should be done for the wolrds.

Based on a large vote or on a rep comitte, have a quick choice of date for European and world tournaments. Maybe not a specific day date, but for example something like :
Late august = EHBPC
Mid sep = worlds.

i don't think what you and joel are saying are contradictory. NAH can't force dates down a local organizer's throat, but obviously local organizers will need to be flexible.

This damn announcement is imminent, stop arguing...

We love bike polo with all our hearts. We want it to flower. We want to go around the world and play in fantastic tournaments.

OK the announcment is posted, so i'm closing this thread.

Check out http://leagueofbikepolo.com/forum/tournaments/2010/09/29/na-hardcourt-20...