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Temporary Regions

While it's fine to encourage people to contact their regional reps, unless one lives in your city, you may not know exactly where you sit. So, here are the temporary regions for this first vote:

Number of clubs Regions States/Territories

10 Eastside NYC, VA, NJ, DC, PA
16 Midwest KY, OH, IN, IL, WI, MN, ND, MO, KA
14 Northside Ontario, Quebec, VT, Upstate NY, MA, MI
16 Cascadia WA, OR, ID, Montana, Alberta, BC, AK, Saskatchewan
21 Southeast FLA, AB, GA, SC, TN, AR, LA, OK, TX
16 Southwest AZ, CA, UT, NM, CO, WY

A 5th rep from the proposed South Central region will be added to the SE for this first vote. This will provide representation at this first vote from this region, adequately address the temporary size of the region and also give us an odd number of 25. Afterward we will be carving out a proper region for South Central and making any other changes that are necessary to the remaining regions.

One important job that will help achieve a more democratic system is for each city to elect a representative. If you'd like to get involved, do this and then send the name and contact info of your elected city rep to one of your interim regional reps.

Thanks everybody!

what was the vote among reps to add a 25 member? since we have a body now i would be curious to see who voted to give the south a bone

that way i can heckle them better on the court. and never vote for them in my region again. also i would like to know when there are issues on the table so i can talk to my rep and tell them what i want them to do.


also do you guys have a charter yet? something that tells you how to go about the business of our league?

ok those questions make be a bit premature, and if you want to know about premature, talk to my wife, thats my trademark.

I think were in a good place right now, were on the way to really creating a system that we can all stand behind and support.

we are where we are, and i actually think that every polo player out there right now would say that the outlines of what you guys have created will make a better sport with better polo tourneys. i think our gfs/ wifes/bf/husbys/ gaypartners might despise this... but thats ok, relationships take 4th place to polo. ( thats a madison joke if you dont get it well fuckoff.)

what im trying to say is this, lets try and make steps to empower this system to be more legitimate. I want this to work, and the groundwork has been layed so lets fucking drive on this road.

Are the voting records going to be public so we can harangue our reps, both city/regional, if they don't vote the consensus for their area? Or is this supposed to be more like the electoral college where, regardless of the total votes, they can still technically go their own way for extenuating circumstances? I have no affinity to either system for NAHC, just kind of what to know what to expect.


also i would like to know when there are issues on the table so i can talk to my rep and tell them what i want them to do.

x2 Would be nice if there were a section or page with upcoming votes and at the same time with "finished" votes in a simple table format, seems like it's in the works already... would be a very valuable tool for the layperson to extrapolate info from without following a bunch of threads or calling their rep etc.

Yeah, some section that keeps track of voting - both upcoming and closed - is in the works. Minutes from meetings, discussions, voting records - all that is expected to be a matter of public record. This will definitely be sorted out after we have our elected body.

Electoral college vs. consensus vote - consensus vote is ideal, but presently there are some extenuating circumstances, namely figuring this whole system out. So very shortly, this will be a matter for the interim organizing body to figure out in setting up the voting system. As always in the early going, if an approach doesn't work we'll create one that does.

Just wanted to say good luck on your first vote this week. I hope it goes really smooth. I can't wait to find out where NAHBPC will be.

Anyone in the Eastside region (NYC, VA, NJ, DC, PA) who want's to talk about the bids and voting should get in touch with me or Paul NYC or Meg DC or Ian RVA.

I'll wait till the 27th to vote.

Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

Likewise in the Southwest. At this stage the best we can do is encourage everyone to voice their opinion. They can do so on bikepolo.ca or on the pickup court or using the tubes and waves and wires and snails or however they choose to communicate.