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Bike Polo in the local news paper..... tomorrow.


The Modesto Bee is going to have a bike polo article tomorrow and I'm confused as hell about it.

A buddy of mine saw this in today's paper.


Why am I confused, because there are NO polo crews in Modesto or any of the suronding citys/towns, except for us in Turlock, which is about 8 miles from Modesto. And we were not contacted at all.

So, I'm not sure what tomorrow's article will be like, but I hope it brings new players.




Often times, newspapers will run syndicated articles that have nothing to do with anything local. It might be written by a reporter in say, Tuscon... but maybe the Modesto paper was looking for something interesting to put in the "lifestyle" section.

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Looks like they reprinted a Sacrament Bee article.


Well, I've contacted them, maybe they'll pay us a visit. 


I've given up contacting them.  


Who ever runs the myspace page hasn't even logged on in almost a year.  I didn't even know if they were still playing. 






The Sacremento Bee has a video of the same group.